IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-10-11

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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.4]: xorg-server: updated to
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tilmancan anyone recommend a tool to fix a corrupted ntfs mft? ;)03:57
tilmanthanks, i'll run that right away!03:58
Rotwangnp ;]03:58
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jesse_backups. do you has it? :p04:08
Romsterchkdsk TheDriveLetter: /r04:10
Romsterbut you need to be in native windows to do that or maybe in a VM04:11
Romstertilman, or it maybe time to break out
rxitilman: if chkdsk cant fix it nothing much can from experience04:35
rxinormally format and start again04:35
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Romsteryou can recover most files but with the tools.04:39
Romsterbest to backup data in the first place. and how did you manage to mess the MFT up04:40
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jtnlhi, all06:25
akinDoes anyone use mpd here? If so, did you make a rc.d script for it?07:03
Romsterhi just copy one of the existing ones if it has none.07:05
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akinmaybe it's in the share folder that gets removed in the Pkgfile build script07:09
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Romsteri guess you could start it in /etc/rc.local if you wanted to do it quickly.07:28
Romsterno idea why there is on /etc/rc.d scrip as i said you could make one, copy another file name it as that edit to suit07:28
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cptnakin: well, typically you don't want to run mpd as root, right?07:34
cptnso or is there a dedicated users for it?07:34
cptnmaybe you can just start it with your x session for example07:35
Romsternew openoffice is out seems they are holding off saying so till monday for there birthday07:42
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jesse_I wonder if they've added yet another fancy layer of slowness and bloat \o/07:48
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akincptn: guess so08:08
thrice`akin: you can make one for mpd, but be sure to change it to run from user, and root (in /etc/mpd.conf)08:20
thrice`i don't have mine anymore, but arch linux uses this approach.  I think I stole their rc.d script and mods to the Pkgfile :)08:22
akinthrice`: yes, I've seen it, looks good08:32
akinbut it doesn't have that simple cruxy feeling about it08:32
akin# If started as root, MPD will drop root privileges and run as08:35
akin# this user instead08:35
akinfrom the mpd.conf file08:35
akinso I guess I can make a rc script for it anyway08:35
akinwhat if I started mpd as the first daemon? Then I could be hearing music during bootup! hahah :D08:42
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akinit worked :)08:45
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Romstermusic during bootup... never thought about that08:48
teKsome Mainboards kann play WAV(?) files during P.O.S.T.08:48
Romsteri like my booting to go fast so it don't need splash or sound08:49
Romsteri've never seen one yet teK08:49
Romsterheard about08:49
akinbut it worked, if I can start mpd as early as possible, I will have music all the way!08:49
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akinbecause mpd can start playing where I stopped playing last time08:50
teKI was told by a guy who uses small weights to optimize his game play for counter strike so I bet it's onlly in very expensive boards08:50
teK*putting the weights in his mouse, of course08:50
akineh, not beacuse. Oh well, have a nice day08:51
Romsterwhat is he like piclo that trains with weights and then uses a mouse with no weight for fast games?08:51
teKlol, no. I don't know much about this insanity.08:51
teKHe has a mouse bungee, too08:52
teKsome of use used duct tape to fixate the mouse cable, he had the bungee. *sigh*08:52
teKhe's not using TFT Screens due to their reaction time08:52
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Romstersounds like a nut case.08:52
teKhe's a funny guy08:53
teKlast thing I heard was that he's on university but playing CS as a pro and his girlfriend started, too08:53
Romsternext mouse will sport a pogostick or something.08:53
Rotwangfuck x|08:53
RotwangI commited as root ;D08:54
Romsteryou can rool back if you haven't pushed08:54
Romstergit-reset --soft HEAD^08:55
Romsterundoes commit keeps your files.08:55
Rotwangyeah i could do that08:55
Romsterstill staged08:55
Rotwangdamn wine09:08
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RomsterRotwang, what's up with wine?09:33
Rotwangwhen I try to tun some prog under wine09:37
Rotwangit turns my screen into "mosaic"09:37
RotwangI cant really see anything09:37
Rotwangunfortunatelly I cant show you because screen made by scrot looks ok :O09:37
RotwangI think I once asked about that on #winehq09:38
Rotwangbut no reply09:38
Romsterwhat program?09:39
akin_Can anyone start mrxvt when giving it a X display name? "mrxvt -display hello" ?09:39
Romsterand wine version and video drivers. whould help09:39
RotwangRomster: I tried game legacy of kain09:40
Rotwangsome other games like spore in the past too09:40
Rotwangi use ati catalyst xorg-server 1.409:41
Rotwangkernel 2.6.2609:41
Romsterwould of thought mrxvt -display :1 would work...09:41
Rotwangwine and ati has current version from repos09:41
Romsterati isn't the best for that so that i would be suspecting.09:41
Rotwangyeah :{09:42
Romstertry without the dri module in xorg. i know it'll remove 3d acceleration but it might give clues if it's the cause or not09:42
Romsterthis is why i stuck with nvidia09:42
Rotwangk, i'll try09:44
akin_Romster: doesn't work09:44
akin_my plan is to make a mrxvt -display parent, and put other mrxvt into it, by mrxvt -into parent09:48
Romsterhmm no idea on that akin_09:49
Romsteri use sakura09:50
akin_does it have tabs?09:50
akin_cool, sakura chan09:50
Romsterit's in my private ports09:50
akin_hehe I've seen naruto :P09:50
Romstersince i started using that i don't even use xterm anymore.09:51
akin_Romster: have you tried mrxvt?09:51
Romsterdidn't liek it for some reason09:52
RomsterRotwang, seems to be the ati issue i think09:52
RomsterRotwang, you didn't say what wine --version either.09:53
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RotwangRomster: I told that it's current wine from opt10:05
RotwangRomster: its true I changed driver to radeon and now it works10:05
Romsterok 1.0 is old 1.1.6 is recent now.10:06
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Romstercool told ya it be ati10:06
Romsterif only ATI could fix there crap so it worked right.10:07
Romstersinc eit10:07
Romstersince it's open source10:07
Romsteri'd like to go ATI but not until they iron there bugs out.10:08
Rotwangdamn ati!10:10
Rotwangother thing is that10:19
RotwangI never was able to run succesfuly anything on wine except ↓Torrent ;]10:20
teKCounter Strike worked just fine for me (v1.5)10:20
Romsterstarcraft and red alert 2 work fine10:20
Rotwangah yes uTorrent and starcraft ;D10:21
teKso what else would one need?10:21
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jaegerI've run wow, steam games, and a few others in wine quite well10:21
teKassumed ATi drivers / NV  were working..10:22
RotwangI know ;D, I'll try with reactos10:24
RomsterNvidia is always working, ATI is mixed results specially with DirectX programs. intel may work but slow.10:24
Romsterreactos is even further behind wine last i looked.10:25
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akinRomster left?10:53
akinah, you're still here, how come I'm downloading your ports so slowly?10:53
Romstershould go faster soon paused stuff. maybe my QoS doesn't set enough aside.10:56
akinI guess I don't need to sync the entire thing, I could just download the Pkgfile for sakura alone10:56
Romstermight as well get the lot since you already started10:58
Romsterbut yeah you could of just got that one.10:58
Romsteri got a few other goodies in my repo10:58
Romsterok why did it stop i got nothing using my bandwidth.10:59
akinhehe I aborted it, I figured out I only need one Pkgfile,10:59
akinbut I thought I was downloading that stuff from crux's official server11:00
jesse_This depends quite a bit on what you are downloading.11:01
jesse_User contributed ports reside just about anywhere, while the source distfiles tend to come from
Romsterno i said it's my private one crux is a port database to everyones ports.11:03
akinwow sakura is great, but I facny mrxvt's crap tabs, but I'll use sakura instead, more user friendly11:05
Romsteri quite like sakura now, i've tried a few terms and i've managed to stay to this one.11:10
Romsteri did like kterm but i don't use anything that needs kdelibs anymore.11:10
rehabdollurxvt \o/11:11
akinurxvt doesn't have any tabs11:13
akinmaybe I should get a window manager with tab support11:14
akinthen I can use urxvt11:14
rehabdollfluxbox \o/11:14
Romsterpekwm has gui grouping too.11:14
akinI don't like fluxbox, it's overdone11:16
akinblackbox is great11:16
rehabdollhow so?11:22
akinjust a feeling11:24
jesse_Fluxbox overdone? if anything, it is a more integrated package than bb.11:31
jesse_To some it might be an improvement. Each to their own.11:31
akinok I have to give it another try, brb11:33
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akin_ok it's not that bad11:37
akin_but the default styles does not look good11:37
akin_I guess I can change it11:38
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Rotwangvirtualbox users around?15:34
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RyoStilman: ping16:41
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