IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-10-10

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teKhola` sepen01:09
sepenhehe today is a 'day holiday' in spain01:10
sepenbut not for me01:10
sepenwell was yesterday but only a few persons are working today, as me01:11
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teKwell - why?01:14
sepenI can't translate the word, but here its called 'bridge day'01:16
cptngood morning01:19
teKsepen: it's called 'bridge day' in germany,too. Another reason for not going to work01:20
teKhello Captain01:20
sepenmorning cptn01:20
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Rotwangjtnl: hi, so your radeon works now?02:50
jtnlRotwang, hi, yes, but not the last update of xorg02:53
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akinis this a valid source address?
akindidn't work03:03
juework for what?03:06
akinwhen I do  prt-get depinst mrxvt03:07
juehmm, the source line in mrxvt looks ok03:09
akinbut it doens't work over here03:09
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akinI've added a line in hosts03:10
akin193.61.193.66 and so on03:10
cruxbot[opt.git]: gimp: updated to 2.6.103:11
akinwee :D03:11
akinjue: have you tried to download it? Did it work for you?03:12
Rotwangno, it doesnt work03:13
Rotwangakin: mrxvt in contri has good source03:16
jueRotwang: as I said already03:16
akinbut I'm already trying to use the one from contrib03:17
Rotwangakin: obviously it would not be you if the simpliest thing made so much trouble x|03:19
juedidn't find in dig's output for dl.sourceforge.net03:20
Rotwangor somthing like that03:20
akinsorry, meant that03:20
akinwhat do you mean?03:22
sepenif the mrxvt link its running now?03:23
jueakin: it's normal to have troubles with sourceforge03:23
sepenjue, dig it does here
sepenakin try to download it manually03:23
juesepen: no, but's not a port problem03:23
sepenakin, I hosted it on my server too
akinok cool thanks03:26
akinI found a direct link that worked on sourceforge
sepenjue, yeah sourceforge really sucks03:26
sepenhmm akin its a mirror issue03:26
juemanual download from heanet works for me, though03:26
sepenI think I shouldn't change the port's Pkgfile03:26
sepenalso should does the trick, but it also fails03:27
sepenno idea if sfg implements a round robbin algorithm03:28
juesorry, the source-line is wrong, should be ../materm/$name-$version.tar.gz03:29
sepenmaybe due to the last change I made03:31
sepenthanks jue, Ill fix inmediately03:31
sependue to that;a=commit;h=7d13e9a7ae5a3de003c99d298f0c75e0e913725803:33
sepenakin, well if you want my dot file to have an example
sepenand here one screenshot with materm running on it
akinyeah looks cool, thank you! :)03:36
sepensorry for the problem I cause you with the port03:37
akinheh, I'm just glad it got fixed03:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mrxvt: Fixed source line. (thanks Juergen)03:40
Romsteris it just me or is nvidia site down on downloads?04:18
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sepensome particular link? or the whole site?04:19
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sepen its ok forme04:19
Romster403 Connection refused04:19
Romsteri was on the site not long ago too. ~5min04:20
sepenso delete some cookies or try directly the link with curl, wget, etc04:21
akinwhile you're at it, mplayer doesn't get dowloaded :)04:21
akinthe official on04:21
Romstertried with each04:21
RomsterConnecting to||:80... failed: Connection refused.04:22
Romstereverything 40304:22
Romsteri'm out of luck...04:22
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] cups: update to 1.3.904:23
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Romsteroh god damn it i ran out of disk space for my squid cache and it decided to exit04:25
cruxbot[contrib.git]: darcs: update to 2.1.004:25
Rotwangcptn: lol04:26
sepenreading the backlog ... cptn this link fails for me04:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ncdu: 1.3 -> 1.405:05
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thrice`sepen: when 2.5 packages get put online somewhere, I am going to try your usb-installer :-)08:00
thrice`I have a laptop ready to go :)08:01
sependid you read some lines of my scripts?08:01
thrice`I did :)  although I'm not too good with installer stuff / iso related08:02
sepenwell jue also told me about to use isohybrid for creating usb images using the iso ones08:03
sepenthe uniq test I did fails, well I can do a next try when my boss left out from here08:04
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thrice`mm, anyone updated to hardware-eating .27 yet? :)10:00
Rotwangno because it doesnt work with ati catalyst :{10:01
sepensame here10:02
sepenI've prt-get depinst lock kernel, muahaha10:03
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jaegeryou've installed a 'lock' port and 'kernel' port? :)10:19
Romsterupdated to 2710:22
Romsterman it's fast.10:22
Romsterthey fixed the firmware bugs before the 27 release.10:23
Romsterit's a improvement. did you not read the change log?10:23
Romsterworks with binary nvidia.10:24
Rotwangjaeger: sup with gnome bump? ;]10:25
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aonhey, look who's back10:41
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jaegerRotwang: the bump that hasn't happened yet because I'm still trying to build a damn 2.5 iso? :)11:07
thrice`jaeger: heh, not going as planned?11:07
jaegerit's a pain in the ass so far11:08
jaegerat first it was simple stuff like needing to install python 2.6 in the chroot and perl 5.10, etc.11:08
jaegernow it's weird random shit, filesystem corruption even11:08
thrice`good way to spend friday :)11:08
jaegerI just let it go in the background while I work and check it periodically for errors11:11
thrice`how long is the process, should it go successfully ?11:11
jaegerdepends on the hardware but I'd guess around 8-10 hours on the box I'm currently using11:13
jaegerhaven't timed it recently11:14
thrice`wow, longer than I would have expected, even11:14
jaegerwell, it's 3 full builds of the iso repositories to do it right11:17
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thrice`are you building with 2.6.27 ?11:21
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cruxbot[opt.git]: opera: updated to 9.6011:34
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Rotwang # prt-get fsearch '/bin/cp' <-- doesnt give any rsult, why?12:42
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iascorgapaths are stripped.13:23
Rotwang# prt-get fsearch 'bin/cp'13:35
iascorgaprt-get fsearch cp13:36
iascorgaor, prt-get fsearch --full /bin/cp13:36
RotwangI should have a look at man page before asking13:38
Rotwangthanks iascorga13:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: subversion: updated to 1.5.319:43
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