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spaceI installed crux on a computer and did a sysup, and it's been compiling for 10 hours now, it's a amd64 2 Ghz01:09
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pitillogood morning01:20
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tilmanspaceninja: is it a single core cpu?02:18
spaceninjabut I'm reinstalling it now02:21
spaceninjaI'm going to use the latest kernel02:22
tilmanno need to reinstall the system for that02:22
tilmanusually you *never* need to reinstall the system02:22
cptnnor reboot02:23
tilmancptn: mmh, what about an udev update?02:23
cptnwell, okay02:23
tilmanotherwise i agree ofc02:23
cptnmy point was just that usually rebooting or reinstalling aren't solutions02:23
spaceninjabut it went into some strange loop and never got out02:24
cptnexcept when you're on windows02:24
spaceninjayes, but I removed alot of core packages02:24
spaceninjaand I couldn't do anything02:24
spaceninjaI tried to reinstall them02:24
tilmanthat was stupid02:24
tilman*you* shouldn't remove core packages02:25
tilmanyou shouldn't remove core packages unless you know what you're doing02:25
spaceninjayeah I know :)02:26
dinxhmm keep getting a lot of hda: status error: status=0x50 { DriveReady SeekComplete }02:27
dinx<< errors02:27
dinxgot Multi_core fix suggested in the kernel02:27
tilmani've only seen that error with cdrom drives02:28
tilmanthis is with a hdd?02:28
dinxtilman: yea DVD Rom02:28
tilmanoh, okay02:28
tilmani was kind of *shocked*02:29
cptntilman: you mean SHOCKED?02:29
dinxtilman: sometimes after boot cdrom isnt recognised. so i will assume loose cable ;D02:29
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pitillohad someone problems updating gepl (new gimp dep)? In a clean enviroment I had some missing files and here on my desktop, an error at build time.02:39
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mrkspitillo: regarding ffmpeg/avformat.h?02:41
mrksuhm, if you mean gegl not gepl02:42
pitillomrks, do you mean in the footprint mistmacht?02:42
pitillomrks, yes, sorry02:42
mrksno, on compile time this file could not be included02:42
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mrksit is in libavformat/avformat.h02:43
tilmano_O gegl-ffmpeg.patch isn't in unified format o_O02:43
pitilloseems like there is some kind of problem in 1 line (not sure about this)02:44
pitillobut in the clean system it was built fine (only that there were some missing files)02:45
pitillothis is the reason why I am a bit lost02:46
tilmangive me a sec, i'll try to build gegl02:46
pitillotilman, perfect, thank you02:46
pitilloI am checking revdep's output in my desktop, to see if the problem with my computer is there02:47
pitillo(quite sure it's my fault)02:48
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep ffmpeg02:49
pitilloI will take a bite while wait revdep's output02:49
pitillotilman, ffmpeg 20080826-202:49
tilmanmaybe you can pkgexport ffmpeg, then uninstall it, then build gegl02:50
tilman(pkgexport so you can reinstall it quickly)02:50
tilmani'm buildling gegl without having ffmpeg now. but it's not finished yet02:50
tilmanokay, it finished02:51
pitilloummmm pkgexport (later I will read on, always learning). The mistmatch is related to: svg-load.{} and display.{so,la} if it can be interesting02:51
tilmanpitillo: for me, only the svg loader is missing02:52
pitillowell, I will try that in half hour more or less tilman, Thank you very much.02:52
tilmanthat display thing is *not* missing here02:52
pitillohere I got both with a depinst (only core installed)02:53
pitilloI will try later02:53
tilmani'll check out the source and see what this display-loader is02:53
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pitillotilman, the same without ffmpeg03:41
pitillorevdep doesn't seems to show anything interesting03:41
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cptnpitillo: what kind of CPU is this?03:43
cptngegl crashes with an illegal intruction error03:43
pitillocptn, amd athlon XP03:44
pitillocptn, yes, I don't where can be my fault (haven't touched CFLAGS)03:51
spaceninjaok, the compilatio is looping03:55
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spaceninjaI just did a fresh install of crux, ports -u, then prt-get sysup03:56
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spaceninjait's autoconf04:00
spaceninjasomething about timestamp ... in the future.04:00
spaceninjaI believe the clock is messed up04:00
spaceninjashould I touch the entire file tree?04:01
spaceninjacd / && find . touch {} \;04:02
spaceninjafind . -exec touch04:02
spaceninjathe system is messed up because the install cd's clock was not configured correctly04:08
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-input-mutouch: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xkeyboard-config: updated to 1.4.04:25
RyoShu, what is the gegl patch for?04:27
tilmanremove the ffmpeg dependency? somewhat?04:27
RyoSnever had problems with it :^04:28
RyoShowever, just updating my ports and so on04:28
RyoSgimp 2.6 looks neat ^^04:28
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tilmanMISSING .. usr/man/man1/gimp-console.1.gz -> gimp-console-2.6.1.gz05:23
tilmanhey, the new recent files menu rocks05:24
tilmanthumbnail in the tooltip05:24
RyoStilman: ack05:28
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tig: 0.11 -> 0.12 (thx jue)05:35
cruxbot[core.git]: udev: updated to 129.06:03
pedjaWhy is nvidia port from opt using pkg1 instead of file?06:12
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tilmanjaeger: fwiw, we now have intltool in opt. gimp 2.6 was the latest package to require it and they say it's too hard to patch it out, so we decide to give up06:55
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cruxbot[core.git]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.41.207:16
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Rotwangdamn gegl07:58
Rotwangsvn version also doesn't work07:59
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sepenType 'svn --version' to see the program version and RA modules08:07
sepen  or 'svn --version --quiet' to see just the version number.08:07
thrice`such a simple app, causing so much trouble :)08:07
RotwangI meant sources from svn doesn't build either08:08
thrice`I was able to build it ok :(08:08
jaegertilman: the more things I can remove from the gnome repo the better, heh08:09
Rotwangbut intltool is evil :<08:14
thrice`it's the futrue!08:15
Rotwangunfortunately intltool stands against crux philosophy08:17
thrice`why?  because it builds things that get removed anyway?08:18
Rotwangits like junk machine type thing08:21
Rotwangyou put machine that produces yunk on your yard08:22
Rotwangand you always need to clean up it's work08:22
Rotwangit does nothing except producing junk08:22
Rotwangsth like mother in law08:23
thrice`I suppose.  I think it's easier than trying to patch everything just to get around it,though08:23
Rotwangi think we can still live without it08:24
Rotwangavoiding intltool isn't very hard usually08:25
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thrice`gimp seems to put up quite a fight08:25
Rotwangim looking into that08:27
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pitilloRotwang, update gtk first09:11
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pitilloRotwang, sorry, same effect. Trying another thing here.09:17
RotwangI borrowed gegl from archlinux09:18
pitilloRotwang, I am forcing now sse=no09:21
pitillodoing it by hand seems to compile fine, now adding it to the Pkgfile to see if it builds too09:22
Rotwanglet me know about results09:22
pitillowell, in a few minutes we will know09:22
pitilloRotwang, in your case it broke like mine?09:23
pitilloRotwang, --enable-sse=no09:24
pitilloBuilding '/home/pkgmk/pkg/gegl#0.0.18-2.pkg.tar.gz09:25
pitilloit's ok now here09:25
pitilloif someone has the same experience building it (the ilegal instruction problem) this can help, or at least I hope so09:25
Rotwangk, ill test that09:26
Rotwangit seems that im able to build gimp without intltool09:28
Rotwangpitillo: nah, it didn't help here09:34
pitilloRotwang, can you share your error?09:34
Rotwangff-load.c:30:34: error: libavformat/avformat.h: No such file or directory09:34
thrice`did you use the patch?09:36
Rotwangim trying without mmx and sse now ;p09:38
Rotwangat least gimp is going fine09:40
thrice`how'd you get intltool out of it?09:41
Rotwangill make a patch09:43

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