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cruxbot[contrib.git]: mjpegtools: fix for gcc4304:19
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bdfyHi All! I am loocking how to install CRUX from usbflash drive06:01
treachbdfy: I think you could look at debians docs for the procedure.06:04
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treachbasically, copy iso to the media, and set up isolinux. Or you could create a root floppy. ;)06:06
treachI'm pretty certain someone did this before, not sure if that someone documented it though. :/06:07
bdfyI have no floppy06:07
treachthat was a joke. :)06:08
treach(looked at the pic)06:08
bdfycan`t look pic? corry06:08
bdfycan`t look pict, sorry06:09
treachnono. the picture works just fine.06:09
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thrice`i've never figured out how to go iso -> either :(  would be a great document to have :)09:14
treachdoesn't jaeger's updated iso support booting from usb?09:15
thrice`I don't know why the regular iso wouldn't, either09:16
thrice`I couldn't figure out the bootloader stuff when I tried last09:17
treachI don't remember the reason, I just know that he had some difficulties getting it to work..09:17
treachisolinux + the updated iso should work I guess.09:18
thrice`I do like arch's approach of shipping a .img that can be simply dd'd onto the usb key09:19
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thrice`oh well.  maybe i'll try when I stick crux back on my laptop :)09:21
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treachfrom what I gather you'll need the kernel on the usb stick, the iso image and syslinux09:27
treach probably have a few clues.09:27
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RyoS <- is there anything similiar not depending on all that mono stuff?11:29
RyoSi am having troubles getting that crap to run..11:29
jesse_Good ole Miguel and his love of mono++11:32
RyoSi cant compile libgphoto2 for libtool is too new lol11:34
RyoSconfigure fails for some deprected feature its looking for11:34
tilmantry running to regenerate configure11:41
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RyoSno included11:42
tilmantry 'autoreconf'11:43
tilmanpossibly with the -f -i arguments11:43
RyoSno effect11:46
RyoSchecking for lt_dlcaller_register in -lltdl... no <- this is why it fails, but this function is depracted and got dropped in libtool-2.2* as far as i know11:47
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treachRyoS: digikam springs to mind.. ;) other than that, I think GQView might fit the bill. Or imagemagick. :>11:59
RyoSgqview is not enough. digikam was qt right? imagemagick i use for scripts i wrote12:00
RyoSbut i want some nice overall gui app, and f-spot just looks like it..12:00
treachminus the nice part. :p12:00
RyoSlol ok :p12:00
treachwhat do you need that gqview can't give you?12:01
treach(the gimp should cover the rest...)12:02
RyoSi want to sort my masses of pictures :S12:02
RyoSpr0n mostly :P </srsly>12:02
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treachgqview should be able to sort them12:05
treachie, it handles keywords and collections, while the only such feature listed for f-spot is keywords.12:07
RyoSwell, it is unsorted, nothing with names etc.12:09
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treachthen there's little hope, right? it's not like some app can go through the images and do it for you..12:11
treach(please do tell me if you find one tough. :> )12:11
RyoSi wasnt expecting that :P i just want to see more at the same time12:12
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