IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-10-01

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pitillogood morning01:13
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* sepen reading the backlog01:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ati: Updated 8-9.01:42
sepenteK, pong01:56
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teKsepen: wb :)02:40
Rotwangsepen: hi02:45
Rotwangnew ati works w/ new xorg?02:45
teK8.9? No it doesn't.02:57
sepenwell I just updated the port03:06
sepenI built the port without problems after upgrade my xorg-server03:07
Rotwangand it works properly?03:07
sepenwell, I need to go to home, here (at office) I can't test it03:08
Rotwangmhm, that may be no good03:09
Rotwangyou should prolly test that before updating port03:09
cruxbot[core.git]: util-linux-ng: merge upstream fix to address FS#35803:10
sepenRotwang, why you think the driver won't run ok?03:11
sepen*why do you03:11
Rotwangsepen: sec ill test that03:11
sepensee the changelog differences at gitweb, the new .footprint has the libdrm extension03:12
sepenso I think its better than the last 8-803:12
sepenseems that the ati dev team fix the last version (imho)03:12
teKit won't.03:28
Rotwangpkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)03:31
RotwangFound in /usr/ports/contrib/ati:03:32
Rotwang  /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libdri.so03:32
RotwangFound in /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-server:03:32
Rotwang  /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libdri.so03:32
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sepenRotwang, where is the problem? this file was missed in the last version, but now at 8-9 appears newly03:33
sepenRotwang, but right it need a new gl-select fix03:35
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sepenteK, what about xfce4?03:38
sepenmxq, gl-select need a new fix03:39
mxqsepen: yeah, it seems broken03:39
mxqi mean ati + new xorg03:39
mxqnew ati + new xorg03:39
sepenpaste the problem03:39
teKit will complain about missing symbols03:39
mxqand there is a file conflict03:40
mxqi pasted earlier03:40
sepen<sepen> Rotwang, where is the problem? this file was missed in the last version, but now at 8-9 appears newly03:40
sepenso gl-select need a fix03:40
sepenisn't an ati problem ATM03:40
sepenbut yes, Im writing a new patch for gl-select, just please wait a little03:41
teKsepen: xfce won't display the right-click-on-desktop Menu for me unless I apply a tiny patch03:42
teKthis was a first time installation, no upgrade03:42
sepenteK, did you have any kind of log of that?03:42
sepenand of course, could you paste me your patch?03:43
teKyes, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, I have no access to this machine right now03:44
sepenah ok, Ill investigate at home too03:44
teKthis problem does not occour on your installation?03:44
sepenI can't remember when I installed my xfce03:45
sepenbut atm I don't have the same error like you03:45
sepennow Im also playing with the new xfce46 ports03:45
sepenI'll announce it at ML when all ports seems ok03:48
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sepenwell I undo the changeset04:15
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ati: Reverted last changeset.04:15
sepenI need time to test that with gl-select04:16
sepenIll fix when arrived to home at afternoon04:17
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RotwangnipuL: ping05:39
tilmanthrice`: cool05:47
teKtilman: it's working as far as I can see. The listed problems in the crux wiki are still valid, though. It's the fact that there is exactly one single hit for the linked iso/initrd (from FRANCE) and no feedback of any type.05:52
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thrice`tilman: yes, very much so :)  it was very frustrating, as the issue made any terminal app useless07:02
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jueteK: tig 0.12 is out, thanks07:10
teKthx, jue. I will have no access to my box (+ssh keys) until tomorrow. I just tried the version bump and it worked07:15
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tilmanteK: suck08:58
tilmanthis might be interesting to follow09:11
cptnindeed, thanks for the link09:14
treachgreat. I wonder what he means with "small number of registers,"??09:16
treachi386 is know to be limited in its numbers of registers, but maybe there are architectures with even fewer??09:17
tilmanno idea?09:19
aonwell, i286? :D09:25
tilman"The autumn is here, world finances are tits up - but there is one thing you can be sure of. xkeyboard-config release 1.4."09:26
luxhhah :P09:27
tilmangreat, it also requires intltool now09:28
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sepennice! arora 0.4 is out10:27
sepenwell Ill update it when arrived to home10:28
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thrice`hey tilman, does newest gtk suck, or do you just show precedence to opt-x86_64? :)11:42
cruxbot[core.git]: iproute2: updated to 2.6.2612:18
tilmanthrice`: whoops.12:19
* tilman fires up the laptop12:20
treachheh, i686 seems to become the redheaded stepchild pretty rapidly. :p12:20
tilmansome files of the gtk build just have the arch name in them12:23
tilmanso i need to build that on the laptop to be sure it's okayish ;)12:23
tilmanhey, gimp 2.6 is out12:24
thrice`i'm going to have to mess with synaptics later.  it seems it doesn't allow sending events to multiple devices like previous xorg did12:28
tilmanpossible, i guess12:29
tilmani'm only using the basic features i think12:29
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thrice`well, I also have a usb mouse plugged it, and with previous xorg, it would allow all of them to operate fine without any tinkering.  if I specify synaptics only in xorg.conf, my usb mouse (and the "nipple" mouse) both won't work12:30
spaceninjawhere do I configre the "screensaver" in the terminal environment?12:30
treachspaceninja: see setterm12:34
cruxbot[core.git]: iproute2: updated to 2.6.2612:38
* treach wonders if cruxbot is feeling alright12:39
treach[19:18]  <cruxbot> [core.git]: iproute2: updated to 2.6.2612:39
thrice`I see 2 on :(12:40
tilmansip committed that crap twice12:40
thrice`different commits, it seems12:40
tilmantreach: i missed the first onw, fwiw ;)12:50
treachjeeez. cups really need a clean-up.12:57
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tilmanone of these days i should test whether gtkclipboard.patch is still needed :p13:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: gtk: updated to
juetreach: our cups port?13:15
thrice`tilman: heh, I don't even know what it is / does o.O13:16
tilmanapparently it fixed a segfault in some situation13:17
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treachjue: nono, the code.. it spits out an amazing amount of warnings and errors. I'm amazed it actually builds.13:19
thrice`isn't it owned by apple now? :)13:20
thrice`I wonder if they do anything to it, or just felt guilty for using it so much?13:20
treachapple feeling guilty? :>13:21
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tilmana corporation buying stuff just because of *guilt*?13:21
thrice`sure, with seemingly endless budgets, why not? :D13:21
tilmanthey aren't a charity etc13:21
treachfrankly, I have no idea what they were after, but it might be something like that they really need it, so they want full control over it.13:22
treachAny way, I'd think that's more likely than *guilt*.. :>13:22
thrice`heh, fine fine13:24
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jaegeranyone else have a footprint mismatch on nfs-utils? sbin/mount.nfs is losing its setuid bit13:27
tilmani've never ever used nfs :|13:27
jaegermy crux box here at work is diskless :)13:28
jaegerboots from my ubuntu box13:28
tilman=======> Building '/tmp/nfs-utils#1.1.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.13:30
tilmanthough i didn't check whether that's the latest version :o13:31
thrice`weird; I did a fresh 2.4 -> current on my lappy last night and didn't notice it13:31
jaegerhrmm... I wonder what would cause it to not set the setuid bit13:31
jaegertilman: that's the current one13:32
tilmanjaeger: probably stupid question: what makes the crux box a crux box if it's diskless? you'r booting via PXE or whatsitcalled, i guess?13:33
tilmanor does the ubuntu box serve a crux image or something13:33
jaegerthe ubuntu box serves an nfs root crux install13:34
tilmanaah, i see13:34
jaegerso my diskless box boots via pxe and runs crux from the ubuntu machine's nfs server13:34
tilmanyeah, i get it13:34
jaegerok :)13:35
tilmanjaeger: did you check the make output for a chmod failure?13:35
tilmanmaybe the makefile ignores the error, so the build can continue..13:35
jaegerAnd the reason it's diskless is because it's a shuttle SFF box (SN95G5v2) that used to be really loud. I replaced the northbridge fan with a passive heatsink and the ICE fan with a quiet one, so the loudest thing was the HD. so that went out as well13:35
jaegernow it's very quiet13:36
tilmanHD being the noisy part sounds familiar to me :|13:36
jaegerI'll check the log, hadn't gotten to it yet since it's building other stuff too13:37
jaegerthere's a chmod 4511 in the log but nothing about it failing13:40
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treach..and this is surprising how? :>13:45
tilmani find his proposal batshit insane13:45
treachahem. look at the url.13:45
tilman... even for gnome-related material ;)13:46
tilman"I have a background in physics, and the constant and ongoing online abuse of the SI system bothers me to no end."13:46
treachdon't expect any sanity or reason from that bunch.13:46
tilmanboo-hoo crybaby :D13:46
treachhe's an idiot13:46
jaegerI like how they say "now the whole world uses it" when drive manufacturers mostly don't13:46
jaegerwhich is likely where we care the most13:46
treachit's still a "kilo", just in base 2, not 10.13:47
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tilmanalso, is he saying that microsoft started using base 2 for file sizes?13:48
tilmantotally ziomgwtfbbq retarded13:48
treachhe must be some newly converted ubuntu user. :p13:48
treach"I filed a bug report against glib, with an historical analysis of the usage of all conventions and formalized nomenclatures in existence (slightly wrong) demanding that g_format_size_for_display() uses the latter conventions. This actually matches IEC recommendations."13:49
treachYep, that's an pretetious gnome-asshole for ya13:49
tilmanwell, i wouldn't go that far ;)13:50
treachhaha, read about what he says about memory sticks. :D13:50
treachclueless isn't even the start of it13:50
jaegerI personally couldn't care less whether we use 1000 or 1024 but I'd LOVE it if it were fully standardized across the board13:51
tilmanif you're bothered by k=1024, use XiB13:52
* jaeger ducks13:52
tilmanpersonally i find that silly, because i'm fine with k=1024 ;)13:52
treachI'm not going to start any debate, but using a decimal notation on an essentially binary system is stupid, IMO.13:52
tilmantreach: k=1000 is much more stupid than k=1024 in a binary system though13:53
tilman*much* *much* *much*13:53
treachexactly my point13:54
treachit doesn't even make sense.13:54
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treachwtf does he *want*? Loose ends from the memory controller not connected to the memsticks so he can have his glorious k=1000?13:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: squashfs-tools: updated to version 3.414:20
cruxbot[core.git]: iproute2: restored 2.6.2614:24
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sepenati sucks14:47
sepenI reopened the ticket14:51
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sepenRotwang, FS#35714:55
Rotwangyeah, same error here14:56
Rotwangxorg-redhat-die-ugly-pattern-die-die-die.patch <-- haha what name for a patch ;]15:00
treachmmh, could we gett a linux-distribution-redhat-die-gnome-die-did-die.patch too maybe.. :p15:10
treachthat would be something. "Dear redhat, we've found a serious bug in your distribution, please apply the attched patch." :>15:11
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cruxbot[opt.git]: intltool: initial import15:43
cruxbot[opt.git]: babl: initial import15:43
cruxbot[opt.git]: gegl: initial import15:43
cruxbot[opt.git]: gimp: updated to 2.6.0 (beware of new deps)15:43
cruxbot[opt.git]: gegl: fixed dependencies15:43
Rotwangintltool? :O15:44
Rotwangsip: maybe you could try to throw it off from gimps deps15:50
sepenjust I removed the port from xfce collection too15:50
Rotwangintltool is the most pointles app on crux imo ;]15:50
sepenI patched all ports dependent on it15:51
Rotwangi do the same15:52
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cruxbot[opt.git]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.5216:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: arora: Updated 0.3 -> 0.417:49
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Rotwang$ firefox19:27
RotwangCould not find compatible GRE between version and
thrice`update? :)19:27
Rotwangthats probably good idea ;]19:32
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go|dfishprologic: is this 5s article released today? ( Oct 2nd here? )19:34
RotwangnipuL: hai19:45
Rotwangdid you get my mail?19:45
Rotwangabout lxde repo19:45
nipuLyeah, i've added them to the db updater, no idea why they haven't come up yet19:47
nipuLit would appear that the portdb updater is running right now20:00
nipuLso hopefully your repo should show up some time soon20:01
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nipuLgegl fail to build for anyone else?22:18
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