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jaegerI've heard of it, if that's what you're asking13:09
treachthanks you. :)13:09
treacherr, -s13:09
sepenwell I mean also to add some lines for supybot13:09
sepenif you're using it ..13:09
sepenIm using it on some product boxes with great results13:10
jaegerit would have to be able to check irc13:11
jaegerthe process doesn't die13:11
sepenmonit can check for listening ports, pid files, etc etc13:12
sepenand surely avoids you some work at large13:12
jaegerI use nagios and munin for that sort of thing13:12
jaegerbut none of those will fix the bot13:12
sepennagios for app's inside a box┬┐?13:13
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sepenI mean locally13:13
sepenwell maybe a nice crontab line + script can help you more13:14
jaegerit's already checked by a script from crontab but the script can't check irc to see if the bot is still here13:14
sepenwhy? for example I use netcat scripts for irc purposses13:16
jaegeron a side note, anyone know how to build policykit 0.9 without pam?13:16
jaegeryou're the only person talking :)13:17
sepenjaeger, did you use netcat?13:17
jaegernot for this purpose13:18
thrice`wow, policy kit AND pam13:18
thrice`could it get worse? :)13:18
sepenwell something like:  echo -ne ""USER $NICK 0 * :$NICK\nNICK $NICK\nJOIN #$CHANNEL\nBLA BLA\n" | netcat irc.freenode.org13:19
jaegerpolicykit may be the end of gnome on crux unless users want to install pam13:19
sepenecho -ne "USER $NICK 0 * :$NICK\nNICK $NICK\nJOIN #$CHANNEL\nBLA BLA\n" | netcat 666713:19
sepenjaeger, I could write you a little script when having some time13:20
sepenck4nick ??13:21
jaegermight be better to just make a small bot that doesn't suck13:21
sepenwell, also I've some bots written in perl13:21
sepenI'd like to have a searchable log too13:22
thrice`jaeger: just switch to openbox and be done with it :)13:29
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* treach makes some counter propaganda for fvwm :p13:32
jaegerI'll stick with evilwm for my minimalist needs13:33
treachif I didn't use dwm for that, evilwm would be a contender. :>13:34
thrice`hm, don't think i've tried evilwm13:35
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RedShifthey anyone know a good ticketing system, preferrably php?14:13
sepenticketing? little? epix14:17
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jaegerI like how Xorg -configure thinks my machine has 17 display devices now14:50
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