IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-09-19

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juetribb: just verified that our opt/apache package contains a /etc/apache/http.conf11:59
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rehabdollhow can i get my little rsync-repo listed in portdb?14:33
tilmannipuL: do you know how to add new repos to the portdb?14:35
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nipuLtilman: not really, but i'm sure i could figure it out16:19
veganlioni like the reply-latency of this channel, like in a letter-chess-game16:21
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nipuLsmall channel, large planet16:22
nipuLveganlion: 2 hours is quite a rapid response for this channel16:29
veganlionnipuL, :D16:29
tilmannipuL: if you don't mind, i'd appreciate it :D16:30
nipuLthe schema looks quite basic16:31
nipuLone problem16:39
nipuL-rw-r--r-- 1 crux users 282624 Sep 19 07:06 portdb.db16:40
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thrice`hm, touchpad failure in new xorg too :(18:23
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thrice`I suck18:25
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