IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-09-11

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sepenrehabdoll, yes01:10
sepenrehabdoll, murcielago == bat (in spanish)01:10
sepenwell, morning all01:11
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pitillogood morning01:21
sepenmorning pitillo01:25
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DarkNekrosawesome ->
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: iasl: Updated 20080321 -> 2008082902:32
cruxbot[contrib.git]: qca: Updated 2.0.0 -> 2.0.102:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: cairomm: 1.6.2 -> 1.6.404:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-plugins-good: 0.10.9 -> 0.10.1004:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-ffmpeg: 0.10.4 -> 0.10.504:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-plugins-ugly: 0.10.8 -> 0.10.904:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libidn: 1.9 -> 1.1004:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libsndfile: 1.0.18pre22 -> 1.0.18pre23b04:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: rrdtool: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.204:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wesnoth: 1.4.4 -> 1.4.504:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wesnoth-server: 1.4.4 -> 1.4.504:51
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nipuLcommit bomb!05:28
Romsternow that i got a decent desktop my old pc died.05:29
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sepenmy old HD also died these days05:42
cruxbot[contrib.git]: lynx: fix install 1 make job05:52
Romsterah the mobo of all things died and it was way to old to get parts.05:52
Romsterand i looked after it too and it does that to me.05:53
Romsterdusted it out every year and all the other maintenance.05:53
sepenI need my HD to recover my ck4up config files06:08
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Romstercan you not use ddrescue?06:15
Romsteror is the electronics DOA06:15
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sepenRomster, I have IO errors reading it07:26
sepenRomster, also I think I could use 'sleuthkit' to recover lost information07:27
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Romstersepen, you can use the ddrescue with a log to keep resuming.08:23
Romsteror if you have another identical drive you could swap the electronics over.08:24
sepenyou mean dd'ing?08:25
Romsterno prt-get info ddresuce08:25
Romsterhmm where is that now08:26
jaegerI finally got time to rebuild my main desktop at home, got crux back on it now08:26
Romsterdamn my spelling.08:26
Romsterah i got a quad core now08:27
Romsterused the same case and changed the parts inside. kept the hdd's as they are already sata208:27
Romsterans so is my dvd-ram drive so that worked out well.08:27
Romsterironing all the settings out in kernel and stuff is the fun part.08:28
sepenso funny, I wonder to purchase a eeepc08:29
sepenI don't need a quad-core for now08:29
sepenwell, at office I've some sun x2200, 4100, etc08:30
Romsterwhat's with these eeepc's are they miniture itx boards?08:30
sepenit's pretty funny build ports on they08:30
sepenRomster, specS? 900Mhz and SSD storage08:30
Romsterhmm PPC?08:31
jaegerI've been thinking about getting one of those, would be super handy08:31
sepenfor what I know they come with unionfs08:31
Romsteror sparc or some other cpu08:31
sepenRomster, x8608:31
jaeger <-- that's the one I've been thinking about getting08:31
Romsterso low powered pc's like p3's all over again.08:31
sepen250euros here08:31
Romsteroh a laptop type.08:32
sepenjaeger, I've a usbdisk image for booting on it and install an entire crux box08:32
thrice`the dell minis look pretty sharp08:32
jaegersepen: nice08:32
sepenonly 1stage ATM08:32
jaegerRomster: they also make a desktop form factor08:32
sepenbut I'm putting e2fsprogrs, and etc on it plus bbox08:33
sepenjaeger, I don't using squasfs for the initrd image08:33
thrice`sepen: that usb image would be really cool for the crux iso!08:33
sepenyep, but at this momment its not a part of crux08:34
thrice`i've always wanted to be able and install from usb, but can never get it working correctly08:34
sepenIm developing it separately (like anaconda in redhats)08:34
jaegerI've done it from a modified version of my iso but never made it official08:34
sepenthrice`, could you tried my 'nanux' bootdisk?08:34
jaegerwasn't hard to alter08:34
sepenI called it nanux because it isn't crux atm08:35
sepenbut isn't a fork of crux08:35
sepenI repeat, is not a fork, just I called it nanux because I don't develop it using the iso.git style08:36
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Romstersepen, lol..08:36
sepenI've rewrite the Makefile and some other parts08:36
Romsteri've seen some of them miniture board/box pc's08:37
Romsterpowerful enough for a home media center.08:37
sepenI'm using also a new setup script style that is able to use automated and internet installation08:37
Romsterthat use little power.08:37
thrice`yeah, or instructions on how to get iso -> usb.  I never know how to load the fs and bootloader properly08:37
sepenthrice`, you can see my svn repository of nanux08:38
sepenI think I could documented it at the end of the new iso release08:38
jaegerI've had good luck with mini computers in the past. I still run one (WRAP) as my router with pfSense08:38
thrice`sepen: i'd try, but the repo it points to is a little old :)08:39
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Romsteri'd like to get a miniture pc for my firewall currently it's a p3 667MHz08:39
Romsteri'm sure i could do something that would use less power.08:39
jaegermy wrap is an amd geode 266MHz, heh08:39
Romsterbut i gotta save up again.08:40
jaegerslow but it does the job well for a NAT gateway and wireless08:40
Romsteri got squid maradns apache bftpd also on that box.08:40
Romsterso it does more than one thing.08:40
jaegerbeen thinking about getting one of the newer ALIX boards to replace the WRAP so I could run more on it08:41
Romsterbut i'd like to get some miniature pc and separate the firewall from everything else.08:41
sepenthrice`, I can't understand your comment08:41
aonroot@weed:~# sed -ne '1p' -e '4p' /proc/cpuinfo08:42
aonsystem type: Broadcom BCM5352 chip rev 008:42
aonBogoMIPS: 199.4708:42
sepencpu0: Intel Pentium III ("GenuineIntel" 686-class) 801 MHz08:42
sepenOpenBSD 4.0 (GENERIC) #1107: Sat Sep 16 19:15:58 MDT 200608:42
Romsterrofl 199.47 nice.08:43
aonit's a WRT54GL08:43
sependid you test freewrt?08:43
aonit's running openwrt now08:44
sepenI was reading his trac just yesterday08:44
sepenooops maybe they're similar08:44
aonyes, afaik free- is an openwrt fork08:44
sepennice to knwon08:44
thrice`sepen: sorry, I meant it doesn't look like your image works for 2.4?08:45
sepenthrice`, my image its still a 1stage boot disc08:45
sepenno installation scripts or 2stage where pivotroot after booting the iso08:45
thrice`I figured :)08:48
sepenthrice`, I develop it for educational purposes, so I'll try to reproduce it for crux 2.5 when were available08:56
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-i128: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-vmware: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-libx11: updated to
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rehabdollyes, 2 days old13:58
rehabdollim sorry, i suck13:58
tilmannah, i saw that some months (weeks?) ago13:59
tilmanmmh, 62 fps in glxgears with mesa 7.1 and intel on the laptop14:04
tilmandoesn't seem very accelerated14:04
thrice`rebuild drivers?14:04
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thrice`hm, you're probably a bad person to try and assist with xorg14:05
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tilmanguess i'll try quake414:06
tilmanerr, 314:06
thrice`what was it with mesa 7.0.x?14:07
tilmandunno, but quite likely it was faster ;)14:08
tilman30 fps in quake3 timedemo o_O14:08
thrice`I saw a new release-head got named for xorg, too? :)14:13
thrice`or, xorg-server 1.6.x anyway14:13
tilmanwell, i'm still not up tto speed with everything ;)14:14
thrice`  according to that, anyway14:15
tilman1.6 this year o_O14:16
RomsterThe new input thread work has also been requested as one of the X Server 1.6 features.14:29
Romsteragh i was hoping that would be in 1.514:30
Romsteroh well, have to wait longer for the end of icestations14:30
Romsterkernel and the KBL is the other one that i hope is done in 2.6.27 series.14:31
thrice`tilman: any strangeness in the building, should i choose to try newer xorg?14:32
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roliveiragood evening17:10
roliveirai am having a strange problem with hal17:10
roliveiraeverything seems to be ok but there is no file at media/17:10
roliveirathis wasn`t happening before...17:11
Romsterah there is a few ways around that.17:13
Romstersimplist is making a symlink for udevinfo17:13
Romsteruntil next release of hal is out.17:13
thrice`isn't that already in the udev package?17:14
Romsteror patch hal  or use my port
Romsterit is.17:14
Romsterif roliveira has updated using the crux udev package.17:15
roliveirayes i have17:15
Romsterthen you should have /usr/sbin/halinfo17:15
Romster/usr/sbin/udevinfo sorry17:15
Romsterthat hal will read from.17:16
roliveirahow do i creat it17:16
roliveirasymlink to?17:16
Romsterit should already exist check first.17:16
thrice`it should already be a symlink on the latest udev17:16
Romstereaesyist would be a ports -u core && prt-get update udev17:17
roliveirano udevinfo17:17
roliveiraeverything is updated!17:18
Romsterthen update udev with that command...17:18
Romsterit should exist.17:18
Romsterdoes "hal-device" list pci and usb devices?17:18
roliveiralrwxrwxrwx      root/root       usr/bin/udevinfo -> /sbin/udevadm17:19
Romsterthat's correct.17:19
roliveiradid you mean /usr/sbin/udevinfo?17:20
roliveiraor /usr/bin/udevinfo sorry17:20
Romsterah i can't rememebr now and i don't have that symlink it should already exist from the udev port.17:21
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roliveirausr/bin/udevinfo -> /sbin/udevadm those exist17:23
Romsterok hal should read from that. type "hal-device" in a term17:25
roliveiraso no one did a sysup recently?17:25
Romsterit should list all your devices17:25
Romsterdid you run rejmerge after a sysup?17:25
Romsterman rejmerge17:26
roliveirareboot brb17:30
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Romsterwhy would ya need to reboot.17:31
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roliveirastill the same situation17:38
roliveirahal-device lists everything i guess17:38
Romsterit should17:38
roliveirayes 7817:39
Romsterok then hal is working.17:39
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Romsterwhat ever your using with hal must be the issue.17:40
roliveirawhat do you mean17:40
Romsterhal is listing all your devices including your media.17:40
Romsterso what's this no media is listed thing.17:40
roliveirai dont have those hal mtab or whatever the name is under media/17:41
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Romsterwhat program is using hal to do that.17:41
roliveirashouldn thunar do that?17:42
Romstergnome-vfs i'm asuming if oyur using gnome.17:43
roliveirano xfce17:43
Romsterjaeger, is the gnome expert.17:43
Romsteroh ok... then sepen or jue would know that one.17:43
roliveirai had this working before...but i am not sure if i had something else17:44
roliveirapmount maybe17:44
Romsterbe my guess17:44
sepenwhat's the matter?17:45
sepenhola roliveira que pasa?17:45
roliveiranothing under media17:45
roliveiravolman esta instalado17:46
Romstersepen knows english quite well17:46
roliveirahe started it :-D17:46
Romsterunless you too can speak the same native language.17:46
sepenroliveira, please give more info17:47
roliveiranot the same but something in between17:47
roliveiraok, so i did a sysup and installed xfce; with dbus and hald running its supposed to have the devices mounted under media/ right?17:48
sepenRomster, both languages constructions are similar17:48
Romsterah ok.17:48
sepenlike italian and spanish, etc.17:48
DarkNekrosfrench? :D17:48
Romsterright lol.17:48
sepenroliveira, yes17:48
roliveiraso what can be wrong?17:49
roliveiramy thunar says "build thunar-vfs with hal support..."17:50
sepenroliveira, please wait a moment17:50
sepenIm trying to reproduce it17:50
sepenquite sure17:50
sependid you configure it?17:53
sepenFile Manager Preferences -> Enable Volume Management ...17:54
sepenset Mount removable drives when hot-plugged17:54
sepenand inserted , etc17:54
roliveirahumm? i don`t have that17:54
sepenedit-> preferences17:55
roliveira(23:54:39) roliveira: humm? i don`t have tha17:55
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roliveirawhat is the version of thunar?17:56
sepenthunar 0.9.0-217:56
sepenthunar-volman 0.2.0-217:56
roliveirayes it is the same but i have that dialog "build thunar-vfs with hal support..."17:57
roliveirathere is nothing to select17:58
sepenthen prt-get update -fr thunar17:59
sepenmy bad18:00
sepenIm doing an attempt ...18:00
roliveirawhat the hell : -- Packages not found18:02
roliveiraI am having a situation with prt-get18:03
Romsteryou do have a prtdir for xfce and the ports tree, and spelled it correctly?18:05
roliveiraof course18:05
roliveirarebuilding thunar18:06
roliveiraups rejmerge18:07
roliveirarebuild but the same18:07
sepenim still donwloading it18:09
sepen                          The volume manager implementation [default=auto]18:10
sepenIm going to force it to hal18:10
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sepenbut it wouldn't be right for others, so you can install thunar without having hal installed18:12
sepenand the default value is auto18:13
roliveirathat`s it18:14
sepenroliveira, are you sure you have all required stuff (deps, post-installs, etc)?18:14
roliveirayes sepen18:14
sepenI can't reproduce it here18:14
roliveirarebuilt with that option18:15
roliveiranow i have the enable volume management choice18:15
roliveirabut still the same, do i need a reboot again?18:16
roliveirai guess i do18:16
sepenno idea18:18
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roliveiraok, know the devices show up18:21
roliveiranew problem though: "exo-moun: cannot mount hal device udi"18:21
roliveira"exo-mount: Cannot mount by HAL device UDI, because HAL support was18:23
roliveiradisabled for this build"18:23
roliveiraneed to change exo also?18:24
sepenyou mean update?18:25
roliveirai guess the current port isn`t hal-enabled18:25
sepeni you have time and cpu, imho Id rebuild thunar with prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep thunar`18:27
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roliveiraok it is working18:29
roliveirahad to compile exo with "--with-hal"18:30
roliveirafootprint mismatch though:18:30
roliveiraNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/exo/exo-mount-notify-0.318:30
roliveiraso I had to modify both the thunar and exo port18:31
sepenroliveira, did you have notify in your kernel?18:33
sepenp$ zgrep -i notify /proc/config.gz18:33
roliveira zgrep -i notify /usr/src/linux-
sepenthis is your boot'ed kernel in use?18:35
sepensounds odd18:35
sepenpaste your pkgbuild logs18:35
sepenwhen the error appears if you can18:35
roliveirathere is no error sepen, both ports build fine18:37
roliveirano missmatch, nothing18:38
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sepenI mean about configure messages18:38
sepenmaybe they could be helpful18:39
Romstermaybe pkgmk -kw each one and paste the config.log files.18:39
sepen+1 for this idea18:40
sepenroliveira, you need to give more info in order to try to fix the problem18:40
Romsterlol :D18:40
sepenroliveira, /usr/bin/thunar-volman-settings18:42
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roliveirasepen: that worked as soon as i enabled hal in the Pkgfile18:43
sepenstrange, so what about the auto value?18:43
roliveirawhere is the log18:43
roliveiradidn`t work18:43
roliveirai thinl18:43
*** morlenxus has joined #crux18:44
roliveiraok found the log18:44
roliveirahere it is for thunar:
sepenroliveira, well Ill play tomorrow with that, now Im so tired and going to sleep18:45
sepenok, noted18:45
roliveiraof course, i need to go to bed, but my problem is solved, it is strange that no one else has the same18:46
Romsterchroot build test would be an idea.18:46
sepenyep Ill try too18:46
sepenthanks for remember it18:47
sepenand thanks roliveira for the report too18:47
sepenbbl guys18:47
roliveirade nada18:47
sepenhasta luego..18:47
* sepen zZzz.zzz...zZZ..zz18:47
roliveirahasta luego, ya te mando el link de exo18:48
roliveiramy dvd drive know shows up has sr0, that`s new18:50
roliveiraanyway off to bed, Romster ;-)18:51
Romsterg'night roliveira sepen18:51
Romsteri'm staying up for the day going 24 hours :D18:51
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ilfdoes somebody know why i get in a loop while compiling vte19:27
ilfi seem to get stuck at the po directory19:28
ilf0.16 from gnome ports compiles, while 0.17 doesn't19:28
ilfand my 0.16 build does not want to load, it seems the problem is that it can not create a file in /dev/pts19:29
ilfxterm works quite ok19:29
ilfthat is when i'm logged in as a normal user19:29
ilfafter a su - in xterm19:29
Romstereh my version seems to work ok which is almost identical to the one in opt.19:29
ilfvte loads fine and creates file in /dev/pts19:29
ilfit should work19:30
ilfhowever i don't have the slightest idea why it gets stuck19:30
ilflet me try it19:30
Romsteryou said it's stuck in a compile loop or a running loop?19:30
Romsteri got sakura terminal running here just fine.19:30
ilfcomile  loop of 0.1719:30
ilfthe one in opt19:30
Romster0.17 is out?19:31
ilfit's in opt19:31
ilfbut it seems like it is a devel release19:31
ilf0.16 compiles alright19:31
ilfbut then it does not work when i try to load it as a normal user19:31
ilfi strace-d it19:31
ilfand the problem is at /dev/pts19:31
ilfat the same time xterm work ok19:32
Romsteri wouldn't touch the odd numbers there not stable releases.19:32
ilfahhh, i'm not yet used to the eee 1000h k/b19:32
Romsternot from gnome source stuff.19:32
Romsterstick to vte 16.1419:32
ilfhold on19:32
ilf[03:25]ilf@vidia:~$ pkginfo -i |grep vte19:33
ilfvte 0.16.14-119:33
ilfi'm there ;)19:33
ilfthe problem is that 0.16 doesn't work19:33
Romstertry mine it works.19:33
ilflet me check it19:33
ilfalthough i think i will get stuck at the same place19:33
Romsteri'll recheck also.19:34
ilfi can't figure it out19:35
ilfbut i did quite a lot of tweaks19:35
ilfto this crux installation19:35
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/vte#0.16.14-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.19:35
ilfi'm optimizing it for my eee19:35
ilfhold on19:35
Romsterhmm what cflags?19:35
ilfquite unusual ones ;)19:36
ilfquite unusual ones ;)19:36
ilf"-O2 -march=pentium-mmx -msse -msse2 -msse3 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"19:36
Romsteri've seen alot .19:36
Romsterthat's not unusual.19:36
ilfi thought if is in-order cpu19:36
ilfwhy not try p-mmx  with sse stuff in19:36
ilf=======> Building '/usr/ports/ilf-imported/vte/vte#0.16.14-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.19:37
ilfi'll do pkgadd -u now19:37
ilffingers crossed19:37
Romster-O2 -march=i686 -mtune=k8 -msse3 -minline-all-stringops -fomit-frame-pointer -finline-functions -Wdisabled-optimization19:37
*** roliveira has quit IRC19:38
ilfvte, doesn't load as a normal user19:38
ilfas root it works like a charm19:38
Romsterwhat comamnd you running to test vte?19:39
*** sepen has quit IRC19:39
ilfjust vte19:40
ilfin xterm19:40
ilfit doesn't work with xfce terminal also19:40
Romsterok that loaded for me.19:41
Romsteryou messing your permissions or something.19:41
Romsterbuilding as root or with fakeroot19:41
ilfas root19:42
Romstershould work.19:42
ilfi know19:42
ilfit works like root19:42
ilfbut not when i try to load it as me19:42
ilfwhen i start it19:42
Romsteri ran it as my user.19:43
ilfvte or terminal loads19:43
Romsterwhat does it do when you run it as a normal user.19:43
Romstervte loads.19:43
ilfand i see the blinking cursor but not  the prompt19:43
ilfstat64("/home/ilf/.config/Terminal/terminalrc", {st_dev=makedev(8, 2), st_ino=397345, st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_nlink=1, st_uid=100, st_gid=100, st_blksize=4096, st_blocks=8, st_size=2287, st_atime=2008/09/10-18:30:01, st_mtime=2008/09/10-03:56:14, st_ctime=2008/09/10-03:56:14}) = 019:43
ilfread(4, 0x815b454, 4096)                = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)19:43
ilfthis is out of strace -n of terminal19:43
Romsteri don't get it...19:44
Romsterhas always worked flawlessly for me.19:44
Romsterstat64 you on 64bit?19:44
ilfme too19:44
ilfatom ;)19:44
ilf32 bit19:44
Romstersay a stat64 then..19:45
Romsternot knowing what that does19:45
Romstermight be a 64bit float *shrugs*19:45
ilfstat64 does not have anything to do with the 32bit/64bit cpu19:45
Romsterno it's a 64bit something though..19:46
ilflarge file enabled status of file19:46
ilfthat is why it is stat6419:46
Romsterlooks like it cant get the file ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc19:46
Romsteri never seen any largefile define when i've compiled.19:47
ilfit gets it19:48
ilfthe interesting part is the makedeev19:48
Romstermaybe hidden in a header file.19:48
ilfwhich i think is when it attempts creating the pts/x file19:48
Romstermake a node i assume.19:48
Romstershould already exist udev handles that.19:48
ilfthe really strange thing is that xterm work ok19:49
ilfand creates files in pts19:49
ilfwithout problem19:49
ilfand terminal works ok when i'm root19:49
ilfi suspect the fact that i have policykit and consolekit19:49
Romsterit's like your /dev/tty* is not set to the right permissions?19:49
ilfbut i'm not really sure19:49
Romsteroh you got that stuff i've never used consolekit or poicykit19:50
ilfi wanted to setup networkmanager 0.719:50
ilfwhich already seems like extremely dumb idea19:51
ilfi wanted it because of the ability to work out of the box with usb umts modems19:51
Romsterlook for that node number in ls -l /dev/tty*19:51
Romstersee what permissions it's got.19:51
ilf8, 2 is sda219:52
ilfi already  checked that19:52
Romsteractually... yeah it's after a disk..19:53
ilfwhich makes it even stranger19:53
Romsterhas to be looking for "/home/ilf/.config/Terminal/terminalrc"19:53
Romsterdoes that path and file exist?19:54
Romsterand readable19:54
ilf-rw-r--r-- 1 ilf users 2.3K 2008-09-10 19:27 /home/ilf/.config/Terminal/terminalrc19:54
Romsterok as your user it should read it fine.19:54
Romsteri don't even have that file.19:55
ilfi removed it19:55
ilfstill the same19:55
Romsterdamn there goes that.19:55
Romsterwell i'm totally stumped.19:55
ilfme too19:56
ilfthat was why i asked for help19:56
ilfi really, really suspect policykit19:56
Romsterit opens some fonts i'm looking though my strace19:58
ilfit works ok when i'm root19:59
ilfit is definatelly permission related19:59
ilfwhoever though of policykit/consolekit was an evil, evil man19:59
ilffor that matter whoever though of hal/dbus was not a good guy also20:00
ilfi miss the old days20:00
ilfwhen i used to create files by hand in /dev20:00
Romsterback to sysfs again :D20:02
Romsterall i can really think of is your missing something vte needs.20:03
Romsterif that helps20:04
ilfi'll check it20:05
Romstermy system isn't exactly crux default.20:06
Romsterbut it should show the libs it uses.20:06
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jaegerjdolan__: nice21:32
jdolan__ty!  really never thought i'd be adding all of this crap to my little quake2 engine, hehe.21:33
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