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cruxbot[contrib.git]: python-markdown: initial release05:14
cruxbot[contrib.git]: [notify] django: upate to r891605:14
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jtza8I'm still new to CRUX, but so far I love its simplicity.06:20
jtza8It seems that the rsync server on is currently down. are there any mirrors that I could use for ports?06:21
mike_kjtza8: check your firewall settings (or whatever). I've just updated core via rsync.06:24
jtza8... strange, I can ping, but "rsync rsync://" simply times out.06:28
mike_kAFAIK, there are no rsync mirrors of official ports. But you can checkout them via httpup like described here:
mike_kdon't forget to adjust the version number06:30
jtza8I do get something from, but ports -u still times out.06:31
jtza8anyway, thanks mike_k06:32
mike_kjtza8: you are welcome06:33
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cruxbot[opt.git]: qt4: update to 4.4.110:55
cruxbot[core.git]: man-pages: update to 3.0811:00
go|dfishThat ole google chrome has an interesting license.
teK /211:18
teKthe first sentence rocks ..11:18
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ammonWhat does footprint mismatch mean?12:01
ammonthank you12:04
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* new2Crux anyone running wireless Intel PRO 2200?18:24
thrice`no, but i'm using an intel 394518:26
* new2Crux ok. I jsut got it install sans wireless and looking for some help18:27
thrice`you are trying to get wireless going ?18:33
* new2Crux yes. Reading up on all the doc I can find before attempting to set it up18:34
* new2Crux did you follow the steps on the Crux website?18:38
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jaegerI used to have a 2200, worked fine with the ipw2200 driver19:06
go|dfishsame here.19:07
go|dfishworks better than my 3945 infact.19:07
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