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pitillogood morning01:19
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sepenhehe vbox 2.0.201:26
sepenand also xfce 4.6 (alpha)01:26
sepenso I decided to start a separated repo in my own server where place the future xfce ports for testing01:27
sepennice week!01:27
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sepentilman, ping02:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: virtualbox: Updated 2.0.0 -> 2.0.202:34
teKsepen: :-)02:34
sepenteK, I reveived you mail too02:35
teKI hope so ;)02:35
sepenalso Im subscribed to vbox ML02:35
sepenthanks for remember it02:35
teKyou're welcome02:36
teKI bet one still must not have a local version string for the kernel...02:38
RedShiftwho can solve this one?
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falkenanyone free?05:13
falkenwhere to get the crux software05:13
falkensoes it cost?05:13
sepenfalken, did you read the online documentation before ask?05:13
falkenim new to this x chat05:14
falkeni need some programming friends05:14
falkenthats the reason i came in here05:14
dinxif your asking if crux costs money. this might not be the right place for you05:15
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teKI will provide you with a download link if you pay me money. you are free to decide the actual amount05:16
falkenim resding it05:17
falkenreading err*05:17
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sepenfalken, ah ok, welcome05:18
falkenthank you sepen05:18
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sepentilman, ping?05:37
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sepentilman, ping ping07:21
sepenI need to talk with he before posting a new mail into the ML07:23
teKjust go ahead :>07:29
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thrice`"MesaLib-7.2-rc1.tar.gz"  hm, interresting :P08:31
sepentilman, ping ping08:31
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Johnnyuhm ...08:40
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Guest70141is there a problem with the ports system?08:41
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thrice`that's a pretty broad question08:43
tribbi have a lot of packages that fail08:44
tribbmostly on missing files on servers and so08:44
thrice`how do you install packages?08:45
tribbpkgmk -d -u08:45
tribband what i get on most is like this08:45
tribb=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.08:45
pitillotribb, you are answering your question yourself, "mostly on missing files on servers and so"08:46
tribbpitillo: well08:47
pitillotribb, try to look for the file by hand for example08:47
tribbthen im wondering why the ports arent being updated ??08:47
tribblike i cant be the only one with the problem?08:47
pitillotribb, can be there some reasons. It's hard to know if you don't tell these reasons08:48
pitillotribb, there is another way to manage ports, prt-get08:48
pitillotribb, take a look to the handbook at crux.nu08:48
sepentribb, just uncomment the log options at prt-get.conf and you can see why they fail08:49
pitillo(I don't remember if's explained there)08:49
jaegeryou could also try to get the source from another location, like gentoo distfiles08:49
tribblooks like the ports im having isnt updated right - or just hasnt been updated in a while08:49
sepenohh jaeger, did you have a bit moment?08:49
pitillotribb, did you use pkgadd after building the package?08:50
sepenjaeger, seems we need to patch the gl-select tool08:50
thrice`that happens sometimes.  it appears is currently down08:50
thrice`oops, lag08:50
tribbpitillo: keep up - it doesnt download the files ... like the version numbers on the ports system is outa date!08:50
sepenjaeger, after tilman updates xorg and mesa3d libGLcore dissapears, so the nvidia ports still are using it, and also the gl-select script has an array called BACKUP_FILES which contains the libGLcore one08:51
pitillotribb, my last sentence has no sense, you are using it with -u08:51
pitillotribb, then try to look for these files by hand08:51
tribbpitillo: yes pkgmk -d -u08:51
tribbpitillo: i did look by hand08:51
pitilloand if the port isn't up to date, you can fill a bug to see if the maintainer can update it08:52
tribbpitillo: what im saying is the version numbers in the ports are out-dated08:52
pitillotribb, then, you can send a mail to the maintainer, fill a bug, or make your own port with a new version08:52
sepentribb, just send a mail to the port maintainer08:52
tribbpitillo: cool ... i was just wondering if there had been some changes to the system so that ports -u was looking in the wrong place08:53
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jaegersepen: you probably want to talk to lucas, not me08:53
sepenjaeger, and the gl-select?08:54
pitillotribb, only happen when there is a crux update (changing branches to a new version, btw, I am not sure about this)08:54
jaegersepen: what do you mean by "and the gl-select?" ?08:54
pitillotribb, take a look to the httpup/rsync files for the repos and you will see wich crux version are trying to find08:54
cptntribb: opt/imagemagick is at 6.4.208:54
cptnnot 6.3.208:54
sepenjaeger, for what I remember you wrote the gl-select, right?08:55
sepenno idea who's maintaining it ATM08:55
sepenjaeger, np Ill contact with tilman and lucas at night as sure08:55
jaegerI did write it, Lucas maintains it08:55
sepenjaeger, so sorry08:56
jaegerno problem08:56
sepenthanks for the clarifications08:56
cptntribb: so it appears your ports tree is outdated08:57
cptn6.4.2-6 downloads just fine here08:57
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cptntribb: could it be that you still use the ports tree for CRUX 2.3?09:00
cptnas far as I can see CRUX 2.4 never had imagemagick 6.3.209:01
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tribbcptn: its a 2.4 image theres installed on it09:47
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tribbcptn: but what do i need in the ports tree to get updated if is?09:48
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tribbya good ..09:54
tribbdamn i was sure it was originally a 2.409:54
tribbno wonder when its a 2.209:54
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tribboh well09:58
tribbi guess i know what im doing for the next day or 209:58
tribbupdating like a wild bitch!!09:58
pitillotribb, rejmerge and revdep are your friends09:59
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sepenpitillo, you are also my friend :)10:01
cptnmmmh, not sure if compiling from 2.2 to 2.4 will be fun :-)10:06
cptnyou could also get jaeger's 2.4 image, and go from there10:06
thrice`even 2.4 -> current is a long process10:07
RyoSsepen, pitillo: i love you two <310:08
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RyoSjuajuajuaaaa :o10:10
tilmansome guy /msg'ed me "where can i get the crux software?"10:12
tribbcptn: why not fun ?10:12
tilmansepen: i'm here now; pong10:12
sepen-> go to devel please10:12
pitilloRyoS, xD10:14
cptntribb: well, no particular reason10:19
cptnthere were just many changes10:19
cptnincluding modular x1110:19
tribbcptn: well its my server .. its just stand alone with nothing fancy10:20
tribbcptn: just made a script to update every package that shows up on ports -d10:21
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tribbmostly sendmail, apache, system and such10:21
thrice`tribb: do you know about prt-get ?10:21
tribbthrice`: i know it can do fancy things10:22
tribbthrice`: but i always kept up with pkg*10:23
thrice`well, prt-get uses pkg*10:23
tilmanpitillo: thanks for fixing bernd's x problem :D10:24
pitillotilman, no problem, good teachers :)10:25
sepen:D bbl!10:28
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cptnRedShift: did you get an answer to your question?11:59
cptnRedShift: the shell thing...11:59
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RedShiftcptn: no16:27
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cruxbot[opt.git]: libgcrypt: updated to 1.4.217:52
cruxbot[contrib.git]: urlview: updated to 0.917:52
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joacimI see you18:37
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sepenjaeger, ping18:52
thrice`sepen: I think a new 3945 firmware is out, too :)18:53
sepenhmm unfortunately I don't have my laptop around18:53
sepenbut I can doint at the end of the week18:54
sepen*doing it18:54
sepenwell, maybe I don't need to have the hardware for building it, :)18:55
sepenhehhe, mucha cerveza (bier)18:55
nipuL:\ i've got a medium sized job deploying 6 websites, the client gave me some designs to work with...18:56
nipuLit's all in russian with early 90's style design, writtin in a .doc18:56
sepenwebsites like what?18:56
nipuLhe's an author18:56
nipuLit's for all his books18:56
sepenso sounds interesting18:57
nipuLyeah, but i suck at design18:57
nipuLbut so does he18:57
nipuLi might be able to do it better...if it was in english18:58
sepenIm starting to write my own design for my webpage18:58
sepenIm in the wall18:58
sepenso Im using also a php framework written by sepen18:59
nipuLthis was my last job, which i had to do for free, because i forgot to back up their site18:59
sepennipuL, are you using your own framework?19:00
nipuLnah, ive i have a job that requires a framework i use django19:00
sependid you have a backoffice or its all maintained manually?19:01
sepenthe b.o. spends a lot of many19:01
sepenyeah, for adding news, etc19:01
sepenor maintaining a BD19:01
nipuLmost of my clients are cheap and only want static sites19:02
sepennot only for 'elitemotorinn'19:02
sepenohh that nice19:02
sepenthat my last one19:02
sepen*this is19:02
nipuLi'm developing a customer managetment system, but my client base is small enough to do it all manually at the moment19:03
sepenwe decided how many should cost for each dynamic page19:03
sepenbut this is not my real job, Im developing network appliances, etc.19:04
sepenl7filtering, transparent proxy, QoS, etc19:04
nipuLmy "real" job is technical support19:04
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nipuLbut i do all sorts of things19:05
sepenme on R&D, and support, and  ...19:05
sepenyeah, I think all of us19:05
nipuLbasically people come into the shop and ask "do you know anyone that can do X"19:05
nipuLand i say "yeah, me"19:05
sepenI had a client who told me 'can you put internet on this floppy?'19:05
sepen*put me19:06
ahmrahtcheerBL3 fits on 1 or 2 floppies19:06
nipuLi had a customer who tried to fix their heatsink by glueing it to the cpu19:06
sepennipuL, are you maintainig the gl-select script?19:06
sepennipuL, after the xorg / mesa3d update libGLcore dissapears19:07
nipuLit would appear so19:07
ahmrahtcheerincluding a text editor, browser, irc chat, and a very simple GUI interface19:07
sepenso nvidia and the others can pay attention19:07
sepenI wrote some parts of gl-select too, and I've also a patch which fix the problem19:07
nipuLdid you file it on flyspray?19:08
sepentomorrow Ill try at office19:08
sepennipuL, nope I prefer talk directly with people if possible19:08
* sepen is going to cambridge dictionary :)19:09
nipuLprefer is right19:09
nipuLthat's fine, but if you mention it to me while at work (now), chances are i'll forget do look into it19:10
sepenwell sometimes I kill the english language19:10
sepentoo often19:10
sepennipuL, heheh19:10
sepennipuL, sure19:11
sepenwell, time for going to bed19:18
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thrice`anyone else using new xorg with urxvt ?19:21
thrice`I'm having weird text display issues :(19:25
thrice`my text doesn't appear to update in a terminal until I move the term with my mouse19:39
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thrice`doesn't seem to matter which term19:40
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nipuLworks fine for me19:49
nipuLdo you have any funky resource settings?19:49
thrice`this is with a new X -configure   xorg.conf also19:49
thrice`$ glxinfo | grep Direct19:51
thrice`Failed to initialize TTM buffer manager.  Falling back to classic.19:51
thrice`that's interresting o.O19:52
thrice`some odd intel warnings :(19:56
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nipuLugh, lame, gparted doesn't handle loop devices23:38
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