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spaceninjadoes anyone know how to enable fam in xfce? I'm trying to get gamin to work03:55
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* nipuL is making a frets on fire keyboard guitar07:12
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spaceninjagood afternoob09:09
spaceninjafound a nice quote from blackbox's webpage, "Perfection is reached not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery09:12
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cruxbot[opt.git]: esmtp: updated to 1.0.11:50
thrice`nipuL: hehe, like the new portdb ;)11:53
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aon14:20 <@oh2kku> niin tuohon voisi säätää jonkun ikärajan kyl, esim. vain alle12:31
aon14:20 <@oh2kku> niin tuohon voisi säätää jonkun ikärajan kyl, esim. vain alle12:31
aon14:20 <@oh2kku> niin tuohon voisi säätää jonkun ikärajan kyl, esim. vain alle12:31
aonhmm, sorry12:31
aonaccidental paste12:31
aonleaned on my right mouse button12:32
tilmannp: icon of coil - dead enough for life \o/12:32
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jtnlhi, someone had problems with the xorg-server version 1.5.1 with ATI Radeon? out of curiosity13:07
Rotwangif you use catalyst it wont work13:09
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thrice`jaeger: you figure out the policykit without Pam bit?13:58
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jaegerhaven't had much time to look into it yet14:01
thrice`I found that for slackware, might help a bit?  haven't tried it personally, but thought it was worth a shot :)14:02
thrice`just thought I'd pass it along as a possible fix14:02
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jaegerI'll take a look, thanks14:03
jaegerlooks like it uses the same fix I did, I just haven't tested mine yet14:04
jaeger(removing the pam_appl.h reference)14:04
thrice`ah, ok14:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: nao: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side14:47
cptnlol @ Rotwang14:54
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Romsterwhat the kind of descriptive message is that...15:03
Rotwangi didnt know what to write15:07
Romsteralso shouldn't the release been bumped?15:08
Rotwanghmm, yes it should be15:08
cruxbot[contrib.git]: nao: port release bump15:09
cptnmmmh, why the bump?15:10
cptnit's a compile time error the patch fixes, right?15:10
cptnso those that have it installed don't have to rebuild15:10
Rotwangnot only15:10
cptnah, oka15:10
Rotwangafter boost bump (i guess) nao didnt work, undefined symbol or sth15:11
Rotwangso it has to be rebuilt15:11
cptnah, okay15:11
cptnforgot what I said then15:11
Romsternever used that file manager.15:13
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Romsterif it was just a compile time error sure i agree with cptn15:14
Rotwangnot only as i said before15:14
Romsteri saw it looked like a revision bump was warranted.15:15
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akinI believe mplayer's source is dead16:07
Romster3 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 1999ms16:12
Romsterseems the site is dead16:13
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jaegerwouldn't be nearly the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last16:14
Romster just use another mirror.16:15
Romsterit's probably a temporary network issue.16:16
akinI'm getting xine instead16:17
Romsterboth work well. mplayer is lighter on dependencies16:19
akinhmm it is16:21
akinmaybe I should stop xine16:21
* Rotwang1 have both16:21
Rotwang1xine and mplayer16:21
Romsterxine is also great i use that one16:22
Romsterwith xine-ui16:22
Romsterboth have there purposes.16:22
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