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pitillogood morning00:58
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cruxbot[core.git]: autoconf: update to 2.6303:12
cruxbot[core.git]: module-init-tools: update to 3.4.103:12
cruxbot[core.git]: pciutils: update to 3.0.103:12
cruxbot[opt.git]: cdparanoia: update to 10.203:13
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* roliveira good morning!04:03
* dinx morning 04:06
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sepenroliveira, I've hald running fine with thunar-volman here at office04:17
sepenI can't understand why you not04:17
roliveiraI am also unsure why it wasn`t working...04:18
roliveirabut i had that missmatch on the exo port04:19
sepenand I'm also using xfce4-volstatus-icon04:19
sependid you installed the xfce/exo one?04:19
roliveirabut i had to modify it (--with-hal)04:20
sepenno needed here tu running fine04:22
roliveiravery strange...04:22
roliveirahave you seen the logs?04:22
roliveiranotice that i did a sysup ant then installed xfce, don`t know if that`s your case or if that is relevant04:24
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* Rotwang is looking for vipers mail05:17
sepenRomster, I updated the ati port yesterday or so05:22
sepenupps s/Romster/Rotwang, sorry Romster05:22
Rotwangsepen: nice, im doing sysup ATM05:24
sepenRotwang, check your kernel configuration before nothing05:25
sepenI updated the README file05:25
sepenif you don't change it you'll have the init_mm error05:25
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nipuLoh great, mkvtoolnix uses boost now :\05:33
cruxbot[opt.git]: vte: Fixed *.po issue (thanks Juergen)05:36
nipuLheh, download.berlios is borked05:36
nipuLthey have run out of disk space05:36
sepenI've the same issue for upgrading thunar-volman sources05:41
nipuLdl2 works for me too05:41
sepenyep, I think that berlios sucks like sourceforge mirrors05:42
Romsteri did suggest ages ago on the ML to separate the boost components no one cared.05:44
Romsterif building time is a issue.05:44
nipuLnope, just never got around to getting it to work on x6405:45
sepenRomster, yeah, I remember that mail05:45
nipuLso just avoided ports that used it05:45
Romsteryeah i broke out boost-jam out ages ago to get around a compile issue.05:46
Romsterthat doesn't exist now but thought it was best to keep.05:46
Romsterso it hate 64bit.05:46
nipuLnah, i just coldn't be bothered05:47
nipuLi guess i'll give it another go05:47
nipuLwhat else is there to do on a friday night05:47
Romsterwell i've got a 64bit so i maybe joining the 64bit testing stuff at some point.05:47
nipuLthe wife won't get drunk with me05:47
Romsterpizza movies drinking and party.05:48
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sepenyou're usually dunked?05:49
sepen*are you05:49
sepenme too05:49
* Rotwang is going to get drunk today ;D05:50
Rotwangand tomorrow05:50
sepenI used to go out with my friends05:50
dinxoh men havent drunk in a while05:51
dinxthats what sucks when you move to a city where you dont know any one except Romster05:51
Rotwangbrb going to check new ati driver05:51
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sepenRomster, have your country good terrain for growing marijuana?05:52
sepenspanish have it05:52
roliveirano sepen, it`s imported stuff05:53
Romstermaybe but they got satellites to help locate crops now.05:53
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Romsteri used to drink an unimaginable quantity of booze05:54
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nipuLhehe, wife feels guilty for not wanting to drink so she's off to aquire some herbal remedies ;)06:00
RomsternipuL, this might fix that;a=blob;f=source/devel-extra/boost/gcc43-x86_64.patch;h=f353739351a516c8c3f77f7ca9e9efc445e9c56e;hb=HEAD06:06
Romstermagic mushrooms :D06:07
sepenroliveira, xDDD06:10
sepenjust rule a joint and fly06:10
rxi1nipuL: when did you get married???!!!!!06:10
nipuLabout 6months ago06:10
rxi1cool .. congrats buddy06:11
nipuLstill not used to wearing a ring though06:12
nipuLi don't even like wearing a watch!06:12
roliveirawho does the cleaning06:13
nipuLthe kids of course06:13
roliveiraahh, cool06:13
Romsteractaully i'll update boost then it should work for ya nipuL06:13
nipuLtbh, i never even got past boost-jam06:14
nipuLthat was easy to fix06:14
Romsteryeah i see why.06:14
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roliveirasepen: nipuL :
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roliveirabtw how many women use crux?06:51
Romsteri only know of one 'Clare' iirc and not seen in here in a long time.06:59
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tilmanthrice`: i'll probably push the update in a few hours07:21
tilmanthralong with some notes ;)07:21
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thrice`sorry, should have looked closer.  I saw the 64-bit commits shortly after asking :)07:23
tilmanah, i though you were asking about the 32 bit stuff07:23
thrice`oh, I was.  but I saw the changes to builds, and the rest seemed ok :)07:24
Rotwangwho i need to speak to open new register new repository on the portdb?07:26
Rotwangs/open new//07:26
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tilmanisn't there a funky html form on the portdb? :D07:28
Rotwangthrice`: o`rly?07:31
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RotwangI've sent mail about 2-3 weeks ago07:32
tilmani see, damn07:32
sepenRotwang, what about the ati update?07:32
sepenwas successful?07:32
Rotwangsepen: yep, everythings fine and dandy07:39
sepennice to know07:41
Romster@seen vipper_07:43
clbRomster: I have not seen vipper_.07:43
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cruxbot[opt.git]: wireshark: updated to
tilmancrap, forgot to push that :o07:47
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cruxbot[core.git]: udev: updated to 128.07:56
tilmanmmh, there's a xulrunner patch in my ~/.todo08:00
thrice`the one relating to gnome?08:01
tilmanno idea ;)08:01
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thrice`I was also going to mess with newer udev rules that lfs had up, but didn't get around to it :(08:06
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nipuL=======> Building '/home/pkgmk/package/x86_64/boost#1.36.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.08:22
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tilmani915 performance sucks with xorg server 1.4.2, too08:26
tilmanso i'll push 1.5 RSN08:26
sepenwho had a motivator funny program under windows?08:33
Rotwangim looking some info about nbc reports08:33
Rotwangbut google doesnt give me much :<08:33
thrice`also, I think hotplug might be safe for removal in 2.5, no?08:35
tilmani don't know :o08:36
sepenI've a backtrace log after update xorg and radeon public driver at office
tilmanthrice`: proof most welcome ;)08:36
sepenbut only when I try to use dual head configuration08:36
RomsternipuL, cool.08:37
tilmansepen: xorg-server 1.5.0, xf86-video-ati 1.9.0?08:38
thrice`hm, not sure.  I haven't had it installed for about a year, and my system still boots :)08:38
Romsteri odn't even have hotplug installed anymore no issues.08:38
tilmanthrice`: tilman@brimstone [~] > grep hotplug kernel/linux-
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >08:38
tilmanthat's worrying at least ;)08:38
Rotwangyeah i believe its hard to find hotplug in base of modern distros ;p08:39
Romsterif you look in the rc scripts it's disabled.08:39
tilmanRomster: ?08:39
thrice`also, most others (distros) seemed to dispose of it awhile back08:39
Romsterecho 0 > /proc/.../hotplug08:39
Romstersome path i forget.08:39
Romstermight of been in udev shell script.. i forget where i saw it now.08:40
thrice`iirc, it probably could have been safely omitted with the udev version in 2.4 :)08:40
Romsterit can be08:40
tilman /sbin/start_udev:708:40
Romsterwell i got 3 pc's without hotplug08:40
Romsteri asked ages ago for hotplug removal.08:41
thrice`it doesn't really matter until release time, i'd guess08:41
tilmanis there a wiki page for 2.5 already? ;)08:41
Romsterthe kernel will disable hotplug on it's own if it does not find the binary.08:41
tilmansepen: ? i'm about to push that stuff, so . :D08:42
tilmansepen: you probably shouldn't use XAA btw :p08:42
tilmansepen: also pastebin your xorg.conf08:43
Romsteri just thought of something you looked to try and prove me wrong. didn't you tilman :D08:44
sepentilman, still xorg-server-1.4.2-108:44
sepenohh Illtry08:44
Romsterlibx11 1.5 is in the repo.08:45
sepenI've no problem with the propietary driver and dualhead08:45
tilmansepen: errr, hang on08:45
Romsteryou haven't pushed xorg-server 1.5 yet.08:45
tilmanRomster: not really, i've quickly looked into hotplug the last time this issue came up08:45
thrice`ati proprietary already works with 1.5?08:45
tilmanthrice`: no, he's on 1.4, see above08:45
sepentilman, I can use dualhead but only in clone mode08:45
tilmansepen: pastebin your xorg.conf08:46
Romster[23:45:20] <sepen>
tilmanoops, i missed that08:46
tilmanxinerama? wtf?08:46
tilmanwelcome to 2008 ;)08:47
tilmansepen: do like that08:47
tilmansee the Device section and the monitor sections08:47
cruxbot[opt.git]: libdrm: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: mesa3d: updated to 7.1.08:49
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-server: updated to
Romsteroh mesa3d 7.108:49
Romsterthat didn't take them long.08:49
jaegertilman: my workstation here had a weird xinerama + dual nvidia cards setup going on before I rebuilt it... weird stuff08:52
jaegerespecially since one of the two nvidia cards was dual-head08:53
jaegerone agp, one pci, xinerama across them08:53
tilmanokay, xinerama might be useful for stuff like that08:53
jaegerit was completely unnecessary, though08:53
tilmanbut for a single card setup, you should use randr12 if it's available08:53
jaegertwinview would have worked better and faster08:54
sepenthrice`, yep08:54
sepenI tried yesterday08:54
sepenand the new xorg-libx11 too08:54
sepenthrice`, but you need to adjust your kernel before nothing08:54
sependue to the init_mm issue08:54
tilmanah, i didn't know twinview could work with more than one card08:54
jaegernah, I mean with only the agp card08:54
jaegerthe pci card was totally gratuitous08:54
jaegerI have no idea why my predecessor used it08:54
Romstersounds like a funky setup anyways08:54
Romsterthan a dual PCIe08:55
jaegerI'm running a single 8600GT pcie now with twinview, much nicer08:55
Romsteri'd bet it is.08:55
sepentilman, hmmm08:56
sepentilman, thans Ill try to fix my conf, it sounds that the problem resides on it08:56
tilmansepen: maybe it's also that xaa doesn't like xinerama08:57
tilmanconsider switching to EXA08:57
tilmansepen: but update to 1.5 first etc08:57
* jaeger kicks swfdec and ffmpeg in the nuts08:58
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sepenyes off course08:59
sepenexa? I never ear about that08:59
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jaegeris mesa3d missing a dri2proto dep?09:17
tilmanjaeger: does the build error out without it? :p09:21
tilmandang, let me see09:22
jaegerI built xorg-dri2proto and now it's happy so I think the answer is yes :)09:22
tilmanwell, dri2 isn't really used yet09:22
tilmanthere's a proposed patch to remove dri2 support entirely from mesa 7.1 because of this09:23
tilmanlet me see09:23
thrice`haha, looking at the arch repo for xorg, this is an interresting patch:09:24
jaegernice, heh09:24
jaegertilman: also, xorg-server is complaining about missing xorg-libpciaccess09:25
tilmanwow, that should have been added as a server dependency 12 months ago09:26
jaegerall rebuilt now, though I can't really test it from work :P09:30
jaegernow to figure out ffmpeg/swfdec09:31
thrice`i've never understood swfdec.  is the goal for a flash-alternative for browsers, or independnet?09:32
jaegerno idea09:33
jaegerRomster: do you have any trouble with swfdec finding avcodec.h and swscale.h from ffmpeg?09:36
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-server: added missing pciaccess dependency.09:38
sepenis the Arch meta formally accepted for Pkgfile's?09:39
sepentilman, I see the xorg-server package have it09:39
tilmansomeone link the picard photo09:40
tilmansepen: it was an accident :(09:40
sepenah ok09:40
sepenjust sounds me a bit weird09:41
thrice`is the x86_64 "test" going in the multi-lib direction, or pure64 ?09:41
thrice`or undecided? :)09:41
tilmannfc, i've been away for weeks ;)09:41
sepenhmm same here -> checking for DRI2PROTO... configure: error: Package requirements (dri2proto >= 1.1) were not met09:41
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-server, mesa3d: Removed Arch maintainer lines.09:42
cruxbot[xorg.git]: mesa3d: added dri2proto dependency.09:42
tilmanjaeger, sepen: thanks for testing :d09:42
jaegerglad to help09:42
sepenbut dri2proto is not under xorg ATM, right?09:45
tilmanit should be there09:45
sepenohh! its called xorg-dri2proto, sorry09:48
sepenhmm the configure gets -> glut: no , but I have freeglut installed, thats right=?09:49
tilmani think it's listing what it's about to build09:54
tilmanie mesa's own copy of glut isn't built because you have freeglut09:54
sepenso it uses the freeglut copy, right=?09:56
tilmani think so09:57
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sepen$ pkginfo -l mesa3d| grep glut09:57
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sepenwell, thats the last one mesa309:58
tilmandunno, seems to work, right? ;)09:58
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sepenRomster, footprint missmatch
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Rotwangxorg-xproxymanagementprotocol omfg longest port name ever ;O10:28
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Romsterok so what did sepen have installed to cause that10:33
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nilptilman: im getting "checking for DRI2PROTO... configure: error: Package requirements (dri2proto >= 1.1) were not met" error while building new mesa3d11:41
tilmanprt-get install xorg-dri2proto11:42
tilmani already noticed this after the announcement was sent :|11:42
tilmanor rather, i was notified about that :D11:42
nilpah.. thanks11:42
Romsteri always do a prt-get deptree when those errors pop up11:43
Romsterand see if any new dependencies need to be added.11:44
nilpyeah, my bad :/ should figure this by myself11:44
sepenI was wondering about prt-get depupdate but no one like the idea11:47
nilpwell i usually do deptree when updating11:48
nilpjust forgot it this time :|11:48
nilpim actually pretty happy with prt-get as it is11:49
sepenI was wondering about prt-get depupdate but no one like the idea11:50
sepenups sorry11:50
Romstersepen, too much abstraction i think.11:53
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sepenmaybe but sometimes I also used long commands too11:56
sepenso I've my own scripts for doing it11:56
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sepenso maybe prt-get update --missing-deps mesa3d would be nice12:31
tilmandidn't we talk about that in the "pg" discussion some months ago?12:32
tilmanor maybe i'm misremembering :)12:32
sepenhmm I can't remember it, but maybe12:32
sepenI told about that sometime ago too12:32
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sepenI need to read the cptn message at ML's12:33
sepenmissing deps appears quite often on updates, I had the same issue with virtualbox 2.0.012:35
sepenimho also would be nice to have a hook script on git repos for [update] messages (like the [notify] ones)12:36
sepen*commit messages12:37
tilmanwhen would [update] be used?12:37
sepenwhen requires extra deps still not listed12:40
tilmanhum hum12:40
sepen*which aren't still12:40
sepenor replace the [update] word for something better12:40
sepenbut I mean a way to notify people that they should take care of pay attention12:41
tilmanyeah, i understand12:43
sepenlike your sent mail on the ML today12:43
sepenI think that could avoid repeated questions on the channel too12:44
tilmanbtw, i have a feeling that arora needs -j1 at the 'make install' stage12:44
tilmananyone else have occasional build errors with contrib/arora?12:45
sepenwhats your config?12:47
tilmani'm building with -j4 if that's what you mean12:59
sepenchecking whether to build Xglx DDX... no13:07
sepenchecking for PCIACCESS... configure: error: Package requirements (pciaccess >= 0.8.0) were not met:13:07
sepen[update-deps] xorg-libpciaccess13:08
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rehabdollit's a minor annoyance imo13:39
rehabdollbut somelike depinst for updates (depup ?) could be useful13:40
thrice`I thought cptn was working on something, no?13:40
thrice`prt-get --zomg-find-missing sysup ? :)13:48
tilmanprt-get --fix theworld13:51
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jaegertilman: that patch you linked earlier is the one I requested for fixing yelp/epiphany + xulrunner builds18:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: mkvtoolnix: update to 2.3.020:47
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