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pitillogood morning01:07
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tribbmorning ppls03:21
tribbprt-get ... does that only look in /usr/ports/core & opt for packages?03:24
tribbcause it doesnt seem to be willing to install the X11 files from the  /usr/ports/xorg folder ...03:25
namenlostribb: maybe you have to edit the /etc/prt-get.conf file and add it like /usr/ports/core03:29
sepentribb, did you read the handbook?03:32
sepenI think that all your questions are resolved on it03:35
sepentribb, also its a good habit to read the man pages: $ man -k prt-get03:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libevent: 1.4.7 -> 1.4.803:38
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tribbsepen: ya i read the handbook - just missed that point03:57
tribbsepen: but i figured it out03:58
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cptnRedShift: unfortunately, your pastebin thingie is gone already04:11
cptnbut I posted a followup04:11
RedShifthey cptn04:12
RedShiftyou solved it?04:12
cptnnot sure if that's what you really wanted :-)04:12
RedShiftcan you show me,04:12
teK /c04:12
cptnI made br0 a function04:13
cptnso you can execute it directlyy04:13
cptnthe rest works the same04:13
RedShiftthat looks pretty sweet indeed04:13
RedShiftthanks for that, haven't thought of that04:14
cptnotherwise, you could get the value of br0 by using 'eval'04:14
cptnbut I didn't get it to work such that it was interpreted as an array04:14
RedShiftyeah same problem here04:14
RedShiftbash is pretty limited when it comes to arrays04:14
RedShiftit only supports one dimensional arrays, you can't even read the array keys04:14
cptnthis actually works to print out the individual commands from the array04:25
cptnbut it's obviously ugly :-)04:26
cptnif you'd only allow "addif" calls, then it would be a bit easier04:33
cptni.e. br0=(eth0 eth1)04:36
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cptnRedShift: then this would work:
RedShiftthe problem is I wanna allow other calls as well04:38
RedShiftsuch setfd br0 0 or similar04:38
RedShifta bridge has a lot more configurable aspects than just interfaces04:38
RedShiftmaybe another array with "post bridge creation commands" or something04:39
cptnwell, or go with the first solution04:41
cptnmaking br0 a function04:41
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nipuLis there a trick to get sata dvds to work? burning borks and it's really slow05:09
sepennipuL, maybe that?
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nipuL> ls -l /dev/sr005:14
nipuLbrw-rw---- 1 root disk 11, 0 2008-09-18 06:06 /dev/sr005:14
nipuL> id05:14
nipuLuid=100(lucas) gid=100(users) groups=6(disk)05:14
nipuLpermissions aren't the problem05:15
nipuLTiming buffered disk reads:    8 MB in  3.62 seconds =   2.21 MB/sec05:16
nipuLthat's the problem05:16
sepensorry, no idea05:16
nipuLmy old pata dvd is giving transfer rates twice that of my new sata05:17
nipuLplaying a dvd on the sata drive just churns out I/O errors05:18
tribbnipuL: your pata drive? :)05:18
nipuLParallel ATA05:19
tribbthat be IDE ? :)05:19
tribbjust checking05:24
pitillonipuL, I have no sata dvd, but in your case I would try to check for firmaware updates for your drive, I would check bios options for that device (if there are) and some play/testing with hdparm05:27
pitillonot sure if this can help you in any sense05:28
nipuLjust about to dive into bios updates05:28
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RedShiftcheck your BIOS if no IDE emulation stuff is enable05:52
RedShiftmake sure you're talking to the SATA bus natively05:52
nipuLi've turned ide off completely in the kernel05:53
nipuLand there's no sata options in the bios05:54
nipuL(old motherboard)05:54
RedShiftare you sure?05:54
nipuL100000% sure05:54
nipuLoh crap, no floppy drive05:55
RedShiftshow me your dmesg05:55
nipuLbios update ftw06:13
nipuLi guess my motherboard was made before sata dvd drives existed ^_^06:14
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RedShiftnipuL: it's fixed now?06:28
tribbupdaing really fucked up vi as i know it ...06:37
tribbused to be easy but they changed just bout everything bout its behaviour06:38
nipuLvi or vim?06:38
nipuLiirc vi used to link to vim, but now doesn't06:39
nipuLcan't be 100% sure06:39
nipuL<- emacs06:39
* RedShift hides06:40
tribbthink i'll just find the old version and let it roll back06:40
nipuLoops, i means to say sed to look tough06:40
tribbjust dont get why youd change basic key operations06:42
nipuLi don't know why you'd use vi over vim06:42
tribblike insert and replace acts weird and moving round in the txt with the arrow-keys fucks up totally06:42
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tribblooks like its the vim package theres installed06:43
tribbbut its never the less pretty fucked up06:43
tribbsomethings just shouldnt be tampered with06:46
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sepentribb, maybe you want to take a look of /etc/inputrc too07:47
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thrice`tilman: have you noticed any text-"refresh" issues in terminals with new xorg + intel?08:07
thrice`I find times where the text in a term (so far, i've confirmed in just urxvt and xterm) won't update properly.  sometimes not until I click the terminal and change focus, others until I begin typing a new command08:08
thrice`also, I've tried with my old xorg.conf, and also with a fresh one from X -configure08:09
nipuLworks foe me08:10
thrice`I can't find anything relating to my problem :(08:11
thrice`I tried a patch for the intel driver from gentoo, but that didn't change anything08:12
jaegertribb: I just mv /bin/vi and symlink /usr/bin/vim to /bin/vi ever since that change08:14
RedShiftbah sendmail08:19
RedShiftback to the future08:19
sepenjaeger, or alias vim='vi'08:19
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jaegerthat would achieve the opposite of what I want08:25
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sepen*alias vi='vim'  :)08:37
sepenI missread08:37
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thrice`noone seems to have my xorg issues :(  suppose i'll just downgrade09:34
pitillothrice`, Ihave a laptop with an i810 (not sure now if it's this model) I can take a look this afternoon and tell you about09:41
namenlosi haven't tried until now.09:50
thrice`I'm not trying anything bizarre.  I try, for example, to open a terminal and do a prt-get sysup, and half of the text appears as "garbage" and incomplete09:51
namenlosdoes anyone of you know a good irc web interface?09:52
namenlosatm i am using mibbit.com09:53
sepennamenlos, darkerirc09:55
sepennamenlos, cgi::irc too09:55
pitillois someone using rrdtool? Here I am using 1.3.3-1 and I have lot of segfaults in dmesg. Someone noticed this?09:55
sepenpitillo, me but not in crux09:56
pitillosepen, same version? (here with crux and not sure what can cause this)09:56
sepenpitillo, did you have all libraries linked with it09:56
namenlossepen: thx for the ideas. i will have a look.09:56
pitillosepen, I think so, rI ebuilt it this morning09:56
sepenpitillo, ldd, and gdb would be your friends09:57
pitillo*I rebuild09:57
pitillohard to follow from cacti, I will take a look to see if Ic an do something09:57
sepenI think its not a cacti issue. so you can use rrdtool from console09:58
sepenor not?09:58
pitilloyes, that is what I will take a look from09:58
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sepenpitillo, just use $ rrdtool fetch yourfile.rrd AVERAGE  (or the var you set)10:03
tilmanthrice`: not yet, but i haven't been working on the laptop much10:13
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thrice`tilman: ok, thanks anyway10:25
tilmanwhat chip, for the record?10:27
tilmanare you running a compositing manager (eg xcompmgr)?10:27
thrice`intel X310010:28
thrice`I even tried a fresh 2.4 -> current, and new X -configure with the same issue10:28
tilmanwait, that's just the marketing name for i965, no?10:28
thrice`yes, I think so10:28
tilmanokay, i'm on i94510:29
tilmanthrice`: i believe there's an RC out for the intel driver. try that10:29
thrice`it appears that a newer libdrm will fix it too10:30
thrice`(the unreleased versions, of course :)10:30
tilmanthat's what i meant10:31
tilmanthrice`: check and file one if it doesn't help. it seems intel people take their stuff seriously10:32
thrice`indeed.  I havent' had any issues with intel until this one, and it's a bit frustrating :(  I'll try the updated version, but it doesn't sound like the GEM stuff is ready/done10:35
tilmannope, it's not10:37
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tilman o_O10:44
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