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cruxbot[contrib.git]: xplanet: patch for gcc4300:38
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pitillogood morning01:33
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Rotwangwhat happened with sepen?03:10
nipuLsomething happened?03:11
Rotwangi dont know03:11
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pitilloRotwang, he is on holidays03:35
Rotwangk, thx03:37
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Rotwangahhhh, god damn cmake >:|05:08
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Rotwangany C person around?05:32
Rotwangdoes the -DNDEBUG option affects binary itself?05:33
aonor well, like05:39
aonof course it does05:39
Rotwangmhm, so better leave it as it is ;] thanks05:39
aonit's not -g or anything, but it does affect what gets included in the actual compilation05:41
aoni hope i'm incoherent enough :)05:41
RyoSanyone here with nvidia card + horrible slow 2d perfomance?05:42
RyoSi am kinda pissed off now, nothing seems to work like it should05:42
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aonlike assert gets defined to (void)0 with -DNDEBUG, dunno if it affects much else05:43
aonseems like not05:43
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rehabdollRyoS: there are known issues.. just check the nvnews forum05:59
rehabdollthere are some tweaks in there you might want to check out05:59
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Rotwangtilman: around?07:18
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RyoSrehabdoll: i did, but nothing helps..07:31
RyoS3d just runs fine though07:31
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teKpitillo: do you know, how long sepen will be afk?07:39
pitilloteK, sorry, I don't know. I can phone him and ask about, this afternoon07:40
teKit's nothing too important; I have a problem with xfce4s menu + a Patch that fixes it07:40
teKand I wonder why noone before me hit this bug07:41
thrice`the memoroy-leak bug?07:41
teKno. If you do right-click on the desktop, nothing will happen and  X (console) will complain about missing symbols in /usr/lib/xfce4/modules/xfce4_desktop_menu.so07:42
rehabdollryos are you using the beta drivers?07:46
pitilloteK, I have no idea about xfce, sorry. I will try to call him this afternnon to see when he will back again (I think he must be here this week, not sure why he shut his router down without mirroring his ports on mine)07:46
rehabdollthey work a lot better atleast07:46
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teKpitillo: yeah, no need to hurry, though. :)07:47
pitilloteK, ok :)07:48
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RyoSrehabdoll: right now, i am not08:25
RyoSwhatever is in opt right now, i guess latest release08:26
RyoSbeta drivers didnt help, even made it worse..08:26
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RyoSfonts kept disappearing, 3d perfomance sucked..08:27
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jueteK: works for me, IIRC xfce4 was/is extrem picky about old entries in ~/.cache. Do you have a Desktop menu in your Panel?08:35
cruxbot[opt.git]: gnuplot: update to 4.2.408:37
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pitillois someone using pymp?10:15
thrice`perhaps jdolan_ :)10:15
pitilloit isn't really related to crux10:16
pitillothrice`, yeah, perhaps (he was my first attemp, but he is quite busy these days)10:16
pitilloI want to share a little patch to handle the random option10:16
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pitilloif someone is using it and want to take a look, I hope can ping me :)10:17
thrice`I haven't used it in awhile :(  I think the lack of sorting turned me off initially10:17
pitilloummmm I use it with random option, and playlists10:18
pitillonot much sorting here :)10:18
thrice`I like to setup up all my music, sorted alphabetically, and then use random10:19
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pitilloummm I understand the sort for sessions for example10:21
pitilloI really don't see the point of sorting alphabetically and use random10:22
thrice`dunno; if one comes up by and artist on random, and I want to quickly find another by the same artist10:22
DarkNekrospitillo, because it's a random sort xDD10:22
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pitillothrice`, in that sense can be good, I think the point is sorting, without mixing it with random play10:24
pitilloand the only way to sort the music now is by hand10:24
pitilloDarkNekros, not a random sorting, sorting is done by adding, that's the only way to sort if I am not in wrong10:25
pitillobtw, really doesn't matter, if someone uses it and want to take a look to a little patch for make random with a little list (to handle the songs played) ping me10:26
thrice`that makes sense on a small scale, but when dealing with thousands of songs ?10:26
thrice`I think I just have an odd way of doing things :)10:27
pitillothrice`, true, btw, it doesn't let to sort directly in the playlist10:27
pitillothen, the only way to sort is by adding10:27
pitillothrice`, it's your way to do things, a good one for you10:27
thrice`yes, possibly because mplayer doesn't support such a thing10:27
thrice`I love the look of pymp.  very nice :)10:28
pitilloI like because doesn't eat too much resources and it's a little gui for mplayer10:29
DarkNekrospitillo, but you need mplayer for pymp, don't you?10:32
pitilloDarkNekros, pymp is a little gui for mplayer (wrote in python)... if it's a little gui for it, you need it10:33
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DarkNekrosobously xD10:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: atanks: 3.1 -> 3.211:18
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cruxbot[opt.git]: cups: fixed md5sum11:28
cruxbot[opt.git]: mysql-ruby: update to 2.7.711:40
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Rotwangtilman: ping11:47
tilmanRotwang: pong11:51
Rotwangtilman: any thoughts about enabling xcb in cairo?11:52
Rotwangit would be useful for me11:53
Rotwangand I think it isn't much of a problem since xorg-xcblib is one of a dependencies11:53
tilmani'll have to do some reading on that11:55
tilmanno idea whether it's stable or not11:55
tilmanbut i guess xlib is still *recommended*, otherwise xcb would be enabled by default if possible, right? :)11:55
Rotwangim not expert here, but if you could look into that i'd be glad11:59
tilmanyeah, i'm on it11:59
tilmanwhy do you think that xcb would be teh win in this case, for you?11:59
Rotwangbecause new awesome depends on it ;]12:00
tilmanthat doesn't mean anything at all12:01
tilmanany other x app still uses libx1112:01
tilmanso it will still be loaded12:01
tilmanand the limiting factor to cairo performance is your xorg driver (xrender implementation) anyway12:01
Rotwangi feel lost, probably army brainwashed me ;] say it again but use another words ;\12:03
tilmanyour assumption/guess is probably wrong12:04
Rotwangassumption that awesome depends on cairo-xcb?12:05
tilmanassumption that because awesome uses xcb, cairo will be more awesome by using xcb12:05
Rotwangim not saying cairo will be more awesome ;p12:06
tilmanRotwang: maybe you could google for some cairo benchmarks where they compare the xrender-xlib backend to xrender-xcb12:06
tilmanRotwang: mmh, what are you saying then?12:06
RotwangI'm saying that one of my ports uses cairo with enabled xcb support12:07
Rotwangbut if it isn't good idea of enabling xcb in cairo i'll remove that port12:08
tilmanRotwang: let me see what i can find :D12:08
Rotwangk ;]12:08
Rotwangim off for now, tilman let me know if you found out something about cairo12:14
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teKjue: it was a first-time installation for me, no update13:25
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glenn69How do I handle a problem of install resulting in footprint mismatch15:18
glenn69Trying to install Python.  Each time results in footprint problem15:18
treachglenn69: just add the package anyway.15:18
glenn69I did that, however anything that uses python then results in a footprint problem15:19
glenn69Isn't there a better way15:19
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treachwell, you'll have to tell us what the problem is more specifically then.15:20
treachbut on the topic of pytho...15:20
treachtilman: ping15:20
glenn69Do you say install anyway because you know this particular python footprint issue, or is your decision based upon something else15:20
go|dfishwhat is the mis-match?15:20
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treachthe decision depends on what the error looks like.15:21
glenn69Footprint mismatch on15:21
treachmost mismatches are harmless, but some could indicate missing dependencies or that something else went wrong15:21
treachthat's a NEW file, rigth?15:22
treachNEW files are almost always harmless.15:22
treachMISSING is a bit more alarming :>15:23
treachin this case it means that you have sqlite installed, so python picked it up, while the python maintainer did not15:24
glenn69I haven't seen an explanation of NEW vs MISSING.  Are NEW files, files that are not in the footprint and MISSSING files that are in the footprint, but not in my system?15:24
thrice`glenn69: correct15:24
thrice`so with "NEW," it's probably because you have some extra app. on your system that it picked up support for15:27
treachtilman: python apparently is a new dep of xorg, but building the whole thing from scratch gives an error, missing /usr/lib/python2.5/lib-dynload/{dl,imageop,rgbimg}.so15:27
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