IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-09-22

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cptngood morning00:48
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pitillogood morning01:07
cptnhey pitillo01:09
pitilloyo cptn :)01:09
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jkrArrgh, I need some help03:17
jkrAfter the xorg-server update yesterday the synatics driver is broken and won't compile anymore03:17
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jkrCan someone please help me? It's monday morning and I've got work to do.03:24
cptn"synaptics.c:67:24: error: xf86_ansic.h: No such file or directory"03:26
cptnlook for the package that provides this header03:27
jkrThere is no such package03:27
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jkrprt-get fsearch xf86_ansic.h doesn't return anything03:27
cptnit appears the synaptic driver needs an update03:30
jkrOk thanks, I'll look for a newer version then03:31
jkrFor now I found an USB mouse to use :)03:31
jkrHmm, looks like the port has already the newest available version03:34
* nipuL shakes his fist at sourceforge03:36
nipuLdammit i have work to do!03:36
nipuLit's times like this i wish i used a binary distro03:39
jkrOk I found a working version03:43
jkrIt's in the Git repo on the synaptics site03:43
cptnthere's also a git repo on the freedesktop site03:55
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sepennipuL, ping06:03
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nipuLsepen: pong06:53
nipuLwhat a mission06:53
nipuL(unrelated to anything here)06:54
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thrice`jkr: you need xf86-input-synaptics (now provided by
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sepennipuL, I wrote some patches for fixing the libGLcore issue
sepens/for fixing/to fix07:29
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sepennipuL, libGLcore isn't in the new mesa3d version, so maintainers of gl-select, nvidia*, and ati ports should pay attention with them07:30
nipuLcan you post it to the ml/bug tracker so the nvidia and ati maintainers have a chance to react?07:32
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cruxbot[opt.git]: gl-select: update to 1.307:49
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nipuLsepen: don't worry i sent an email to -devel and -contrib08:00
thrice`hm, I found some memory-leak patches for xfce sepen, I was going to show you.  I think they were for xfdesktop, but I can't find them now :\08:03
sepenohh ok, also I started with the new xfce4608:05
sepenIll sent a mail later to ML too08:05
thrice`is that stable ?08:06
thrice`er, is it usable? :)08:06
sepenyeah, at least for me08:09
sepenthrice`, ATM I've only a couple of ports Im still working on it08:13
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sepenthrice`, the sync file
aonhey, has anyone tried doing virtualization on x86_64?08:22
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RedShift :')08:41
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cruxbot[opt.git]: elinks: update to 0.11.508:50
cruxbot[opt.git]: lame: update to 3.98.108:50
cruxbot[opt.git]: libgmp: update to 4.2.408:50
cruxbot[opt.git]: stunnel: update to 4.2608:50
cruxbot[core.git]: pciutils: update to 3.0.208:51
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sepennipuL, your nvidia port also needs a little changeset09:01 in a symlink to$NV_VER, so the nvidia footprint should contain it09:03
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juesepen: guess you mean me ;-)09:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: nvidia: added symlinks for libGLcore, thanks to Jose for the patch09:21
sepenjue, ohh yeah sorry nipuL09:30
sependammit too many job today09:31
sepenjue, did you know about the new xfce46 ?09:35
jueyep, saw it09:35
juebut TBH my favourite DE is evilwm ATM09:37
sepenI planned to start the migration after 2.5 release, so what should I do, maybe I should create a new git branch called 2.5?09:37
thrice`oh no o.O09:37
sepenyou're the official maintainer09:37
thrice`4.6 is still alpha, right?09:38
sepensee the roadmap, they will release it ~= december I think09:38
sepenjue, imho evilwm isn't a DE, its only a winmanager09:39
juesure, just tried to do a joke ;-)09:40
juebut well, a 2.5 branch is the usual thing to do after CRUX 2.5 is released09:41
juewe have branches for 2.2, 2.3 too09:42
sepenjue, ok ATM I've the xfce46 ports in my own server box09:43
dinxhmm strange.. wget seems to fail to dl source >.
dinxand its like that for every port09:45
dinxseems its trying to connect to local host09:45
juesepen: might be interesting for the brave users, so a announcement at the crux ML would be nice09:45
sependinx, did you read the handbook┬┐?09:46
sepenjue, yep09:47
dinxsepen: read it about 2 years ago09:47
sependinx, you need to configure your /etc/hosts file by adding a sfg mirror09:47
dinxsepen: already got a mirror in there fot sfg09:47
cptnwell, the error message doesn't point to a sf thing09:47
sepen# echo "" >> /etc/hosts09:47
cptnand looks suspicious09:48
dinx193.1.193.66 dl.sf.net09:48
Romsterdinx, you tool your still piping it though privoxy09:48
Romsterthought you said you changed that.09:48
Romsterand that's not the way to be doing it either.09:49
dinxRomster: nope. not using any proxies09:49
dinxand yea been lazy09:49
sepenport 8118?09:50
sependinx, I've this mirror for gnome
Romster8118 is a privoxy port09:50
juedinx: cat ~/.wgetrc09:51
dinxjue: empty09:51
Romstertold him that too.09:51
cptnnetrc? http_proxy env?09:51
Romsterfix the /etc/hosts file must likely.09:51
dinxthx sepen09:51
cptn/etc/hosts wouldn't give you a port09:52
cptnjust an IP09:52
sepennp I missread your paste the first time :)09:52
Romsterok maybe dinx added a line in /etc/pkgmk.conf for wget proxy?09:52
cptnor to ~/.netrc09:53
cptnor to as http_proxy to his environment09:53
sepenhmmm interesting09:53
cptnall are honoured by wget09:53
dinxcptn: yea that <<09:53
Romster~/.netrc i wasn't aware of that one.09:53
dinx~/.bashrc <,09:53
dinxbig time09:54
Romsterdinx, now on remember what you edit...09:54
sepen~/.dinxrc <09:54
Romsterone of those symlinks conflicts with gl-select in nvidia09:54
Romsteractaully sorry both do.09:55
dinxcptn: no wounder httpup couldnt sync and rsync got by fine.09:56
Romsterrsync uses it's own port.09:56
cptndinx: :-)09:56
cptnthat would be "protocol", not port09:56
cptni.e. not http09:56
sepenRomster, nvidia or nvidia-legacy-* ?09:57
Romsterevery update i do of nvidia i then do gl-select xorg && gl-select nvidia09:58
Romsterand it makes them symlinks.09:58
Romstergl-select was made for switching between the binary or mesa driver if i got that right.09:59
sepenIm trying to reproduce it from a fresh install09:59
sepenbut I think that only appears when update it10:00
sepenRomster, yeah but ATM libGLcore is only maintained by nvidia ports, not ati or mesa3d10:00
sepenso I decided to remove the libGLcore stuff from gl-select10:00
Romsterwhen was that done?10:01
sepenand that requires some changeset for nvidia based ports10:01
Romstergl-select 1.2-110:01
Romsteris taht on the ML10:01
Romsteri haven't even read my emails in a few days10:01
sepenyou can read it via web browser at list.crux.nu10:02
Romsterthis also means i need to edit the legacy nvidia ports and no one informed me or i haven't read the ML entry to concern it.10:02
sepenyeah, thats the mail body :)10:03
sepenRomster, please read your emails10:04
Romsteri'm loading it now i'm burried under stuff and decided to pay less attention to that.10:04
Romstermostly spam10:04
sepenIm still trying to reproduce the problem you found10:04
Romsteror 6000 emails of commits <_<10:05
sepenspam? where? on┬┐?10:05
Romsteri get other spam from other sources.10:05
sepenRomster, you can safely add some filters to your mail app10:05
Romsterjsut haven't bothered to sort it out10:05
Romsterbecasue i'm running a older gl-select and i bumped my nvidia to the beta version and i jsut tried to add in the symlinks and the ones for the older gl-select still exist.10:08
Romsterred Herring then.10:08
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Romsterah so what use is gl-select now.10:11
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sepenRomster, whats the matter?10:12
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Romsterif glcore isn't in mesa anymore why do we still need gl-select?10:12
sepenlibglx and libGL10:13
Romsterright so still need it but one less library to worry about.10:13
sepenRomster, files which are in the 'BACKUPS' array10:14
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Romsteri'll have to edit then.10:14
tilmansepen: did you solve the gl-select problems?10:15
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sepenyeah, or at least it seems10:15
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sepenbbl, going to home10:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: nvidia-legacy-71xx: added symlinks for libGLcore, thanks to Jose for the patch10:32
cruxbot[contrib.git]: nvidia-legacy-96xx: added symlinks for libGLcore, thanks to Jose for the patch10:32
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Ovim-ObscurumHello guys11:35
Ovim-ObscurumNeed help again, problems with the iso and scsi on boot.11:35
Ovim-ObscurumHow can I tell the kernel, to load the aic7xxx-module on boot?   scsi="aic7xxx"   aic7xxx=force doesn't work.11:37
RedShift... modprobe?11:52
RedShiftdepends on how your kernel is compiled11:52
Ovim-ObscurumLive cd ;)11:53
Ovim-ObscurumI want to install crux using my scsi cd rom device, but in that kernel, the module aic7xxx isn't included, only as module. and while the boot, the module isn't loaded.11:53
Ovim-ObscurumIsn't there any parameter, that forces the kernel to load that module?11:53
jaegercan you not load it after the boot has completed?11:54
jaegeroh, install from the CD11:55
jaegernm, I read you wrong11:55
Ovim-ObscurumThe boot doesn't complete, because he cannot find the cd (because its a scsi cd rom drive)11:55
jaegeryou'd need to either alter the init script to load it or use a custom kernel that has it builtin already11:56
jaegereither way means making a new ISO image11:57
Ovim-ObscurumSo, I have to open that pc again, the 14th time today.11:59
Ovim-Obscurum-> using IDE-drive11:59
Ovim-ObscurumMhm, thanks anyway!11:59
jaegeryou could try the -e1 iso11:59
jaegerI think I made it load all that stuff11:59
Ovim-ObscurumWhere can I find it? :)12:01
jaegergood question, I have no idea if it's published anywhere12:01
Romsterjaeger, updated live boot iso maybe?12:03
Romsteror would that suffer the same issue.12:03
jaegerI remember building an e1 iso but I don't think anyone else ever tested it12:03
jaegerand looking at the init script now I'm not sure if it ever loaded the scsi modules12:03
jaegerI may build one and test it in vmware because I'm curious now12:04
Romsterhow about usb booting?12:04
thrice`that would be slick :)  I hate CD's12:05
jaegerI hate relearning old code, even if it's my own12:05
jaegerok, looking back now the e1 iso should load the scsi stuff properly12:05
jaegerbeen a long time since I messed with it12:06
Romsterit's like why did i code it that way.12:06
jaegerit still makes sense, I just didn't remember how I did it12:06
jaegerlooking at;a=blob;f=initramfs/init;h=a835181dbc6a846e834674489d577803b5ddc69c;hb=2.4-e1 specifically, the load_scsi_modules() function, and lines 232 to 23612:07
Ovim-ObscurumAh, thanks12:10
jaegerOvim-Obscurum: I just looked at both and and I don't have the e1 iso published but I'll build another one12:11
Ovim-ObscurumOk, so I have to reinstall now - using IDE.12:11
Ovim-ObscurumTHank you12:11
RomsterOvim-Obscurum, do you have crux on it already?12:11
Ovim-ObscurumNo, bad filesystem. crashed. so, have to reinstall12:12
Romsterdarn i was gonna sugest loop mounting >D12:12
Romsterthat's a rare thing to happen with a linux FS12:12
Ovim-Obscurumbrb cigarette12:17
go|dfishhmm, i asked about this the other day, and others could reproduce the problem but i'm not sure what is causing it.12:37
go|dfishi'm getting incorrect line breaking/wrapping when COLUMNS is between a certain range.12:37
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go|dfishFor example -
go|dfishFor both xterm and rxvt-unicode, so i'm not sure what exactly the problem is.12:38
tilmango|dfish: maybe have a look at /usr/etc/man.conf ?12:39
go|dfishYep, looking. It's odd though, if i make it wider or thinner, it doesn't behave like this.12:46
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jaegerbah, my vmware machine just shit itself12:52
jkrHas anyone tried the new synaptics driver yet?12:55
go|dfishHm, nothing in man.conf stands out to me as a possible solution.13:05
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tilmango|dfish: :/13:18
go|dfishalthough i don't know what i'm looking for :)13:18
go|dfishi guess i'll try messing around with the options13:18
Romsterwouldn't be a old cached man page thing?13:22
Romstermaybe groff man needs to be recompiled. or there is some bug, what steps do you do to recreate it so i can test?13:23
jkrDoes anyone know what "coasting" means (for touchpads)?13:23
go|dfishRomster: When COLUMNS is 71 , it's wrapped like that, if i resize the window 1 unit. COLUMNS is either 63 or 79, and everything is OK.13:25
go|dfishi'll have to recompile to change the resize unit value to 1, so i can get the exact range13:26
Romsterjkr, maybe sliding your finger along the pad?13:26
go|dfisheh, my window manager that is.13:26
jkrRomster: That would make sense13:27
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jkrHmm, or not13:27
jkrMust be something else, because sliding along the pad has its own option (VertEdgeScroll)13:28
go|dfishRomster: i'll try recompiling groff.13:28
Romstermaybe it's the speed sensitivity?13:28
jkrI'm not sure, but I think it's when you start scrolling at the side, then take your finger away and it continues scrolling13:31
cruxbot[opt.git]: qt4: update to 4.4.213:31
Romsterhmm that wound be more momentum or inertia13:33
Romstergod damn it i just downloaded qt4 too <<13:33
Romsterdon't supose you could offer a xdelta for faster smaller updates13:34
cruxbot[opt.git]: xemacs, xemacs-sumo: take away from aon ;-)13:34
aonthanks a lot :)13:35
cptnaon: thanks for looking after them13:35
go|dfishheh, groff is failing to build.13:35
Romstergo|dfish, i've rebuilt mine yesterday, what error?13:36
go|dfishSeems to be 'make[2]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/ports/work/groff/src/groff-1.19.2/src/libs/libgroff/libgroff.a', needed by `groff'.  Stop.'13:36
jkrRomster: I just tried it, it's how I said. You slide your finger at the edge into the outer corner off the touchpad, the it continues scrolling with the same speed until you put your finger back13:36
Romsterah right, that makes sense it coasts at the same speed until you stop it13:37
jkrHehe, looks like it never stops scrolling if you don't put your finger back13:39
Romsterit's like that middle click arrow thing. stuck on.13:40
jkrI just coasted to the bottom of a page, read for a while, then pressed ctrl (for ctrl+w) and it zoomed out of the until the text completely disappeared13:40
Romstergo|dfish, try adding -j1 to make, looks like a race condition13:40
Romsteralthough i never saw it at -j813:41
cptndoesn't happen at -j5 either13:41
cptngo|dfish: are you sure there's no earlier error?13:41
go|dfishhm, i'll re-check13:42
Romsteri like to see where it says make entering directory, then look though that section.13:43
Romsterand the previous sections by how many make jobs you do.13:44
Romsteri often find a earlier error that triggers one later.13:44
cruxbot[core.git]: man-pages: update to 3.0913:44
go|dfishthat seems to be the only error. although re-reading the logfile i've noticed it's using -j3 although the Pkgfile states make -j113:46
Romsterdepends on what line.13:46
Romsterthat's at install time.13:46
Romsternot compiling time.13:47
go|dfish'make -j1 datasubdir=/usr/share/groff'13:47
Romsterah no that is the compiling stage.13:47
go|dfishI'm confused :)13:48
Romstermy guess is if you remove groff it'll compile but that's a silly theory i just made.13:48
go|dfishgroff is removed!13:48
Romsterdatasubdir is a save to path13:48
Romsterlike --datadir but only for a var instead.13:49
Romsterthrow "unset MAKEFLAGS" in the Pkgfile and try again although it should only be compiling with 1 make job as per the make -j1 ...13:50
Romsterunless the second part for the install needs it also.13:50
cptngo|dfish: can you upload the log file somewhere?13:50
Romsterdon't know i haven't had any issues neather did cptn13:51
go|dfishWell, I just compiled it manually. ( without using prt-get ) and it built fine.13:52
go|dfishso it does seem to be the -j3, wherever it's coming from.13:52
cptnmanually manual make?13:52
cptnerr, manually = calling make manually?13:52
cptnor using pkgmk?13:52
go|dfishmake manually, yeah.13:52
cptnah yeah13:53
cptn"make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....13:53
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cptnthat's a typical -jX issue13:53
cptnbut that doesn't make any sense13:54
cptn+ mkdir -p /usr/ports/work/groff/pkg/usr13:54
cptn+ make -j3 datasubdir=/usr/share/groff13:54
cptnoh, wait13:54
cptnthat is _your_ Pkgfile13:54
cptnnot opt/groff13:54
cptn=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/my_ports/groff/groff#1.19.2-5.pkg.tar.gz' failed.13:54
go|dfishoh jesus.13:54
cptnchange that to -j113:54
go|dfishbah, sorry :/13:55
Romster+ make -j3 datasubdir=/usr/share/groff <- why did you edit that from -j113:55
cptngo|dfish: nevermind :-)13:55
Romsterbadly made makefile, that doesn't list the make order correctly. -j1 is a work around for it13:56
go|dfishYeah, I must have been messing around with things a while back. I don't know why I changed it to -j3.13:56
go|dfishSorry for wasting your time....13:57
Romsterif you ever see waiting for unfinished jobs you will know why13:57
go|dfishyep, thanks :)13:57
thrice`I've used the newer synaptics driver, but not with xorg-server 1.5.0.  It's working well on 1.4.2 though14:03
tilmansomeone please periodically poke me about porting the new xorg synaptics driver14:03
thrice`It didn't need anything here, though it also shipped a hal fdi file, which I wasn't sure could be used for something on the newer xorg :)14:07
tilmani'm really clueless about the hal integration in xorg-server14:07
tilmanthough i probably should look into that soonish *cough*14:08
tilmanwonder whether it counts as "new technology" or "bloat" :D14:08
thrice`dunno o.O  the synaptics driver works without it, but as I mentioned I'm on 1.4.214:11
thrice`also, when I had crux on my laptop, porting it was pretty easy :)  I just copied another input and didn't add anything special, even14:12
tilmanyeah, i guess14:12
thrice`ah, sorry, I didn't seem to save the port before wiping the HD :(  sorry14:19
tilmancreating the port isn't the issue14:19
tilmantesting it is ;)14:19
tilmanoral exam coming up... time constraints... blah blah14:19
thrice`well, you could just push it and wait for people to complain with fixes ;)14:22
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rehabdollloooooove sourceforge16:15
rehabdollis it possible to pass "wget -t 5" to pkgmk ?16:17
*** goldfish has joined #crux16:17
Romsterrehabdoll, yeah you could set it in ~/.wgetrc16:22
Romsteror any other of the files man wget16:22
Romsteror edit /usr/bin/pkgmk directly.16:23
rehabdollah, that simple16:23
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sepenhmmm $ cat /usr/bin/pkgmk | sed 's|wget|wget -t 5|g' | bash16:35
sepenbetter than editing directly the pkgmk script16:36
Romsterwould be better to have a var you can set in pkgmk.conf with extra options maybe.16:41
rehabdollalso, the option i was thinking of was -T :>16:45
Romster5 seconds might be too short.16:46
Romster--connect-timeout would be more the one you want.16:47
nipuLPKGMK_WGET_OPTIONS would be a better options16:51
sepenbut I think that you could use /etc/wgetrc too16:53
nipuLi guess, if you want the options to be global16:57
nipuLmy phone make a ringing sound17:02
nipuLwell it's a recording of me yelling "ring ring!"17:02
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sepennipuL, lol17:09
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nipuL<3 python generators17:23
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sepenIndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level17:37
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jaegerI recently ran into a big problem with debian machines turning my tabs in python into spaces and screwing up the interpreter18:08
jaegernot cool18:08
nipuLthat'll learn you for using tabs18:18
jaegernah, it'll learn me not to trust debian default installs :P18:19
nipuLnot sure why it got an indentation error, but that's not the point18:19
nipuLi just love that the generator syntax is lazy18:20
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|racer|jaeger: using vi?19:03
jaegervim, yes19:04
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nipuLjust emailed a client about ajuob i finished for him, his reply22:25
nipuL"super thank you, my dear friend!"22:26
nipuLcraxy russians22:26
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