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nipuLwoah, one of our suppliers is selling oem linux laptops01:52
nipuLand it's not dell/lenovo01:52
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jwshmm can anyone vouch that cups spits out Md5sum error04:19
cruxbot[opt.git]: dovecot: update to 1.1.304:39
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] libxml2: update to 2.7.104:39
cruxbot[opt.git]: libxml2-python: update to 2.7.104:39
cruxbot[opt.git]: sqlite3: update to 3.6.204:39
cruxbot[core.git]: curl: update to 7.19.004:41
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teKjws: i get the mismatch, too04:42
treachyeah, me too. I was thinking jue would show up tonight at the "tuesday club" so I've held off the bugreport so far. :)04:43
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RyoStilman: sorry for the long brake.. had fing much going on.. so if you still need a helping hand, you can ask me out05:05
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treach@google -lucky "ask out"05:13
treach:D :D05:13
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cruxbot[opt.git]: libdvdcss: update to 1.2.1007:20
cruxbot[opt.git]: poppler: update to 0.8.707:35
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RedShiftMake eye contact. <- totally important that09:28
RedShiftsign of confidence09:28
RedShiftgirls like confidence09:28
treachwell, it's wasn't really the point in this case. :>09:29
RedShifthow would you feel if a girl asked you out and was constantly looking around you or at the floor09:29
treachapparently RyoS felt really confident in this case though. :D09:30
RedShiftDon't wait! There is never a perfect time. <- so true, you can wait forever and wake up the next morning and the only thing you can think off is what kind of idiot you are09:31
RedShiftAbsolutely don't ask in front of anyone else, because it might embarrass her. <- yes always go with the easiest prey ^_^09:33
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treachmmh, if you think she'll be embarresed by being asked out by you, maybe you should try someone else..09:34
RedShiftno it's not that, it's the whole pressure thing09:34
RedShiftthe other girls give out that weird smile09:35
RedShiftwhen I asked a girl out I already asked her phonenumber in the third sentence I said ^_^09:36
RedShiftunfortunately, she was taken09:36
treachwell, I personally would never date anyone who'd consider me a source of embarresment.09:36
RedShiftyes ofcourse09:36
joacimdid you breathe in between each sentence?09:36
RedShiftbut it's totally different those first few moments09:37
RedShiftjoacim: yes, I did09:37
RedShiftshe was quite impressed, even a little bit embarrased to turn me down09:37
treachthrough your mouth? :p09:37
RedShiftlol, yes09:37
aonor both through your nose and mouth? :)09:37
aonhi, btw09:37
treachhi aon09:37
RedShiftaon: don't remember09:37
RedShiftbut she was HOT09:38
aongirls are overrated09:38
aon> uname -i09:38
RedShiftI'm gonna keep on trying those hot chicks, someday I'm gonna get lucky09:38
aoni'm more excited about this than any girl ever09:38
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treachbooze and moras ftw. ;)09:38
RedShiftaon: how old are you? :D09:38
aonRedShift: 2009:38
RedShiftI'm 21 now, and I'm starting to feel... urges...09:39
aoni'm 21 in ~three months09:39
aonperhaps i'll start feeling urges, too09:39
aonwe'll see09:39
sepen21 its my penis length too09:39
RedShiftthat's a pretty sweet machine you got there09:39
j^2aon: crazy bastard :P09:39
RedShiftsepen: right, you wish09:39
aonit's not my machine09:39
RedShiftaon: looks like it has SDR SDRAM, how old is that machine?09:43
aoni don't know09:43
aonagain, it's not mine :)09:43
RedShiftwhat distro you gonna put on it?09:43
RedShiftif it's not yours why are you bragging with it? :p09:43
aoni'm not bragging with it09:44
aoni just said that ircing on machines like this is more exciting than girls09:44
RedShiftwell I interpreted that as such because you think machines like that are more exciting than girls09:44
aonthey are09:44
RedShiftwould be a hard choice for me. but then again, you can always test out machines like that later...09:45
treachmere ircing through it is more interesting. If he actually owned it, I guess we'd have to pick him down from the moon. :p09:45
RedShiftwow, they really created monsters back in those days09:46
RedShift1U servers are way more sexy...09:47
RedShift 8 SAS 2,5" disks, redundant PSU... sweet...09:47
aon2.5 :(09:50
jaegerwe use supermicro stuff at my new job, seems pretty solid09:50
RedShiftI love supermicro09:51
treachYes, we know that09:51
jaegerI'm used to dell from the old job09:51
RedShifta customer of mine has a dell server, and not so long ago it totally failed09:52
RedShiftthe machine was just dead09:52
jaegermine were very solid09:53
RedShiftwere? :D09:53
jaegerthey probably still are, I don't work there anymore09:53
aonibm's are quite solid too09:56
aonalthough one of them broke down when the a/c failed :(09:56
RedShiftI like supermicro because they use standard parts, standard formats, etc...09:57
RedShift(you have to look out a bit though, they have propiertary stuff as well)09:57
jaegerI've only worked with them a short time since starting this job but they seem good so far09:57
RedShiftfor colo customers I recommend HP servers, because you can get a good hardware SLA for a really great price09:58
RedShiftso that way when I have to fix something I don't have to worry about hardware issues10:01
RedShiftsome guy from HP comes and fixes it, 24x7 (depending on which SLA you took)10:01
teK< RedShift> how would you feel if a girl asked you out and was constantly looking around you or at the floor10:15
teKa guy would think: "duuuude cool, she's staring at my penis"10:15
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tilmanRyoS: ask you out? haha wtf :D11:08
tilmanRyoS: i'm currently super-busy finishing my thesis, so i didn't have time for anything anyway11:09
thrice`aw, no date then? ;)11:11
treachI think maybe he took "man date" a bit to literal. :p11:11
tilmanit's a "false friend"11:11
treachthought so. :D11:12
rehabdollanyone looking for a job? :D11:24
teKVisual Basic?!11:26
tilmanvisual basic is actually the first choice when it comes to implementing operating systems ;)11:30
thrice`oh, heh; just noticed the $20 budget :P11:31
teKtilman: LILO was written in it, right?11:33
j^2It HAS to be HACKER SAFE!11:34
treach"as secure as an ant-abortionist vice president candiate's 17 year-old daughter" :p11:36
tilmanbtw, there's wmf2eps11:36
tilmanvery useful when you need to export eg visio diagrams to eps11:36
tilmanand it gives better results than printing to PS11:37
teKwe bought Visio about 7 times in our company and noone uses it (just for viewing) but they all had to buy it themselves (i.e. without consent of IT [me])11:38
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cruxbot[opt.git]: diffstat: updated to 1.46.12:02
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j^2ahhhh....openbox at last12:18
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teKjust received my 'matrikelnummer' of university \o/\o/\o/13:17
sepensudo: unable to execute /sbin/halt: Input/output error13:19
sepenoOOps my HD is going to crash13:19
sepenIll return13:19
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RyoStilman: alright ;)13:19
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jkrHas anyone built Google Chrome on CRUX already? :)15:08
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aonthat looks pretty nice15:12
aondoes it use bloatzilla for rendering?15:13
luxhthat applething15:13
tilmani think i read that it uses some code from mozilla as well though15:13
luxhread the comic :-)15:14
jkrI think they're only using the name from Mozilla :)15:14
jkrThe built instructions are pretty simple, should be easy to make a port for it :)15:16
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thrice`i didn't know they had released source15:17
jkrThey're using hunspell from OOo and FF/Thunderbird15:18
jkrBut I guess that's not really from Mozilla15:18
tilmanNote: If you want to use a Chromium-based browser, you should look elsewhere. Although many Chromium modules build under Linux and a few unit tests pass, nothing actually runs.15:18
jaegerthey say quite explicitly on the build instructions that it doesn't work15:19
jaegeryeah, that15:19
tilmanwhich toolkit do they use? i guess qt?15:19
tilmanlike, gui toolkit15:19
jkrIsn't webkit and qt pretty much the same thing?15:20
jkrI hate Python.15:22
aonexpressing strong opinions about programming languages is the logical thing to do after getting confused between a web rendering engine and a gui toolkit, yes15:23
jkrI don't know one single Python program that works without crashing with 100 pages of traceback.15:23
jaegerbold claim15:24
tilmanyou should have added "non-trivial"15:24
jkraon: I guess I was confused because of this:
aonmm :)15:25
go|dfishjkr: emerge? :)15:25
jkrOk, it "works" ... but not very well ;)15:25
aonthe original bittorrent client used to be rather stable15:25
aonalthough i guess it's been ruined by now15:26
jkrAnd I had traceback deaths with emerge too15:26
jkrHmm, I want to try Chrome now :(15:27
jkrDoes anyone know where I can get the windows version?15:28
go|dfishWhat is it?15:28
jkrThey seem to hide the download link for Linux user agents.15:29
cptnit's gonna be released tomorrow15:29
jkrThe Linux version?15:29
tilmanit's not available for linux for fucks sake15:29
jkrI know, I wanna try it with wine.15:29
go|dfishnew browser15:29
jkrBtw, is there a way to make pkgmk compile ports somewhere else than /usr/ports/foo/bar?15:35
thrice` /etc/pkgmk.conf might know15:36
jkrThat was almost too easy.15:36
jkrAre there any variables I can use there?15:37
jkrLike $PKGNAME or something?15:37
tilmansee the faq in the wiki15:38
jkrSweet, since when is there a wiki?15:40
tilman2004 or so?15:41
go|dfishLooks like this google chrome is going to be the biggest piece of ad/spy ware ever.15:42
rehabdollprobably, yeah :(15:53
rehabdollgoogle are "not not evil"15:53
jkrWhere can I make a wiki account?15:57
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nipuLchrome made me decide to give midori a go16:45
nipuLto my surprise the flash plugin works with it16:45
nipuLan uses 1/7th the memory of firefox16:46
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: thunar-thumbnailers: Updated 0.4.0 -> 0.4.117:21
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