IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-09-27

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cruxbot[opt.git]: gtk-engines: update to 2.16.002:42
cruxbot[opt.git]: gv: update to 3.6.602:42
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spaceninjawhy does every yhafri Pkgfile start with a $ld: $ on the first row?03:05
tilmanshort answer: he's kind of clueless :)03:05
tilmanif he would use cvs or svn to maintain his ports, then he could use $Id$ to put the current revision informaion in there03:06
tilmanbut since it's not expanded, he doesn't. so it's pointless03:06
spaceninjahehe ok03:07
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spaceninjaI'm porting flup now03:07
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spaceninjaomg, yhafri's flup Pkgfile is so messy, does anyone know a good example of how to write Pkgfile with python install scripts?03:21
Rotwangspaceninja: look for examples03:21
tilmantilman@brimstone [/usr/ports/opt] > grep */Pkgfile03:21
tilmanscons/Pkgfile:python install --prefix=/usr --root=$PKG03:21
tilmantilman@brimstone [/usr/ports/opt] >03:21
spaceninjathanks, yes I've looked around, but I don't know if I can trust contrib Pkgfiles03:23
Rotwangspaceninja: whats wrong with them?03:23
Rotwangspaceninja: youre becoming more and more annoying03:24
spaceninjanothing I guess03:24
spaceninjathey all look different03:24
spaceninjaof course I'm annoing, even I know that03:24
spaceninjathe more I ask now, the more I can take care of myself later03:28
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spaceninjaI mean, just look at this Pkgfile.
spaceninjais the first and the last line necissary?03:33
spaceninjain build03:33
tilmanwhat happens when you remove them?03:33
spaceninjahaven't tried it yet, wait. Also, the export feels strange03:35
cruxbot[core.git]: reiserfsprogs: update to 3.6.2003:38
cruxbot[core.git]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.41.103:38
cruxbot[core.git]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.14.103:38
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spaceninjatilman: I made the Pkgfile for flup exacly as you did with scons and it worked.03:58
spaceninjabut I don't understand how install can be on the same line with python install .....04:00
spaceninjais it a python command or install(1)?04:04
spaceninjait has to be python04:04
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cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: cairo: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: ruby-cairo: updated to
tilmanfeel free to bitch about the pointlessness of the firefox update with no accompanying xulrunner shit05:23
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dinxoh noes06:43
dinxi ran into a skbuff06:44
dinxkernel bug06:44
dinxhmm thought that would have been fixed in 2.6.2306:44
dinxthats what you get for using ndiswrapper :D06:45
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rehabdollim not sure im sure i see the point in splitting xulrunner from firefox07:50
rehabdollwell, i do se it.. just wonder if its worth it07:50
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tilmanrehabdoll: i'd love to remove both from crux and live happily ever after08:00
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spaceninjaI like epiphany08:02
spaceninjaI love gnome, even if it's kind of bloated08:03
Gekzhow large, in size, is the ports directory?08:03
go|dfishGekz: du it yourself.08:04
GekzI'm not installing it yet.08:05
spaceninjaGekz: I guess that depends if you have installed alot of programs. You could also remove it and do a ports -u if you haven't rewritten a Pkgfile, I guess :)08:05
tilmango|dfish: +1 for ziomg-awesome pun08:06
tilmanGekz: 40 mb or so08:06
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go|dfishthank you :)08:07
spaceninjamaybe I should have separate work, package and source dirs by editing the pkgmk.conf file08:08
thrice`makes cleaning much easier :)08:08
spaceninjaguess so08:09
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spaceninjaIf I install lighttpd without having libpcre, will lighttpd be compiled without libpcre support? And if I have libpcre installed before I start compiling lighttpd, will lighttpd be compiled with libpcre support?08:14
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tilmana) yes b) depends08:15
tilmanb) no08:15
tilmangrep pcre /usr/ports/opt/lighttpd/Pkgfile08:15
spaceninjaok, should I remove --without-pcre?08:17
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* spaceninja removes --without pcre08:18
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* spaceninja added --with-pcre08:35
spaceninjaheh, error, I guess I don't need it08:36
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pedjatilman: Did you forget to push update for xulrunner, too?Now, ff-3.0.3 uses xulrunner instead of have a diff, if you want it.10:37
pedjaor is my opt tree stale/b0rken again?10:37
tilmanis there a now?10:37
thrice`I think you have to bump both every time10:38
pedjawhen i built xulruner from ff source, thats what it said10:38
* thrice` also does not understand the reason for splitting the two o.O10:39
Gekzxulrunner can be used in liferea and other apps without firefox10:40
tilmani hesitated updating xulrunner because on there's no xulrunner tarball10:40
tilmanotoh, we use the firefox tarball to build xulrunner, so.10:40
GekzI see.10:40
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pedjaxulrunner based apps10:45
Rotwangyay, miro looks nice10:56
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tilmansigh, mozilla pisses me off11:42
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thrice`I don't think you're alone :)11:44
tilmantry that12:03
cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox: build against xulrunner
tilmanhopefully it's working for you, too, cause i gotta run now :p12:03
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clickonceI hate SF15:52
clickonceIt sucks, it times out all the time15:52 that is15:53
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joacimthought you were talking about science fiction at first :S16:31
joacimwanted to chop your head off with my battle axe16:31
thrice`clickonce: you should force a mirror in /etc/hosts.  see the FAQ :)16:45
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clickoncethrice`: Yeah, I did that anyways. :)16:54
clickoncejoacim: Haha, Science Fiction certainly is not my favorite movie genre, but it definitely do not suck. :)16:54
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