IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-09-06

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cruxbot[opt.git]: gtk-engines: initial release05:54
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cruxbot[opt.git]: pidgin: updated to 2.5.106:59
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Rotwangwtf is wrong with new repos registration?07:18
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Rotwang1im trying to register new repository on the portdb07:50
Romsteryou have to fire a email off to viper.08:04
Rotwang1ive sent email to contrib-admin@blah08:05
Romsterwhich goes to viper unless that's changed.08:05
Romsterthen you wait.08:05
Rotwang1i wait for a week08:07
Rotwang1have been waiting08:07
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Rotwang1sepen: you know that new ati is out?08:08
Rotwang1for some time08:08
sepenbut I was involved many time in vbox these days08:08
Romstershouldn't be that long...08:09
sepenok Ill try after the weekend08:09
sepentoday Im painting my home with my girlfriend08:09
sepenso funny08:09
Rotwang1Romster: ill poke viper when he ill show up on irc08:10
Rotwang1unfortunately i dont have much time to spend here08:10
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cruxbot[opt.git]: postfix: upgraded to 2.5.514:25
cruxbot[opt.git]: cdrtools: upgraded to 2.01.01a4814:25
cruxbot[opt.git]: libpcre: upgraded to 7.814:25
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veganlionhi after installation from iso is it better first to recompile gcc binutils and glibc before recompiling the whole system?15:12
RyoSwhy not, but on the other hand: why recompile the whole system? :P15:19
veganlioni don'T understand15:21
RyoSyou can do that, yes.15:21
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Soulguardonly one question here17:20
Soulguarddoes crux have a gui17:20
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Gosi want a full text based linux17:22
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thomashchow's it?17:23
Gosgood and you17:24
thomashctrying to get around to trying Crux lol17:25
Goswell i need crux for cli training17:28
thomashctrying to learn the CLI?17:29
Gosno trying to learn someone els the cli without them going to "init 5"17:30
Gosi am always using ssh and init 3 on servers but a student of mine refuses to use init 3 so i am going to let him make a hard test on crux that will be his learning point17:32
cruxbot[opt.git]: nano: updated to 2.0.917:33
Gosyes i am giving linux classes so what17:33
thomashcLooking into putting my friend's package manager on Crux17:34
thomashclol make it easy17:34
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Goswell he need to learn to configure by command line because when his server is in amsterdam and he is sitting in god knows what other town he probably won't have access to an vnc or to the physical machine17:37
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BadSectrhi all20:43
BadSectrdropped by to say thanks for this nice little linux distro :-)20:44
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cruxbot[opt.git]: hal/hal-info: hal depends on hal-info, not the other way around23:46
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