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veganlionmoin moin04:32
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nipuLtilman: i'll need a list of the repos to be added, and write access to the portdb07:05
nipuLi guess i could use a copy for now, but i'll still the list of repos07:06
tilmanrehabdoll, Rotwang: can you email me your repos you want added/changed? with cc to lucas at please07:07
tilmannipuL: okay07:07
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* nipuL headbuts the pillow07:52
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cruxbot[opt.git]: glib: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: gtk: updated to
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thrice`has anyone used github ?11:09
jesse_Only heard of it.11:10
thrice`seems like it could be a nice place for personal ports :)11:10
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Rotwangtilman: email niopul or you?11:54
tilmanRotwang: both please11:56
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thrice`2.5 core is looking very nice :)11:59
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tilmancrap, i tried to build the 32 bit mesa port on my 64 bit box *again*12:33
tilmanand wondered why the footprint differed12:33
tilmanbut apparently that asm problem is gone12:34
tilmanmaybe due to the gcc upgrade12:34
tilmandon't listen to me12:34
tilmanmesa3d uses autoconf these days, so the ports are the same12:35
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* Romster just looks at tilman strangel and continues to work on stuff.12:38
aonyay, stuff.12:39
tilmanmaybe the install target needs -j1, too12:39
tilmanit worked the 2nd time12:39
Romsteryes i'm messing around on various things so i said stuff to be generalised.12:40
Romsterunpredictable results i'd be looking at the -j112:40
Romsteri really do get a bad vibe from aon... is there anything wrong with saying 'stuff'?12:41
thrice`nope :)12:42
aonlol, no12:42
Romsterphew, thank you.12:42
aoni think we already went that way once ;)12:42
Romsterprobably more than once.12:43
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tilmancan anyone say "i can has mesa 7.2?"?13:10
thrice`it's released?13:11
tilmanwrong question!13:11
tilmanbleh, you're lame13:12
cruxbot[xorg.git]: mesa3d: updated to 7.2.13:12
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thrice`perhaps i'll re-try updating xorg13:18
tilmanit broke the first time?13:20
thrice`yes, I had weird "text-not-refreshing" issues from terminals on my intel card13:20
tilmanoh i remember13:20
tilmani doubt that a new DRI driver ill help13:21
tilmanthrice`: did i link you to the xf86-video-intel release candidate?13:21
tilman2.5.900 or .90 or so, yeah13:24
tilmanor 2.4.900/9013:24
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thrice`I will try that in a bit :)13:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: texinfo: 4.12 -> 4.1314:14
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tilmanmmmh, according to him goedel said that "all of this is bullshit"?14:52
tilmaneither i really misunderstood the incompleteness theorem, or that guy didn't :p14:52
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* Romster shrugs15:14
Romsterdidn't make a whole lot of sense.15:14
tilmangoedel went nuts15:15
tilmanhe got paranoid and thought someone wanted to poison him. so he stopped eating.15:15
tilmanand died15:16
tilmanmath ftw15:16
aonsounds like something i could do15:16
tilmaniirc he only ate food prepared by his wife. then she was hospitalized -> couldn't eat anymore15:19
aonya, think i heard about that before15:19
treachaccording to wp, she only had to taste it for him. .:p15:22
treach"Mhh, I need a cupbearer, maybe I should get married?" :>15:25
teKyeah sure, and only his wife would be able to detect the poison (very nice, btw, to take the risk that SHE dies), nobody else15:25
treachhaving someone tasting your food for poison is a stuid idea anyway. :>15:25
teKnot if the someone is unimportant to you15:26
treachit's not like you chose some poison you drop dead from instantaneously anyway in those circumstances, so the cupbearer will still look fine until it's way too late anyway.15:27
teKit's irrational either way (or eater way *g*)15:28
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jesse_They say the line between genius and demented is terribly blurry. :p15:33
jesse_Sometimes the hammer swings in the wrong direction and stays there :D15:34
teK... and hits the head15:34
tilmanfirefox, wtf? tells you "page bookmarked" but you may still choose the dialog in which to create the bookmark16:59
tilmanand you need to hit "Done" to actually bookmark the page16:59
tilman"i'm done, but not really. want me to finish"?16:59
treach"No, I'm just kidding, forget about it"17:01
thrice`noooo!  I didn't mean to book mark it!!17:02
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thrice`new intel driver needs libdrm 2.4.0 :(18:09
tilmanoh right18:11
treachI think there's a DRM joke in there somewhere. :p18:11
tilmani forgot about tha18:11
tilmanthrice`: you could try to file a bug ;)18:11
tilmanor ask for help on the xorg mailing list18:11
thrice`i can't think of what else to do.  I just did a fresh 2.4 install, to find the same issue18:12
tilmanwith old x?18:13
thrice`no, 1.5.018:13
thrice`also, is dri2proto no longer a mesa3d dependency?18:14
tilmannope, it's not18:14
tilmandri2 slipped into 7.1 by accident, kind of18:14
thrice`alright, that's not it then :)  I'll revert to 1.4.x for a bit18:14
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nipuLtilman:  i need write access to the portdb18:20
tilmanwhere's that file again?18:20
tilmanand how the hell does viper edit it?18:21
nipuLno idea, he doesn't have any helper scripts in ~viper18:21
tilmanyou should have access now18:22
tilmanwait, need to add you to that group18:22
nipuLi am in ther users group18:22
tilmannow you are18:22
nipuLi already was18:23
tilmanmaybe i'm too tired18:24
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clbdinx: jue was last seen in #crux 1 day, 11 hours, 59 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <jue> tribb: just verified that our opt/apache package contains a /etc/apache/http.conf23:59

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