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akinyelp package is failing because of something with xulrunner, can't fint xulrunner files01:35
akinit can't find01:35
akincompilation error01:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: subversion-perl: Updated 1.5.205:13
cruxbot[contrib.git]: subversion-python: Update
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rehabdolli put up a glibc 2.8 tarball at if someone wants to play with it09:56
rehabdollmade from "co -r glibc-2_8 libc"09:57
thrice`neat :)  does it compile?09:57
rehabdollyeah, just installed it :)09:57
mike_krehabdoll: I wonder why did your iso has an old libtool together with pretty new ports?09:59
rehabdollthere was some issues with gnash a while back09:59
rehabdollit probably ended up on the iso by mistake though :)10:00
mike_kah, nice10:00
thrice`last tiem I tried your iso, and tried to do a full install of core, opt, and xorg, setup choked and died (dep. issue?)10:01
mike_k3 working installs here (without xorg)10:02
thrice`when I did core/ only, it worked :)10:03
mike_kthe only annoyance with it here was with detecting external cdrom (which required a correct "root=/dev/sr0" and "rootdelay="15") and missing CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION (which I need to install statically compiled grub)10:07
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