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pitillogood morning01:15
pitilloyesterday I updated e17 snapshots, I haven't tested them. If someone is using it and see a segfault or something bad, I hope he can contact me, here or by email to tell me about (not enought time to test it before update it))01:22
cptnmorning pitillo :-)01:23
pitillohey cptn, good morning :)01:24
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sepenanyone who know how to flush collision statistic on a NIC device?01:34
teK   in general01:37
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teK  states you have to unload the NIC drivers01:38
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sepenhmmm c_dev.o ???02:03
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sepenteK, thanks02:09
sepenclickonce, Wireless LAN -> < > Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN (Linux Kernel v2.6.26.5 Configuration)02:17
sependevelopement/incomplete drivers02:19
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spaceninjahi :)04:12
spaceninjawhere did I download a updated crux iso?04:57
spaceninjait was some kind of blog, dark theme.04:57
teK ?05:00
cptngoogling for "updated crux iso" gives me five hits05:00
cptnall pointing to
spaceninjaI think we get different results with google05:03
spaceninjathanks though05:03
cptndid you enclose the terms in double quotes?05:04
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cruxbot[core.git]: man-pages: update to 3.1006:10
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nipuL<ot>crazy, this guy i'm doing a job for used to be friends with andy warhol, freddie mercury and rudolf nureyev</ot>06:18
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thrice`damn, new xorg server, but no new libdrm :(07:15
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nipuLfd.o has taken a dive again :(08:03
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thrice`maybe they do it purposefully with new xorg releases08:06
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thrice`tilman: dunno if it's related to my issue, but the new xorg server apparently fixes the shared pixmaps (exa?) stuff.  perhaps that is what I was seeing o.O08:23
go|dfishsepen: heh :)08:57
go|dfishMy god, what an interesting website --
jaegertilman: while trying to bootstrap a 2.4-e1 iso I'm having trouble building video-{cyrix,imstt,siliconmotion,via} and input-magictouch09:00
jaegerthe video errors look pretty similar, the input one is missing xf86_ansic.h09:01
jaeger <--- put the logs here if you're interested09:01
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sepengo|dfish, :)09:54
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cptnjaeger: apparently xf86_ansic.h was deprecated a while ago10:03
cptnso those drivers probably need an update10:03
cptns/those drivers/this driver/10:10
cptnthe xf86_ansic.h dependency was removed a while ago, I guess there just was no release :-(10:12
tilmanthrice`: aaah, great! :)10:19
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tilmanthrice`: i've already updated the x86_64 port, will push both RSN10:19
tilmanjaeger: thanks, i'll have a look10:19
tilmanjaeger: is that with drm 2.3.1?10:20
tilmanor 2.3.0?10:21
jaegercptn: yeah, saw something about that one via google searching but figured I'd mention it10:23
tilmanthat's probably what's causing the via fail :(10:23
tilmansiliconmotion looks like a basic api mismatch, i'll check that out10:24
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thrice`I discovered an #intel-gfx irc channel, and that was an idea by them10:38
tilmanjaeger: magictouch is b0rked and not easily fixable. just kick it off the module list10:40
tilmanjaeger: those obscure input drivers probably shouldn't be on the iso at all10:40
thrice`hm, but synaptics should... ;010:43
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jaegertilman: ok by me12:01
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-server: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg: updated to 7.4.12:15
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tribbevening people12:56
tribbim wondering ... ports/opt/php package ... doesnt that build the php***.so lib ??12:56
rehabdolldont think so13:00
cptntribb: what would that be?13:09
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tribbcptn: the php-module ... *** would be version dependant ...13:56
tilmanmodule as in apache?13:57
tilmanseparate port i think13:57
cptnphp-module -> mod_php14:01
cptnalso in opt14:01
tilmantribb: ports -l |grep php would have been an easy start :>14:01
tilmanor some prt-get incantation14:01
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nipuLpdb search php ;)16:30
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cruxbot[opt.git]: dialog: updated to 1.1-2008081918:08
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cruxbot[opt.git]: epdfview: dropped18:31
cruxbot[opt.git]: htop: updated to 0.8.118:35
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cruxbot[opt.git]: eclipse-sdk: updated to 3.4.119:00
thrice`more email fail? :(19:01
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nipuLdid someone comit to master again?20:16
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nipuLit would appear so20:18
nipuLi don't understand why we don't just use master as the development branch20:20
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aonwell, at least it wasn't me22:18
aonwhich is nice22:19
prologicwe should be using Mercurial :)22:59
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RomsternipuL> i don't understand why we don't just use master as the development branch < i said that awhile ago and use tags for each release. does have a down side though of not able to backport stuff to a earlier crux version. it all comes down to common sense23:57
Romsteroh please... i got annoyed with Mercurial and moved my stuff to git also.23:57
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