IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-09-16

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pitillogood morning01:05
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tribbso i started updating yesterday afternoon ..02:19
tribbmost packages updated fine .. but i really miss a depupdate on prt-get02:19
pitillotribb, man prt-get02:25
pitillotribb, try to look for depinst option, and try to read carefully the man page02:25
pitillotribb, and for the sysup, try to look for missing dependencies by hand02:25
cptnor write a simple script02:26
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cptnsince 'depinst' doesn't reinstall existing packages, the following should work:02:26
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cptnfor p in $(prt-get listinst); do prt-get depinst $p --log; done02:27
cptnprt-get sysup02:27
cptnso the first would add dependencies which are currently missing02:27
cptnmmmh, wait no02:28
cptnI guess if $p is installed, it won't add the missing deps02:29
pitilloI have a little script to find the missing ones02:29
pitillothis is what I meant by "by hand"02:30
pitillovery ugly script, but usefull02:30
pitilloif can be interesting for someone02:32
pitillo# Check not installed packages02:32
pitilloprt-get deptree $1 | grep -v "installed" | grep "\[ \]" | awk '{print $3}'02:32
pitilloor if someone see it bad, I hope he can correct it02:32
cptnI'd use depends instead of deptree :-)02:34
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pitillouhmmm checking, sounds interesting02:35
pitillocptn, thank you02:36
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tribbproblem is the dependencies are there on the list ... just needed versions are a little fucked ...04:54
tribbfurther more ... is there a problem with ??04:59
tribbseems theres somewhat a problem getting a route to host there ...05:00
roliveiratribb: check the faq:
cptn"The domain is for sale. To purchase, call at 781-839-7903 or 866-866-2700."05:01
cptnthat's what he said :-)05:02
tribbah well ... my bad on the spelling there :)05:03
cptnso yeah, there are always problems with sourceforge05:04
roliveirausing prdownloads as the source seems to avoid that dns problem05:06
tribbthere seems to be more places that have bad connections these days :(05:06
tribbroliveira: prdownloads??05:08
roliveiratribb: that was a comment about Pkgfiles not about the problem you`re having; you need to edit /etc/hosts, check the link05:09
tribbroliveira: ya i done that and it fiksed it05:11
roliveiratribb: ;-)05:11
tribbjust the supposed to be hosting lilo-files are like gone too05:11
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dinxafternoon ;)05:30
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jaegertribb: situations like that are when using a source mirror comes in handy. I use one of the gentoo mirrors, myself07:48
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sepenjaeger, I was wondering about maintaining libwnck (which belongs to gnome and xfce ATM) in the opt collection, are you disagree?08:15
tribblibexpat ... that would be part of the expat package right? :)08:16
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sepentribb, just use $ pkginfo -l expat08:18
jaegersepen: no, that's fine with me08:18
sepenjaeger, so Ill move it to opt08:19
sepenalso Ill updated it to 2.23.1, the last one released08:23
sepen*err 2.23.9208:25
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thrice`that's a stable release?09:05
sepenthrice`, no for what Im testing09:27
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aondoes that strike anyone else as completely pointless?09:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: rrdtool: 1.3.2 -> 1.3.310:08
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mpfr: 2.3.1 -> 2.3.210:08
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tilmanaon: well, codeweavers can demonstrate how awesome they are :)10:14
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tribbwhat package is part of ?10:25
tilmancore/db (prt-get fsearch)10:25
tribbmine returns nothing but says package db is installed10:27
tribbwell guessing thats the err that occour after major updates10:35
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tribbbtw im wondering10:45
tribbam i the only one that lately has been having problems with my mail?10:45
tribbrunning sendmail and my logs has a lot of errors in them ...10:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: id3lib: fix for gcc-4.3 utf16 security11:11
cruxbot[contrib.git]: rrdtool: damn forgot the .footprint file :)11:24
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jaegerafter all that talk about eee pcs, I ordered one of them16:20
jaegerso I'll be trying to set up a crux install for it at some point16:20
rehabdollpreinstalled with xandros or windows?16:26
rehabdolliirc, the one with windows was cheaper?16:27
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jaegerit's xandros in this case16:38
jaegerthey were the same price. that used to be the case for some models but the 901 20G (which is what I bought) were the same for windows or xp16:38
jaegerthey only offered the xp one in white, I  bought the black16:38
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nipuLjust scored a goverment issue support cd :)21:01
jaegerwhat does that mean?21:04
nipuLlots and lots of corporate keys21:07
thrice`for CRUX? zomg, can I have one? :)21:16
jaegerdoesn't sound particularly crux-related21:19
nipuLmore signal, less noise?21:24
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jaegerI meant thrice`'s "for CRUX" comment21:35
jaegerunless there are crux corporate keys now :)21:35
thrice`hey, was only kidding ;P21:45
thrice`is that for ultimate edition?21:45
nipuLno, that's for the super-neeto-eleeto-burrito edition21:46
thrice`boo, dvr missed last 3 mins. of house :(21:47
nipuLaren't EPGs great :)21:47
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prologicThere a 2.4 iso that's < 200MB ?22:21
nipuLprobably, if you build it yoursef and rip out some opt/xorg stuff22:23
prologic <-- I'll follow this22:26
prologicI don't have the time to build an image from scratch22:26
prologicand hi btw :)22:26
prologicgot it down to 184M22:59
prologicfitting nicely on my mini CDR now23:00
jaegerI used to carry one of those in my laptop case all the time back when the official crux cd fit on them23:01
jaegervery handy, now I carry around something like slax or DSL23:02
prologicthe only reason crux doesn't fit in such a size anymore is because of some rather large binaries and the kernel source23:05
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jaegerobviously... just been too lazy to trim it23:05
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prologicheh :)23:05
jaegerthere are already other options23:05
prologicwe should though - trim it that is23:06
prologicI wanted it smaller as the only writable cd I seemed to have at home right now was an old mini cdr23:06
prologicand I need to upgrade my desktop from 2.3 to 2.4 :)23:06
prologicso I'm just gonna boot the mini-cdr and upgrade, then rebuild packages23:06
prologictime to try this :)23:07
prologicback soon23:07
jaegergood luck23:07
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prologicOk, that didn't work :/23:14
prologicGets to LILO prompt, Boot:23:14
prologicthen hangs23:14
prologickeyboard locks up23:14
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prologic_Umm yes well ok hehe23:24
prologic_I need to do a manual upgrade23:24
prologic_just pkgadd all the packages on the 2.4 iso and reboot ?23:24
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