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pitillogood morning01:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: getmail: 4.8.3 -> 4.8.403:44
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jkrI updated a few ports yesterday I got a strange problem since then07:14
jkrWhen booting it prints "/etc/mtab: no such file or directory"07:15
jkrWhen it's up, df -h says that / is mounted about 5 or 6 times07:15
jkrI guess that's because it didn't know / was already mounted at boot time07:15
jkr /etc/mtab exists, btw.07:16
treachoh. I thought I had broken something..07:16
treach(and /etc/mtab is full of crap)07:16
treachsame problems here07:16
Rotwangive heard it before07:17
jkrMaybe it has something to do with '/bin/rm -f /etc/mtab*' in /etc/rc?07:20
thrice`do you know which ports were updated in the ones yesterday ?07:20
thrice`something udev related, perhaps?07:20
treachsorry, I pretty much just set this up, I've had heaps of updates..07:21
dinxjkr: nope wont be that <<07:21
thrice`heh, got your laptop back alive? :)07:22
treachnope. opensuse -> /dev/null. :>07:22
thrice`treach: any reason, out of curiosity?07:23
treachtoo much futzing around when you want to use your own kernel, beta version of nvidia drivers, virtualbox and other things that interfaces with the kernel07:23
treachthe stable nvidia drivers doesn't mix too well with kde4.07:24
thrice`ah, ok.  so "control."  I was wondering if it was kde related :)07:24
treachwell. I guess you could say "Maintaince" as well.07:24
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thrice`ah :)07:26
jkrthrice`: I think linux-utils-ng or something like that, but the other stuff was pretty uncritical07:26
jkrthrice`: Wait a second, I got a list07:28
jkrcairo cmake dcron dialog e2fsprogs firefox lame man-pages nvidia postgresql slim sqlite3 util-linux-ng xorg xorg-server xulrunner07:29
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treach"lame man-pages" :D07:30
thrice`does "rejmerge" show anything interresting to be merged over?07:31
treachat least it didn't here..07:31
jkrHui, there was a lot of configs to be upgraded :)07:36
jkrSome e2fs stuff too07:36
jkrBut on the other hand, I don't have any ext[23] fs07:37
thrice`sorry, I haven't touched crux in a few weeks; I'm out of ideas :(07:42
jkrThe problem still exists after the rejmerge07:44
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dinxjkr: did ya update/install cramfs-tools ?07:46
jkrdinx: I don't think so07:58
jkrShould I?07:58
dinxno, was just woundering. i read about a similar bug with mount and cramfs07:59
jkrI think the problem is somewhere in util-linux-ng. I'm looking at the mount.c source and there are some changes in how it handles the mtab07:59
jkrHowever, gotta work now ;)08:00
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jkrAh, it's so stupid08:15
jkrcreate_mtab() resets an "has_mtab" variable to 0 at the end, and update_mtab checks that variable and exits with an error if it says that mtab doesn't exist08:16
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thrice`is this in the util-linux-ng source?08:33
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jkrJust for those with the same problem: I don't have time to fix the current version, but downgrading util-linux-ng to 1.13 fixes the problem for now09:11
jkrI'll have another look at the source tonight09:11
thrice`perhaps jue is looking in from above and can provide insight :)09:12
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thrice`huh; lots of distros appear to be using 2.14.x successfully09:40
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tilmantreach: crap :|10:13
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thrice`tilman: i'm resorting to the intel-gfx ML for my problem.  I feel so dirty :P10:15
thrice`hm, apparently intel 2.5.0 is due out very soon10:18
thrice`perhaps i'll wait10:18
treachtilman: apparently it's xorg-xcb-proto that pulls it in, but I have no idea what I'm missing to get that mismatch.10:21
treachnot that it appears to have any ill effects so far though.. :)10:21
tilmanpreviously, they used xslt to do the xml->code transformation10:21
tilmannow they are using pyfon10:21
treachah, ok.10:22
thrice`htf is one supposed to test intel drivers without a newer libdrm :(10:23
tilmanyou aren't10:23
thrice`I found a message on their ML about a week ago, saying "please test everything, as we want to release in about a week's time" :)10:24
tilmanwell, yes10:29
tilmanthey expect you to install the new drm;)10:30
thrice`it would be useful to post some snapshots of 2.4.x at the same time as the driver, I suppose, but maybe i'm just lazy :)10:30
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telitiHi there, is there already a rough date for the next release?10:44
tilmanby christmas 2.5 should be released10:44
tilmanwe're going to discuss the release tonight10:45
treachonly one thing still missing on the checklist, right?10:45
tilmanno idea :>10:45
treach(besides testing, obviously)10:45
tilmanchecklist schmecklist10:45
treachthere's this ->
treachbut I seem to remember a list from the meetings as well, someplace..10:47
tilmanyeah, there's TODO_25 or so10:48
thrice`binutils, I think :)10:48
treachbut where's that damn list.. I can't find it. :/10:49
treachfound it10:49
treachpython too, it seems10:49
treachteliti: there you have it. As you see it's not all in "our" hands.10:52
tilmanhopefully rehabdoll will want to roll 2.5 isos for x86_64 :D11:06
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telitisorry, I was absent for some minutes ...11:18
telitithx @ channel! :-)11:18
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cruxbot[core.git]: nasm: update to 2.0413:10
cruxbot[core.git]: strace: update 4.5.1813:10
treachjkr: yo.13:10
treachthe important people are in -devel now, if you feel like making a note of your little bug13:11
jkrAh, ok13:12
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gicovielltreach: here i am13:18
treachok. there's not really that much to say about it. there were philosopical differences, as well as a quite substantial language barrier iirc.13:19
treachso basically the ppc people decided to do their own thing, and branched off.13:19
treachyes. I don't remember that well, it was several years ago13:19
gicoviellno matter13:20
gicoviellthey have gone away13:20
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treachshort of it was that they left, and we never heard from them again13:20
gicoviellwe aren't them13:21
gicoviellwe can work together13:21
treachgicoviell: I see.13:21
treachI wasn't implying that you couldn't. Just explaining why there's currently no contact13:21
gicoviellbut we can have contact now13:22
treachiirc one of the philosopical differences was wrt basic things, like using real names etc.13:22
gicoviellreal names?13:23
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treachyes. using your real name when communicating with people in the project, rather than hiding behind some anonymous handle. (like I do :p )13:23
gicoviellit's good to use real names13:24
cptnwell, last we talked there was no technical approach13:24
cptnso that's where we left of last time13:24
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gicoviellsorry I'll be back in ten minutes13:25
treachcptn: right, I'm sure you have a better recollection of the story than I. After all you had to deal a fair bit with them iirc. :>13:26
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jaegeranyone know if a strftime() call can be made to ignore some characters in a conversion?13:35
jaegerhave a date format like this: "Sep 30 2008 09:44:16:000AM". I want to convert it using strptime in php to an array and then to an epoch timestamp but not sure how to get strptime to ignore the ":000" part13:36
gicovielli'm back13:36
tilmanjaeger: hehe, i was really confused when you said 'strftime'. because that goes the other way around :D13:37
tilmanno ide aon the actual problem13:37
cptnjaeger: can't you just preg_replace 000.M before?13:37
jaegertilman: just because strptime expects a strftime format string :)13:37
jaegercptn: I can, just wanted to avoid the extra regex computation if possible13:38
gicovielltreach, cptn but now we can try to work together or not?13:41
cptngicoviell: well, sure13:42
treachI'm not part of the project per se. Just someone who've been around here for a very long time. I.e I have no official standing.13:42
gicoviellcptn: what will be the first step?13:43
tilmanif/when we can figure out how to do our x86_64 port we might extend that to ppc13:43
cptngicoviell: probably to get to know who runs CRUX PPC nowadays13:43
cptnand then make sure that you have the same goals, and that you can work as part of our team13:44
cptnlike any other new dev we accept13:44
gicoviellnow i'm trying to build icedtea13:47
tilmangicoviell: you're the only crux/ppc guy these days?13:47
gicoviellthere are also acrux and nullpointer13:48
gicovielldo you know them?13:48
tilmanyeah, i remember the names13:49
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tilmanteK: requesting status update on your LVM/crypto work? :)14:08
thrice`mm, I found a gentoo patch that seems promising for my xorg issue14:23
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cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] lighttpd: updated to 1.4.20, enabled libpcre dep15:45
cruxbot[opt.git]: imagemagick: updated to 6.4.415:45
cruxbot[opt.git]: xterm: updated to 23715:47
cruxbot[opt.git]: unrar: updated to 3.8.315:59
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cruxbot[opt.git]: xlockmore: updated to 5.26.116:19
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cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git]: nedit-bin: dropped17:09
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sabizaHi! Is it possible to make its own installcd?17:10
sabizais there a tutorial?17:11
treachin the wiki17:11
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cruxbot[opt.git]: nmap: updated to 4.7617:20
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thrice`tilman: I think my issue is fixed in xorg.  I updated to a git pull of libdrm + xf86-video-intel (eg, their 2.5.x branch), and it went away19:11
thrice`$ mount | grep /dev/sda2 | wc -l19:16
thrice` (/dev/sda2 is my root)19:16
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prologicIs anyone here attempeting to optimize CRUX at all ? Lot of hype and talk about optimizaing linux distros on the web - especially the 5s boot article (to be released to the public tomrrow)23:18
nipuLdoesn't crux already boot that quickly?23:24
go|dfishmine take 11.23:25
ahmrahtcheerit'll vary according to hardware23:25
nipuLmine takes about 15, but that's with a dhcp wifi and nfs mounts23:25
go|dfishit'll be interesting to see this 5 second thing. they did it on an eeepc apparantly.23:26
ahmrahtcheermine takes 8.5, and is a 100% static kernel23:26
ahmrahtcheeri expect i can probably squeeze mine to under 5, with my new dual core23:27
ahmrahtcheer8.5 sec was on an old Sempron 1.5GHz23:27
go|dfishmine is 11 on a Core Duo 2 2.50Ghz23:28
jaegerhaven't timed mine, never felt like nickel and diming it that much23:28
nipuLgo|dfish: what's your root filesystem?23:28
go|dfishnipuL: ext323:28
Dapper_DanI just know mine is plenty fast... much faster than other distros so I'm happy.23:28
ahmrahtcheerjaeger, i'm not anal about it, just find it fun to tweak the distro a bit23:28
jaegerI certainly won't discourage others from it, just don't feel like it myself23:29
ahmrahtcheermy experiments with CRUX showed that running CRUX from hdd, it's faster than DSL or Puppy Linux running from ramdisk23:29
jaegerI've been trying to decide if there's any point in putting crux on my eee 901 or not... I don't think I'd build packages there, or build them all in RAM23:30
prologicI agree with all of you, CRUX is already "fast enough". My own desktops boot quite quickly <20s23:31
prologicHowever that being said, I wouldn't mind spending a bit of time optimzing CRUX in general and providing some extra performance tweaks.23:31
ahmrahtcheeri'm getting a new mobo this week and have been steadily downloading a variety of source-based LInux install disks23:36
ahmrahtcheerand NetBSD.  I intend to install 'em all and do some comparing23:36
Dapper_DanCan anyone help me troubleshoot my scanner? I had it working but now it doesn't.23:41
prologicanyone played with fastboot ?23:42
jaegerDapper_Dan: been years since I've used a scanner, no idea what the deal is with them now23:45
Dapper_DanI only have to use it once a year for my business. I also have Ubuntu on this frive and it works under it, but since I'm almost always in CRUX I'd like to have it working here too. Thanks though.23:49
jaegerunderstandable. wish I knew more23:50
Dapper_DanIt acts like it wants to work. Xsane comes up, I click "scan" and the xsane interface gpes away leaving me with a blinking error light on the hp copier/printer/scanner.23:52
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Dapper_DanJust wondering if it's related to the last kernel upgrade. Using I might upgrade again just to see if there is a change.23:57

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