IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-10-07

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sepenops, my server box is down01:31
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cruxbot[opt.git]: dovecot: update to 1.1.403:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: gkrellm: update to 2.3.203:00
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Rotwangsepen: I doubt if it fixes my error04:45
sependid you tried?04:46
sepenas I said yesterday, and also some weeks ago (when I decided to add qt4 as dep), vbox depends on how the QT environment is installed in your box, ATM vbox tries to detect if both (qt3 and qt4 packages) are installed
Rotwangsepen: but i got an error04:49
sepenI think I could patch the configure script. but I want to see your error (please paste) before nothing04:49
sepenRotwang, did you export the QTDIR from any other script or something before running pkgmk?04:50
sepenRotwang, /usr/share/qt3/bin/uic ???04:51
sepenRotwang, did you tried with my patch?04:51
RotwangIm doing it atm04:51
sepenplease do it04:51
Rotwangbut i have both qt3 and qt4 installed so i think it wont change much04:51
sepen$ pkginfo -i | grep ^qt04:53
sepenqt3 3.3.7-104:53
sepenqt4 4.4.1-104:53
sepenI can build vbox ok here04:53
cptnsepen: but you have QTDIR exported, right?04:53
cptnas this is what fixes it for Rotwang04:53
sepencptn, the qtdir is provided to the configure script as a switch04:53
sepen--with-qt-dir or --with-qt4-dir04:54
cptnwell, clearly that didn't work04:54
cptnas it was in the original port, which broke for Rotwand04:54
cptnerr, Rotwang, sorry04:54
cptnbut once QTDIR was set it built04:54
Rotwangsepen: you tried to build vbox on a clean env?04:55
sepenyep. on a fresh install04:55
cptnthe problem is this:04:55
sepenbut I can do it onemore time04:55
cptnsets QT3DIR04:55
cptnuses QTDIR04:55
cptnI would guess that this is where the /usr/share/qt3 path comes from...04:56
sepenwell I can't understand how I have 3 boxes with vbox installed without any kind of errors04:57
sepenill try on a fresh install newly04:57
cptnit's strange indeed05:01
sepencptn, ok I see     1241   for q in $QT3DIR; do ....05:01
cptnit's quite complicated...05:02
sependid you read that
cptnthe whole configure, I mean :-)05:02
sepenthat confused me05:02
sepenbut I like you guys, thanks!05:03
sepenIll try to find a solution05:04
cptnalso, maybe 2.0.2 is different than the trunk version05:04
sepenwell not as different as the 1.5.x and 1.6.x series05:04
sepenafter sun adquired innotek a lot of changes was made05:05
sepen*was made?05:05
cptnwere made05:06
sepenok, thanks05:07
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cptnwell, =======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/virtualbox#2.0.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded05:08
cptnwith both qt3 and qt405:09
cptnQTDIR is not set05:09
cptnso I guess configure can do the right thing :-)05:10
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Rotwangheh, intereting why it hapens in my case only05:17
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Rotwangill try on mine fresh install05:20
Rotwangsepen: xerces-c ERROR 404: Not Found05:26
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spaceninjawow I just installed xfce, feels much "cleaner" compared with gnome :)05:37
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dinxdo people still use gnome ?05:45
dinxwith the exeption of jaeger ofcourse ;)05:45
* Rotwang is waiting for new gnome to appear in ports05:48
dinxhmm never used gnome since i first used ubuntu05:51
dinxmight be worth while to give it a go05:51
dinxin vm or something05:51
dinxthats if it even builds..05:51
Dapper_DanI had a dickens of a time getting Gnome built in 2.3. KDE on the other hand was easy. But now I use neither in 2.4. ;)05:58
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frag_hi all06:16
frag_may i install crux on vmware fusion?06:16
Dapper_DanI've not tried it on vmware. I did have 2.4 working in VirtualBox once.06:21
frag_ok tnx06:21
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sepenpfff, my isp sucks08:09
sepenthe same that pitillo has, really sucks08:10
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Dapper_DanTrying to install gthumb. It's begging for gnome-doc-utils...08:35
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Romstersepen, mtools requires -j1 at install time. else it fails saying file already exists.09:42
sepenit works forme09:45
sepenwell on uniprocessor boxes09:45
sepensomeone with the same results?09:45
sepenRotwang, I have a fix for vbox09:48
sepenRotwang, could you try it?
sepenRomster, could you paste me the error message?09:50
Rotwangsepen: I confirm Romsters error09:51
sepenok, so Ill add the line09:52
sepenthanks Romster and Rotwang09:52
Rotwangsepen: im going to check your fix in couple of minutes09:54
sepenok and thanks09:54
Rotwangsepen: btw, you dont need to do this much ;p09:54
Rotwang[ "$(pkginfo -i | grep '^qt3 ')" ]09:55
Rotwangpkginfo -i | grep '^qt3 &>/dev/null09:56
Rotwangin the if statement09:56
sepenRotwang, its only a beta test09:56
sepenif it does the trick I'll clean up the code09:56
Romstersepen, k09:56
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mtools: Added required -j1 (thanks Romster)09:57
sepenRomster, well it could be patched too09:59
Romsterah you bet me to it.09:59
Romstertrue but that's quicker and it's only the install stage.09:59
Romsternot gonna gain much in speed.09:59
Romsterup upstream should have it fixed10:00
sepenthat release has about 1 year10:00
Rotwangsepen: xerces link seems to be broken10:00
sepenI add a note to my todo, Ill try to contact with the mtools authors10:00
RomsterRotwang, no need to retest i tired with -j1 and it works.10:00
Romstersepen, cool :)10:01
sepennew xerces-c version -> 3.0.010:02
sepenwell more thing todo10:02
sepenguy you give a lot of work today10:02
sepenxDDDD thats nice!10:02
* Rotwang is looking for a job10:04
sepenRotwang, xDDD10:04
Rotwangfull time job10:04
sepenRotwang, please could you confirm the vbox patch?10:05
sepenhere builds without qt3 installed10:05
Rotwangsepen: im testing it atm10:05
Rotwangexport QTDIR works in my case only10:07
Rotwangbut if it happens on my box only i guess i 've got something missconfigured10:15
sepensomething like env QTDIR=/usr/share/qt4 fakeroot pkgmk ?10:17
sepenso weird10:18
sepenI think the problem was that I need to specified explicitely the --disable-qt3 or --disable-qt4 if not found10:18
thrice`so it works with only one or the other ?10:19
sepenafter that I test from various scenarios on a fresh install, so Im able of build with qt3 only and with qt4 only too10:19
sepenthrice`, yeah10:19
sepenthrice`, thats as appears in the slackbuild10:19
thrice`cool! :)10:20
sepenIll try the same when arrive to my home10:20
sepenplease tell me results if someone experienced some problems10:20
sepenfinally Ill commit the patch at night if all seems fine10:21
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tilmanxorg-xtrans has an unsorted .footprint10:39
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cruxbot[opt.git]: jhead: updated to 2.8410:48
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cruxbot[opt.git]: nvidia: update to 177.8011:15
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thrice`hm, looks like new udev supports ./configure11:24
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xtrans: updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: xerces-c: Updated 2.8.0 -> 3.0.012:50
spaceninjado I need to create a initrd file to boot the crux iso from a usb stick?13:28
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* spaceninja just saw something in the handbook13:33
RedShiftif you compile in the right modules I don't think so13:36
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spaceninjaI don't know how to make the iso bootable on a usb stick, I tried to dd the crux iso on both sda and sda1, none of them works13:38
spaceninjaI also tried to install lilo on MBR13:39
Romsteruse syslinux13:39
spaceninjaok13:40 s down13:40
sepenspaceninja, I've some info about that
sepenbut isn't a really crux 2.5 release :)13:41
sepenjust an image without ports inside them13:41
spaceninjacool, thanks alot!13:43
spaceninjaNow I can finally put crux on my eeepc13:43
sepenspaceninja, all you need is another usb mounted hardrive (or nfs) with the compiled packages you want to install13:44
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sepenspaceninja, it boots fine for you?13:53
spaceninjaI'm currently downloading it13:54
sepenit tested on another eeepc90013:54
spaceninjaI got the 90013:54
rehabdollmm, a source-based distro on a eeepc :D13:54
jaegeryeah... I thought about putting crux on my 901 but decided it wasn't worth it13:55
sepenspaceninja, use at your own risk, is still in beta status and the setup scripts are not the official ones13:55
sepenjaeger, my image works fine on eeepc's13:56
treachwell, aren't we all using crux at our own peril already? :>13:56
sepenbut I repeat spaceninja, is still incomplete13:56
sepentreach, yeah, but mine isn't official13:56
treachI know. ;)13:56
sepenis just my own hack or plained ideas, and some part are still in development status13:56
jaegersepen: I'm sure it does but a source-based distro on SSD seems a bad idea to me13:57
thrice`sepen: i'll be happy to test when it gets ability to install packages :)13:57
treachjaeger: how about jdolan's old pkg-get stuff?13:57
sepenjaeger, just use a unionfs with another writable filesystem (usb, etc.)13:57
sepentreach, jdolan, or sip?13:57
treachmmh? sip had something like that?13:57
sepentreach, for what I known pkg-get downloads all packages before install something13:58
treachyes, that was kind of the point13:58
thrice`jaeger put on a net-setup onto the iso.  that could do it :)13:58
sepenIm use the openbsd style for installing packages using a PKG_PATH13:58
jaegerI've got a weird unionfs/squashfs setup on my 901 already13:58
sepenthrice`, yeah, sure, I'm also using jaeger's mirror for pre-compiled packages13:58
jaegerthe net-setup, incidentally, hasn't been updated in some time13:59
thrice`sadly :)  I loved that feature13:59
sepenthrice`, I performed an installation at office on some boxes using the jaeger mirror13:59
spaceninjajaeger: which os do you got on your 901?13:59
jaegerubuntu-eee at the moment13:59
sepenhmm better than xandros ?14:00
jaegerin my opinion, yes14:00
sepenhmm I think that a crux-based one would be better14:00
sepenall we need are some precompiled-optimized packages14:01
spaceninjabut it can't be that bad to compile stuff on a 900, I only need to install xfce and xorg one time14:02
spaceninjaor blackbox with pypanel14:02
jaegercompiling isn't the issue14:02
jaegerit's write life on the SSD14:03
jaegermy 901 has a 1.6GHz atom, it's plenty fast14:03
jaegerI just don't want to write too much to disk... I would use a ramdisk or usb drive or something14:03
sepen<jaeger> it's write life on the SSD14:03
jaegerbut I haven't really seen the point yet14:03
sepenjaeger, how about using unionfs14:03
sepenthe ssd as readonly branch14:03
sepenand /var mounted in another place - branch14:04
sepenthere are a lot of scenarios with unionfs14:04
jaegerthat's entirely doable, I've already got a couple partitions set up that way on my ubuntu-eee install... my point is I haven't seen a reason to switch to crux over it yet14:04
thrice`anyone used pm-utils recently on crux ?14:05
Romsterubuntu.... urge to kill.14:05
thrice`sepen: so, you used your usb image to install a 2.3 set of packages?14:05
thrice`oh wait, jaeger has 2.4 for the updated iso ?14:05
sepenthrice`, 2.4 from jaeger14:05
treachRomster: how come? it's not old enough to have molested you as a child.. ;)14:06
sepenthrice`, I suggest you to learn how my iso works if you are planning to use it14:06
thrice`sepen: ok, sorry (still at work and can't browse it yet)14:07
sepenplease. I've still some thing todo
spaceninjasepen: what did you do with the kernel, downloaded it from the official website?14:07
sepenthe kernel process I think is the same that the official iso14:07
sepenyou can compare both Makefiles14:07
thrice`a live / usb install image would be very nice for 2.5 :)14:08
sepeni.e: I'm adding ATM the *fsprogs: reiserfsprogs and e2fsprogs14:08
sepenso you can't format a hardrive ATM14:09
sepenthrice`, sure14:09
thrice`sepen: very nice work :)  looks great14:10
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Romsterwhy can't they just of made a patch...14:22
Romsteror put out rc214:22
rehabdollyeah, and i guess 99% of all cruxusers wont hit that bug :)14:24
Romsteri got a 64bit system but still using 32bit on it.14:24
Romsterjust haven't converted over yet.14:26
Romstertoo many things i'm doing.14:26
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sepenRotwang, it does the trick kBuild: Compiling VirtualBox4 ....14:38
Romsterfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly14:40
Romsteri can't push it..14:40
Romsterand the site is gone hmm14:40
sepenRomster, down14:40
Romster (111) Connection refused14:40
sepensee the sip's mail14:40
tilmanmaintenance etc14:41
Romstervery short notice i checked my emails this morning.14:41
Romsterwhich was last morning now...14:41
thrice`it was sent a few hours ago14:43
treachI got it an hour and a half ago or so.14:44
Rotwangsepen: ?14:44
Romster5:32 i got it and it's now 6:4514:46
Romsterlike that's long notice.14:46
Romsterno ETA on finish time either.14:47
Romsteri guess they keep going over the estimated time :)14:47
sepenmaybe my hwclock14:49
Rotwangwhat does the trick?14:49
sepennow Im running ntp14:49
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Rotwangoh, k14:51
Rotwangbut those [ $() ] are ugly, all it does is that oit tests the output14:52
sepenso you suggest me  ``14:52
Rotwangif pkginfo -i | grep blah &>/dev/null; then14:53
sepenah ok14:53
sepen#bash rocks :)14:53
Rotwangyeah ;]14:54
Romsterback ticks is the old way $() is the new way.14:54
Romsterboth work.14:54
cptnold way, new way?14:55
Rotwangboth ways do work14:55
Rotwangbut () is encouraged14:55
Romsterfrom what i read about shell programming.14:55
sepencptn, oooh yeah men! :()14:56
Romster`` predates $() and $(0 is preferred/encouraged14:56
Romsteri got told off using that check in Pkgfiles so no one else should use that method and should add it to or something.14:57
Rotwangthere is little difference between `` and $() though14:59
Rotwang  <- from man page14:59
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Romsteri prefer $() as it's the new way and is easier to read.14:59
Romstertake your pick stick to the old or move on and improve.15:00
sepennot the right one, sorry15:00
Romsterexec `` $()15:01
Rotwangbtw subshells15:01
Romstersub shell si just ()15:01
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* Romster goes to get food15:01
ximondaHi there...15:01
ximondatoo late again...15:02
Rotwangthats why there is no point of unsetting variables at the end of the build15:02
sepenthe right one --->  82. Why is $(...) preferred over `...` (backticks)?     from
sepenbbl, time to dinner15:03
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Romsterhi ximonda15:07
Romsterlike i said earlier $() is easier to read and looks neater15:09
Rotwangi preffer $() too15:10
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Romsterif only there was more guides on POSIX shell writing to avoid the bashisms.15:15
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Rotwangany graveman from contrib users?16:42
ximondaRotwang: What?16:44
Rotwangwhat what?16:45
Rotwangximoda: do tou have graveman from contrib installed?16:45
sepenI understand grave man :-)16:45
ximondaRotwang: nope.16:55
ximondaI just googled: CD Recording tool.16:55
Rotwangyep ;]16:57
ximondaI don' burn CDs anymore... they're just too small.17:02
sepenI've a crdrom reader at car, so I ll burn cds surely17:04
ximondaI only have some plain audio CDs for my DJ job...17:05
ximondabut that moves more and more over to the mp3 domain.17:06
Romsterogg and flac17:07
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ximondaOk, I'll go to sleep.17:38
ximondaHave a nice evening!17:38
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nipuL prt-get isinst crux20:27
nipuLpackage crux is not installed20:27
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Romsterstill no web site.23:00
Romsterhmm site works but git don't...23:02
Romsterand for godness sake i got told off using checks in Pkgfile and now sepen adds in one....23:03
Romsterwhat gives23:03
Romster$ git fetch23:03
Romsterfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly23:03
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Romstersepen could of patched than to add in that ugly hack.23:07
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