IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-10-02

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pitillogood morning01:28
pitillothe other day someone talk about an upgrade without cd. Can someone make a little guide on the wiki?01:52
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spaceninjaI can only see the "L" during lilo bootup. I know that indicates an error at the second stage, but I have never encountered this problem before. Does it have to do with my other hard drives? hdb is windows and sda is a sata ext3.04:11
cruxbot[contrib.git]: syslinux: Updated 3.71 -> 3.7204:17
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pitillocan someone check the contrib member list in FS? (am I victord? if I am not him, can someone add me to that list or is it my own work to do that?)04:37
Rotwangyou dont know your FS login?04:39
pitilloRotwang, I know it, pitillo login, but I can't see my nick and name in thar list. Do you?04:41
pitillo(taking a look again opening my eyes a bit more)04:41
Rotwangpitillo: then youre not on that list04:41
pitilloRotwang, seems so, that's why I asked.04:42
pitilloI am trying to fill 1 bug and assign it to myself (and I don't know if this can be the reason why I can't see myself)04:42
Rotwangbump tilman or someone else to put you to that group04:43
pitilloRotwang, well, I hope someone see my note here. There is no hurry on it.04:43
pitilloRotwang, thank you for your answers too :)04:44
Rotwangnp. ;]04:44
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RotwangnipuL: my repo is still not listed :<05:49
spaceninjajaeger: do you use garnome when you download the gnome source?05:50
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La_plazaI use'it gentoo07:22
La_plazabut I want second distributive07:22
La_plazawhat's your ideology ?07:23
Rotwangbrowse, you'll find answer there07:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: asterisk-core-sounds-en-ulaw: Updated 1.4.9 -> 1.4.1308:39
cruxbot[contrib.git]: asterisk-core-sounds-en-alaw: Initial commit08:39
Rotwanguhm, I know someone asked before something similar08:47
Rotwangactually I'm looking for a job, and any referencess would be helpful08:47
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go|dfish -- that 5 second boot article made public.09:53
go|dfishnot very informative mind you.09:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: leafpad: Updated to 0.8.1515:04
sepentienes ck4up puesto?15:04
Rotwangpidgin users around?15:05
sepenoops! pitillo did you have ck4up properly configured?15:05
RotwangI cant connect to freenode via pidgin15:05
sepenRotwang, did you tried to connect to another irc network?15:05
pitillosepen, I haven't it properly setup (and me a bit disconnected)15:05
Rotwangsepen: weird, I had to delete account and create nev, now it work15:06
sepenor move ~/.pidgin directory15:07
tilmanRotwang: i saw your message in my awaylog, but i didn't get it. what's the problem?15:07
Rotwangit works now, but im interested if something similar happened to someone earlier15:08
Rotwangtilman: I cant recall right now15:08
tilmanvoy a siesta15:08
sepensiesta is in the midday15:08
sepenwell after it, at 14:00 + -15:09
sepentilman, gnight!15:09
spaceninjammmmh, pidgin :)15:27
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Rotwangi wanted to try pidgin-webkit plugin now, but pidgin keeps segfaulting :<15:28
spaceninjaI don't know why, but there is something special when you use a well written gtk app. :)15:28
spaceninjapidgin has never failed on me, yet15:29
spaceninjaBut I haven't used the version that is "ported" to crux, but soon15:29
jkrI liked pidgin, but it doesn't work very well with proxies or over a VPN15:30
jkrOr ssh tunnels :)15:30
jkrI tried everything15:30
spaceninjaok, I guess it's just alot of shine15:30
spaceninjaand candy15:30
spaceninjawhat about irssi?15:30
spaceninjait's not a gui15:31
spaceninjaI mean15:31
spaceninjaI doesn't use qt or gtk15:31
jaegerspaceninja: to answer your earlier question, I often use garnome to test but it doesn't figure into the crux ports15:36
spaceninjajaeger: oh ok15:36
spaceninjajaeger: are you "porting" the latest gnome?15:37
Rotwangspaceninja: you dont need to quote porting15:38
Rotwangit's in our terminology common and usual word15:38
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Rotwangspaceninja: have you seen what I have written moment ago?15:39
spaceninjaisbackno, I think I got logged out15:40
Rotwangyou dont need to quote _porting_, it's in our terminology common and usual word15:41
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spacejaeger: so, what did you say? :)15:46
jaegerI'll be updating gnome when I have time to15:53
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spaceWhen I've finished all my projects I will start doing some gtk+ programming on some gnome projects.  Lets hope they are not too bloated.16:07
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cruxbot[opt.git]: gegl: added patch for newest ffmpeg16:48
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maroanybody tried xorg-server 1.5.1?17:41
go|dfishI am running it.17:42
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sepenmaro, yep18:07
marosepen: works nicely?18:08
sepenthe server yep18:08
maromy keyboard and mouse isn't detected by hal18:08
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maroidiot irc client thinks ^W should close the window18:08
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Rotwangmaro: does not udev handles that?18:10
thrice`I don't have hal installed :(  keyboard and mouse work ok though18:11
dinxdont need hal to get mouse/keyboard workiung afaik18:12
maroRotwang: it's detected by the kernel and works on the console18:12
dinxmaro: might need to check ya xorg config18:12
thrice`yeah; did you try a fresh X -configure ?18:12
marodinx: the warning says:18:13
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maro(II) Cannot locate a core keyboard device.18:13
maro(II) The server relies on HAL to provide the list of input devices.18:13
maro        If no devices become available, reconfigure HAL or disable AllowEmptyInput.18:13
thrice`or perhaps using evdev ?18:13
marodinx: I'm doing with _no_ xorg.conf18:13
thrice`or, maybe build xorg-server without hal? :P18:13
maroworked fine for 1.4.x18:13
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marobut it hurt to throw away my old XF86Config18:15
marospent days toying with that pre-xorg :)18:15
thrice`isn't there a way to display your hal devices somehow?  do they show up there?18:16
maroand they aren't listed in its output18:17
marobut in lsusb they are18:17
dinxhal running18:17
thrice`how does lshal not see them?  doesn't seem like those should be related to xorg-server at all18:18
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nipuLls -l /usr/bin/udevinfo18:41
nipuLdo that18:41
nipuLmaro: ^18:44
maronipuL: udevinfo?18:46
thrice`are you up-to-date?18:46
dinxnipuL: should be a sym to udevadm ight ?18:46
maronipuL: hasn't that been deprecated for a dozen udev releases?18:46
thrice`yes, but hal needs it18:46
thrice`are you on crux?18:46
marothrice`: sort of18:47
marothe system was installed from per's last release18:48
thrice`hm, isn't that 2.1 or so? :(18:48
maroit's up-to-date and all18:49
marojust not with the crux packages18:49
maro(maintain my own)18:49
marobased partly on crux, lfs, fedora, ...18:49
marowhatever works :)18:49
marothrice`: sweet!18:51
maroit detects it now with the symlink18:51
thrice`it was nipuL's fix for hal :)18:51
nipuLnew hal is on the way, so it's only temporary19:07
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RotwangnipuL: my repo is still not listed :<19:21
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