IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-10-08

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teKRomster: what do you mean exactly00:13
nipuLRomster: i think is having a long over due scheduled update00:37
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cptnwell, git works for me00:48
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Romstergit fetch01:33
Romsterfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly01:33
Romsteran i just tried it now again01:33
sependid you tried with a new clone repo?01:43
Romsterwhy would i need todo that when it work before the maintenance.01:45
Romsteradding verbose gives no extra info.01:46
Romsteri'd say my connection is refused, nothing on my end has changed.01:46
Romstersepen, on another note why did you add them pkgmk checks for qt4 and qt3 like that and not modify
Romsteri got told off for doing exactly what you've done to the virtualbox port.01:47
sepenthat increases the performance?01:47
Romsterit does the checks the right way.01:48
Romsterthat's what configure is fore.01:48
sepenand my lines no?01:48
cptnsepen: have you tried just specifying both qt3 and qt4?01:50
Romsteryou edit to do do the checks for enabling qt4 and qt3 or disable them... then autoconf then buld noo need to add in your work around that i got told off for doing, and even the crux devs have said is the wrong way to be adding pkgmk -i |grep checks.01:50
cptnsince it appeared that it'll check whether the binaries (moc IIRC) are there01:51
Romsterbah i can't type right... configure.ac01:51
sepencptn, I was using qt4 and qt3 before this change01:51
cptnso it might just do the right thing automatically01:51
Romsterif in doubt i read the file and see what it does.01:51
sepenRomster, hmm01:52
Romstereasier to read autoconfigure.{ac,in} than the configure script itself.01:53
sepenRomster, well Ill try when having some more time, now I'm at office01:54
cptntoo bad virtualbox doesn't use autoconf...01:54
sepenno no, no that, Ill investigate about01:54
Romster good read.01:54
sepenok thanks01:55
Romsterso what build system i should look for myself.01:55
Romsterwhat the god damn....01:57
Romsteri can git clone contrib vbut i can't even git fetch in my existing git tree that i have commited stuff in wating to push01:57
Romsterdid soemone alter the paths?01:58
sepenRomster, did you read the tilman mail?01:58
RomsterI read the ML and it's only got the one scheduled email.01:58
sepenalso the sip one, was in maitenance01:58
Romsteri read that other one but when is that ment to take effect?01:58
Romsterand how is that ment to affect git01:58
Romsterthat affects the ports driver files01:59
cptnsepen: mmmh, did you know that virtualbox doesn't to build with gcc 4.3?01:59
Romstercorrect me if i'm worng01:59
sepencptn, no01:59
sepenohh I've gcc 4.2.401:59
cptnyeah, only crux 2.5 will go to 4.302:00
Romsteri've compiled gcc-4.2.4  with my gcc-4.3.202:00
sepenfor some reasons I prt-get locked it02:00
sepenno idea about new versions02:00
Romsteri could throw it in contrib like the gcc34 is.02:00
sepencptn, thanks for the advisement02:01
cptnsepen: no problem02:01
sepencptn, but surely the innotek(sun) guys would fix i02:01
cptnwell, they may eventually02:01
Romsterso why is there no email about breaking git and having to reclone?02:01
sepenno mail, still in maintenance02:02
Romsterand then i have to transfer my commits i've got locally over to the new clone02:02
cptnsepen: unfortunately, the trunk version still has that error02:02
Romsterbe damn nice if they added a ETA02:02
sepencptn, you compiled the trunk one, ohh02:02
Romsteralso i figured otu the time i got the email at 05:32 and the time difference conversion puts the maintance at 06:00 for me so i had 30 minutes warning...02:03
sepenwell, quick decision I suppose02:03
Romsteri'll just hold off on contrib and yet sepen was able to push virtualbox.02:03
sepenRomster, surely I pushed it before 'sip' starts the git-repos maintenance02:04
sepensip has a lot of work, so I think he needs to optimize his time02:04
Romstersepen did the commit at 10:00 my time02:05
Romstersepen, after...02:05
Romstermaintaince started at 06:00 my time you pushed that at 10:0002:05
Romsterand i got the email for maintenance at 05:3202:06
Romsterdid you reclone contrib?02:06
cptnI think you mentioned that already02:06
Romsteror edit a path or something?02:06
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cptnRomster: how's your fork coming along btw?02:35
cptnlooks like it's going to be fairly different from CRUX02:37
Romsteryes it's departing a fiar bit.02:40
Romsterstill keeping it for experienced users. and as minimal as possible.02:41
cptnit sounds more like it's a feature for you to add more features02:41
Romstersmall number of ports low automation.02:41
cptnI misunderstood that for minimal complexity02:42
Romsterwell i've been hacking away at pkgutils and made some changes still i'm going to be making more.02:42
cptnmaking it more powerful and flexible02:42
Romsterusing runit works well.02:42
cptnI take02:42
Romsterpretty much if i can.02:42
Romsteri'm running it on my desktop and it's stable.02:44
Romsteri did have some minor teething issues with new hardware my old k7 motherboard died so i got a phenom quad now.02:45
cptnah, nice02:45
cptnwell, not the dying MB of course, but the quad02:45
Romster4GB ram expandable to 16GB 1.16TB in lvm2 nvidia 9600gt02:45
Romsterworking well i might of slightly over did the psu rating it's a 720watt peak 650watt conrtinious.02:46
Romsteri'll be able to use it later on dual video. when i change the mobo.02:47
Romsterthe k7 was reliable too bad the motherboard let up.02:47
cptnyeah, just one year short of its 10y anniversary :-)02:47
Romsterbut stuff happens02:48
cptnof the CPU family, that is02:48
Romsterit's a solid performer i had it running 100% in 40+C hot summer no over heating.02:48
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Romstercptn, although it was way underpowered for my needs, this quad does nicely.03:02
RomsterRotwang, lol03:02
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rehabdoll4gb ram in a 32bit os?04:13
rehabdollwhy not just throw away 1gb? :)04:13
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rehabdollwee, rsync works again \o/04:14
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sepenRomster, I recently pushed into contrib.git04:19
sepenit works fine for me04:19
sepenalso Im still using my old working copy04:19
Romsterwith url = crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git ?04:20
Romstergit fetch04:20
Romsterfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly04:20
Romstersame stuff...04:21
Romsternoticed a git clone gave me a url = git://
Romsterbut i haven't tried changing it.04:21
Romsterit worked as it was.04:21
cptnthat's the public checkout url04:21
cptnthese are not for pushing04:22
Romsteruntil the maintenance04:22
Romsterthought as much04:22
cptnthat has been like this forever04:22
sepenI'm using the ssh clone method04:22
sepengit clone ssh:// ....04:22
Romstermy git is upto date.04:23
cptnyes, you can read from git:// urls04:23
cptnbut pushing only workes over ssh04:23
Romstergathered that might of been the case but i'm only fetching atm...04:23
Romsterso i can do a rebase before i push.04:24
Romsterbut even a fetch fails.04:24
Romstergot me beat.04:24
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Romsterit's crux: as i got that in my ~/.ssh/config as a alias04:26
Romstergit clone crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git04:27
RomsterInitialized empty Git repository in /tmp/contrib/.git/04:27
Romsterfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly04:27
Romsterok something odd.04:27
Romsteri guess ssh isn't working.04:27
sepenHost crux04:27
sepen  Hostname crux.nu04:27
sepen  Port 222204:27
sepen  User xxx04:27
sepenbut I've ~/.ssh/config04:27
Romstergot that too that uses the key file.04:28
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Romsterand it worked before sip messed with the box. so he must of changed something.04:28
Romsteri'll wait.04:28
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Romsterand i haven't changed any settings so i doubt i got a miss-configuration.04:30
rehabdollyeah, i cant fetch either04:30
RomsterIdentityFile so i got multiple keys for various things as alias.04:30
sepenwell, I can04:30
Romsterfirewall on ip rage or something that doesn't affect sepen04:31
sepenone sec04:31
Romsterwould explain it.04:31
Romsterso rehabdoll has the same issue.04:32
cptnRomster, rehabdoll: can you try again?04:36
rehabdollit's alive!04:37
cptngood, thanks for testing04:38
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rehabdollwhat changed?04:40
cptnrehabdoll: can you try again?04:41
cptnlater git's move git-shell to /usr/lib/git-core04:41
cptnused to bin in /usr/bin04:41
cptnso your login shells were broken04:41
rehabdollstill works btw04:42
cruxbot[core.git]: man-pages: update to 3.1104:46
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sepenI really like the electrobel community ->
Romstercoking dinner working git now.05:12
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libtheora: x86_64 fix (thanks rehabdoll)05:13
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rehabdolltheres a new xinelib btw05:36
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Romsteryeah hadn't loked just yet05:59
Romsterafter i eat dinner05:59
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jtnl_Rotwang, in link the ist fail06:57
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Rotwangyou can grab the base install packages from core and opt (provided by Matt Housh) or core and opt (provided by Tilman Sauerbeck)06:58
Rotwangjtnl_: thanks, ill fix that06:59
jtnl_Rotwang, nothing, I also benefited because I was looking for that file07:01
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thrice`wow, lots of complaining in the backlog :)07:12
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cptnthrice`: you think so?07:32
thrice`  I've noticed that one didn't update too well, however :)07:33
cptnthrice`: hah07:34
cptnthanks for that07:34
thrice`sure :)07:35
cptnit looks like all tables are broken07:38
cptnfixed, thanks07:40
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morlenxusIs it possible to restore an old port version? Current version of the nvidia port doesn't support my graphic card anymore and i want to switch back to the old version.08:25
pitill0morlenxus, checking directly gitweb to look for the version you want?08:26
pitill0morlenxus, btw, tillman talk about a good util, pkg-export (not sure if it can be a good idea for nvidia too)08:27
morlenxusah thanks08:28
morlenxusoh, what's the webgit url?08:30
pitill0morlenxus, in the development section08:31
pitill0ummm pkgexport was the command, without the -, sorry08:32
jaegermorlenxus: did you already check the legacy drivers to see if support for your gpu got moved there?08:33
morlenxusHm no?08:37
morlenxusYou mean the xorg 2d drivers?08:37
jaegerI mean the nvidia binary drivers. there are 2 sets08:38
sepenmorlenxus, $ prt-get readme nvidia08:38
sepen--> *** NOTE for users of legacy hardware ***08:38
sependid you read it before nothing?08:38
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Romstermorlenxus, there is 2 legacy ports in contrib.08:53
Rotwangthere are* ?08:54
Rotwangbtw. what is responsible for caps lock?08:55
Romsternvidia-legacy-71xx and nvidia-legacy-96xx08:55
Rotwanghow can i enable/disable it via command line?08:55
Rotwangwithout additional 3rd party apps08:55
Romsterxkeys maybe?08:55
Romsteri arn't quite sure why would you wanna do that.08:55
RotwangI'm just curious08:56
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Rotwangwtf happened to portdb?? |_O09:43
cruxbot[contrib.git]: xine-lib: 1.1.14 -> 1.1.1509:45
Romsterindeed only just noticed myself.09:46
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rehabdollread the ml :>09:47
Romsterffs i've read it a million times.09:49
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Romsteri know sip is doing upgrades.09:49
Romsterpaths will need fixing.09:50
cptnwhich path?09:50
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Romsterportdb on crux.nu09:53
cptnyes, what is your problem?09:53
Romsterit's not listing the main repositories now.09:53
Romstermy problem is rehabdoll telling me to read the ML :D and i have09:54
Romstersimple thing.09:54
cptnwell, I guess he was refering to the discussion on the new portdb09:54
cptnthat went on today09:54
Romsternot worried i'm sure sip is onto that.09:54
cptnbecause there's a portdb caching problem (which may cause the missing repos)09:54
Romsteri read that ML post on tilman09:54
cptnit was by nipuL09:54
Romsteri meant the older discusion one.09:55
Romstercrux-devel] Proposed git->rsync script updates09:55
cupe^Hello fellas09:55
cptnhey cupe^09:55
Romsterah nipuL  is writing a new one.09:57
Romsterhi cupe^09:57
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Rotwangwhat can i do to speed up torrent in mldonkey?12:29
Rotwangsepen any ideas?12:29
sepenopening ports in your router?12:34
sepenreally I've no idea about btorrent12:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: tig: 0.12 -> 0.12.113:32
teKgit IS working13:33
tilmansepen: hooray nethack :D13:55
sepenI've another version for showing differences when ports are deleted, checkout, edited13:56
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sepentilman, did you make a test?14:03
tilmanhaha, chinese democracy on nov 25th14:12
aonya rly14:29
tilmanaon: i think he was referring to the release (data) ;)14:29
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sepentilman, I updated the mult driver stuff14:33
iascorgaprintf '%s\n' *14:34
sepeniascorga, :)14:34
tilman"On April 1, 2003, The Offspring announced that they would be naming their upcoming album Chinese Democrazy (You Snooze, You Lose)."14:37
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nipuLi swear they need to teach a course on how to get porn off the internet without screwing up your computer22:04
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nipuLpfft, he could have least had some decent stuff :\22:21
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iascorgaThat is some odd stuff right there.23:47

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