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pitillogood morning01:13
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cruxbot[opt.git]: postgresql: updated to 8.3.402:06
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spaceninjaWho is yhafri? he's got a lot of packages :)02:23
* spaceninja found his webpage02:24
namenlosi don't think he maintains all of his ports02:29
namenlosimho i haven't ever seen him here in the channel02:29
namenlosgot a link to his page?02:29
namenlosah, found that already with google, thx02:32
spaceninjathe package I wanted was psycopg, but it looks outdated, he has the  but the latest one is psycopg2-2.0.8.tar.gz02:32
namenlosbuilding ports is not difficult, why don't you give it a try?02:33
Romsteryhafri only maintains some of the many ports and watch out for libiconv02:33
Romsterthat one bites02:33
spaceninjamaybe I should, i could look what yhafri did with psycopg and update it02:33
spaceninjahehe ok02:33
Romsterif i need a port and he has it i clone it then edit it to suit.02:34
spaceninjadoes my old kernel get saved somewhere? because I just recompiled it and it behaves exacly like this old one.02:48
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spaceninjaI guess I have to run lilo everytime I change something in lilo.conf03:09
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spaceninjaI'm trying to port and I'm looking at yhafri's old Pkgfile, and it has this $PKG variable that I don't understand.04:34
spaceninjaI mean, he hasn't declared it.04:34
spaceninjaecho $PKG gives me nothing04:36
pitillospaceninja, $PKG is the var that store the future package04:40
spaceninjaI don't understand04:42
spaceninjaI need to take a break, brb04:44
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Romsterspaceninja, do read the manual... on package making.05:11
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spaceninjaRomster: the handbook or a manual?07:45
Romsterthe handbook would do.07:47
Romsterthere is a section on making package files.07:47
Romsteralso the wiki has some stuff.07:47
Romster$PKG is the destination that gets gziped up07:47
spaceninjaok thanks07:49
spaceninjasection 4.4 looks interesting07:55
spaceninjabut the strange thing about psycopg2 is that I'm going to run a python script in order to "compile" it. Then the result from that gives me only one file.07:58
spaceninjaoh well, I'll figure it out :)07:59
Rotwangspaceninja still asking noobish questions? ;]08:05
spaceninjaOk, I have to become serious, I'm stepping into my new suit now, no more mr.noob guy! :)08:08
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jaegerspaceninja: $PKG is defined during the pkgmk process, you don't have to define it in a Pkgfile08:16
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Romsterspaceninja, look at other Pkgfiles for help plenty of examples.08:40
Romstersinely bin file? just use a "install -m 0755 -D foo $PKG/usr/bin/foo" or something if there is no to do the installing.08:41
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nipuLcd $name-$version08:42
nipuLpython install --root=$PKG --prefix=/usr08:42
nipuLfind $PKG -name '*.egg-info' | xargs rm08:42
nipuLthat's my psycopg2 build script08:43
nipuLverified to work with 2.0.808:45
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jaegerI've just started using pyscopg2 recently, pretty happy with it. Rewriting a few php scripts in python09:59
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thrice`tilman: get s2ram working?10:19
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spaceninjais psycopg2-2.0.8      version= in the Pkgfile?  Or is it release=2 and version=2.0.8?12:00
spaceninjathe original package name is psycopg2-2.0.8.tar.gz12:02
Rotwangspaceninja: release variable is maintainer's "thing"12:02
spaceninjaoh ok12:02
spaceninjashould I have it like 2-2.0.8 or in version?12:04
spaceninjaheh I guess I must have it 2-2.0.812:05
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spaceninjaNO, maybe the package name is called psycopg2 and the version is 2.0.8, correct? This is my first time I'm doing something like this :)12:07
Romstername=psycopg2 version=2.0.8 release=112:22
Romsteryou bump the release if you edit the Pkgfile and deem it necessary for users to recompile it, while the version has not changed.12:23
Romsterit should be clear in the handbook and by looking at other Pkgfile's.12:23
tilmanthrice`: no, i didn't try it yet :D12:38
tilmanthrice`: did you see that i ported xf86-input-synaptics?12:38
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* spaceninja just printed out the handbook :)13:10
spaceninjaI will read it until I understand everything13:11
spaceninjathis is easy :)13:33
spaceninjaand fun13:33
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bdfyhow to install CRUX from usb flash drive?14:56
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spaceninjabdfy: From what I remember it was a hassle to get crux into a usb, I think I ended up using some kind of graphical program that makes bootalbe usb out of isos15:02
spaceninjaBut I'm not a crux expert, there might be a easy way.15:03
bdfyone minutes15:04
spaceninjabdfy: check out the dd binary15:10
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