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cruxbot[contrib.git]: boost-jam: use system cflags01:19
cruxbot[contrib.git]: boost: use system cxxflags and respect MAKEFLAGS01:19
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tilmanjaeger: aah, i remember03:28
teK_ah tilman, back from the dead?03:29
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teKsubmitted your paper?03:29
teKwhat do you think would be necessary (besides ACK by core) to get cryptsetup-support into 2.5?03:31
teKI thought about simply placing a ("beta") ISO somewhere for people to test03:31
cptna maintainer :-)03:33
cptnplus a good reasoning03:34
teKIt'd make sense if I'd maintain it; what sort of reasoning? If it works: yeah; encryption is a great thing to have for laptops or other 'security endangered' systems03:35
tilmanports changes are just: mv opt/cryptsetup core03:36
tilmanor is there more?03:36
teKthere are dependencies, to name them:03:37
cptn  libdevmapper,libgcrypt,popt03:37
cptnthat's what the opt port lists03:37
cptnso why does it have to be in opt?03:38
cptnerr, core?03:38
teKthere's no reason for it :)03:38
cptnso, given that it already is in 2.403:38
cptnwhat is it you want when you ask for it to "get it into 2.5"?03:38
teKa) notes for installation-time encryption /  '/'-encryption03:39
teKit's not that much you have to do, to accomplish this _but_ one has to adjust /etc/rc and /sbin/start_udev to get it running smoothly03:39
teK(this is b) *g*003:40
teKthis is where core would be touched in a way03:40
cptnis this something which could be made a bit more generic?03:40
cptnI think lvm(2) also needs similar changes03:41
teKyes, I wanted to incorporate theme as tehy should be trivial, too03:41
teKI just wanted to push testing forward to get assured the changes are ready for 2.503:42
cptnjust as a idea:03:43
cptnwe could add something like fs_services=() to rc.conf03:44
cptnand run these from rc/rc.shutdown03:44
teKI worked with the current iso-repo (from git) so I probably could send in a diff (mainly for its makefile).. I updated the kernel to 2.6.26-something, but it should be fairly easy to get this singled out..03:44
teKfs_ like filesystem? :)03:44
cptnsince they have to be run before mounting any filesystem03:44
teKproblem: /etc is not readable at this point03:45
cptnaren't you suggesting changes to /etc/rc?03:45
teK /sbin/start_udev to be exact03:45
teKit mounts /dev as tmpfs (too late during booting)03:45
Romsterwhy not a rc/init.d/ to drop in extra rules like 10-crypt 20-lvm kind of stuff to load it in the right order.03:46
teKI solved the whole issue by using a initrd which does the decryption03:46
cptninitrd, not initramfs?03:46
RomsterteK, i go ta work around a tempery /etc in ramfs until a later stage.03:46
* Romster shrugs initramfs.d then03:46
Romsternot fused on the directory name.03:46
teKcptn: there's a difference? *g* ... I use the gen_init_cpio by the linux kerenl03:47
Romsterpoint is drop new files in for things that need to be started sooner rather than later.03:47
cptnteK: maybe you can provide a list of things that would need to be changed03:47
teKyes, as an email for easier review..03:47
teKRomster: I created a 'metapackage' that allows you to create the initrd03:48
RomsterteK, i'd be interested in your findings i predatorfreak and i have our own workaround for runit03:48
teKyes, but I think my solution is somewhat cryptsetup-specific03:48
tilmangah, why can't mount make the kernel load the 'loop' module when i want to use the loopback device?03:48
teKmodules are evil :>03:49
tilmanor, why *doesnt* it do it03:49
Romsteryou got that module autoload thing in the kernel? maybe add a udev rule to load the module.03:49
Romsteror should mount be smarter and do that.03:50
teKmount should not try to load modules IMHO03:50
Romsteriptables loads modules so it's viable for mount to do that too.03:51
cptncan you elaborate on that?03:52
cptnwait, no03:52
Romsterwell iptables -m for a module loads that module. why can't mount load the loop module when you use -o loop03:53
teKiptables is linux-specific, iirc..03:54
Romstersince it can't do anything without it.03:54
tilmanteK: right.. i was thinking about some kernel code loading the module of course03:55
tilmanbut mount will probably want to open /dev/loopN or something03:55
teKI try to avoid modules (in favour of builtin  features) where possible03:55
Romsternope udev wont load non-hardware drivers such as loop, there goes that idea.04:04
Romsteryeah i recently had a issue with builtin and alsaconf04:05
Romsterit wouldn't detect my card and set it up if it was not a module.04:05
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Romsterhadn't looked into it yet.04:05
Romsterdid i do something wrong?04:06
teKdunno. :)04:06
tilmanteK: try #crux-devel04:07
teKgotta care for my son. tilman expect an email in the course of tomorrow04:07
teKI'll try crux-dev@04:07
Romsteri'll be keen to read it teK :)04:14
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cruxbot[opt.git]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.5106:18
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teKtilman: is there a specific reason for prt-get (sys)up[date] not to honor newly added dependency10:07
teK-y +ies?10:07
teKi just tried to update xorg-server but update failed because mesa3d seems to have a new dependecy (xorg-dri2proto) which was not installed before10:07
teKif I _do_ have got mesa3d installed, on update, one can assume I want all required dependencies to be installed for an update10:11
teKI in doubt, one could make this behaviour configurable in prt-get.conf. What do you think?10:11
teKwhat do you think?10:12
Rotwangtoo much bloat!!10:15
teKhu? In my case: what choice do I have except installing xorg-dri2proto?10:17
tilmanwe talked about this just yesterday10:39
tilmanand iirc it was on the list for cptn's prt-get v210:39
teKis there any magic required for xserver 1.5.0 to not cough about module mismatches?10:40
teK(don't say complete rebuild :-))10:40
tilmanas  i wrote in that mail, you'll have to rebuild your video driver10:41
tilmanif some other $driver doesn't load, rebuild $driver10:41
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teKI seem to have missed this mail, sorry10:42
tilmanah, i announced the x stuff to crux@ yesterday10:43
teKjust found it10:44
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Rotwangany ati catalyst users with working new xorg server?10:45
tilmanprobably not, but new mesa has support for r500 and r600 i think10:46
DarkNekrosI have made a CRUX ports search pluging for Firefox 3 (I know there was another, but I didn't find it) with an icon10:53
DarkNekrosfor those who want to use it ->
tilmanDarkNekros: i think there's a wiki page for a firefox search thingy -- maybe you can add yours there10:56
DarkNekrostilman, in crux wiki page? where? o_O10:57
tilmanhang on10:57
DarkNekrostilman, it was that what I was looking for xDD10:59
tilmanit's linked from :)10:59
DarkNekrosthe only thing that I have made is putting the icon into base64 :D11:00
DarkNekrosand messing the code xDD11:01
tilmani don't get why people use those search engines at all11:01
tilmani love the keyword searches11:01
DarkNekrosme too, but sometime it's faster when you are surfing with firefox ;)11:02
tilmanis it?11:02
tilmanoh well11:02
tilmanpersonal preference etc ;)11:02
DarkNekroslazyness :p11:03
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veganlionwhen is crux going to x86_64?11:24
tilmanwe're experimenting with x86_64 atm11:24
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nipuLwhy use firefox when there's
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