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veganlionwhy is there no gcc 4.3.2 in crux ports?02:58
tilmangcc updates usually only occur with new crux releases02:58
tilman-> crux 2.5 will ship with gcc 4.302:58
rxitilman: how long til 2.5?02:59
tilmani guess we'll talk about 2.5 next tuesday03:00
rxiahh sounded like there was a release date or something03:00
tilmanthere never are release dates until it's done :D03:00
rxihehe yeah03:00
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veganlionis there no cdrkit in crux ports? what else can i install to get cli burning app?03:22
tilmancdrkit is in the contrib ports collection03:23
tilmanthe opt collection has cdrtools03:23
veganliontilman: thx03:23
veganlionproblem was, that i have not uncomment contrib in /etc/prt-get.conf03:25
tilmanthought so :p03:25
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nipuL most "real" crux users would be running 4.3 by now anyway ;P07:02
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cruxbot[opt.git]: glib: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: gtk: updated to
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pedjatilman: Is xtrap module still part of xorg?I rebuilt xorg-libxtrap, but I still have 'Failed to load module xtrap' in Xorg.log09:46
tilmanpedja: in 1.5.0, the xtrap module isn't built by default anymore09:48
tilmanif you need xtrap you'll have stick --enable-trap (or somesuch) in the pkgfile09:48
pedjaI don't know what it's for :)09:49
pedjaSo, I should comment it out in xorg.conf?09:49
tilmanthen just edit xorg.conf and kick out the 'trap' line ;p09:49
tilmani think these days the most useful modules are loaded by default, btw09:50
tilmanso you *might* be able to remove your whole Module section09:50
pedjaok.what about RgbPath?xorg complains about parse error09:50
tilmangrep "This was enabled by default" /var/log/xorg.conf09:50
tilmanremove the RgbPath line as well09:50
pedjabtw, what is 'KDSETMODE failed:Bad file descriptor' about?09:53
tilmanmmh, that doesn't ring a bell09:54
tilmanwhere do you see that?09:54
pedjaI had that when I first started xorg after update.It went away after I commented out Extensions section in xorg.conf.09:54
tilmansorry, no idea09:54
tilmani can grep the xserver sources though09:55
tilmansomething with the console ;)09:55
pedjano need for that, unless you are curious :)09:55
tilmanswitching from text to graphics mode or something o_O09:55
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pedja"(WW) xf86CloseConsole KDSETMODE failed: Bad file descriptor" is full error, so you might be right about that...09:58
pedjanevermind, it works now :)09:58
rehabdollany hands-on tips for a wireless usb-dongle with linux support?10:30
aonsome buffalo things do pretty well10:31
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yellowfoxit possible to install crux via pendrive for examlpe on eee pc ?12:33
jaegershould be with some modification, the current ISO doesn't support that12:53
tilmanthere was that guy who also wanted to put crux on his eeepc12:59
tilmannot sure what happened to him though;D13:00
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yellowfoxFound I a mistake ? step 1313:12
yellowfoxit shouldn`t be cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz ?13:13
thrice`the location really doesn't matter too much, as long as your lilo.conf reflects it.  /boot/vmlinuz is more typical though, yes13:14
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RedShiftIIRC the linux kernel makefile has a targe to copy the kernel image to the "right" location13:22
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rehabdollarch/i386 could be replaced with arch/x86 (would include 64bit kernels too)13:26
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jaegerI've really been wanting to buy an eee pc but can't quite afford it right now14:12
jaegernot something I *need*, hehe14:12
jaeger <-- this one, specifically14:13
yellowfoxme too, but in poland no one sell 20gb ssd version14:15
jaegerah :(14:16
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yellowfoxDistributors say it depend on asus taiwan and asus taiwan say, they haven`t order form our distributors14:17
teKtilman: I could not finish the mail tonight (messed arround with git..)14:49
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sepentilman, ping16:22
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