IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-10-12

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akinhow do I play a internet radio station with the pls extension?02:26
akinI copied the file into my music dir02:29
iascorgatried the swiss army knife -- mplayer?02:30
Rotwangopen pls with your favourite editor ;D02:30
iascorgaoh, playlist?02:31
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akin_which image viewer do you use to set your background in blackbox?03:20
akin_ok, does bsetbg look for feh?03:23
akin_or do I have to set the background with feh?03:24
akin_or through bsetbg03:24
akin_I just run feh --bg-center03:25
sirmacikand path to image03:26
akin_yep, it's working, great03:26
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jtnlRotwang, hi installing lxde I had a bug
jtnlit may be something that I need or error mio, I followed the guide wiki08:51
Rotwangk, thx08:51
Rotwangyou can ignore that error08:51
jtnlRotwang, forgive my question noob, but how can I do to ignore this ruling?08:54
Rotwangprt-get depinst -if lxpanel08:54
jtnlRotwang, thanks , the next time before I read the guide prt-get xD08:59
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spaceninjaHi, I'm trying to make a Pkfile for mtpaint, but I'm getting a error. tar: *: Cannot stat: No such file or directory09:57
spaceninja    <-- my Pkgfile09:58
spaceninjaI'm getting the error at the end of the build09:58
jaegerperhaps its Makefile doesn't support DESTDIR09:58
cptnspaceninja: that's typically if $PKG is empty09:59
cptncp mtpaint "/usr/bin"09:59
cptncp: cannot create regular file `/usr/bin/mtpaint': Permission denied09:59
cptnspaceninja: your port installs directly into the filesystem09:59
cptnas jaeger says, it problably doesn't support DESTDIR10:00
spaceninjabut how can it install directly into my filesystem when I'm using $PKG?10:01
jaegerit's ignoring DESTDIR and thus $PKG10:01
cptnif the Makefile has an instruction like cp mtpaint "/usr/bin", then it'll install to /usr/bin10:01
cptnso if you check now, you probably have a /urs/bin/mtpaint on your system10:02
cptnthat's the relevant install target in the Makefile10:03
cptnand it doesn't use DESTDIR10:03
spaceninjait is installed on my system :/10:04
spaceninjabut I don't know how a makefile works10:05
cptnmaybe you can just start off with the existing mtpaint10:06
cptnthe existing port in portdb, I mean10:06
spaceninjaI guess so10:09
cptnor use make BIN_INSTALL=$PKG/usr/bin MT_PREFIX=$PKG/usr MT_MAN_DEST=$PKG/usr/man/man1 install10:09
cptnthe best thing would be to patch the Makefiles10:09
cptnto support DESTDIR10:09
cptnand send it to the author10:09
cptnby the way, you can use 'fakeroot' to build as non-root user10:14
cptnjust run 'fakeroot pkgmk' as your regular user10:14
cptnthen, such problems can't install directly to e.g. /usr/bin10:14
cptnerr, s/problems/ports/10:14
spaceninjayes, i've read this document
cptnwell, that's somewhat different10:16
spaceninjaBut I didn't know what it was good for until now10:16
cptnthe page describes who to build all with fakeroot10:16
cptnwhich is probably a good idea as well10:17
cptnbut you can just install fakeroot, and run "fakeroot pkgmk" manually10:17
spaceninjagood advice10:17
cptnespecially while creating packages, this is helpful10:17
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rehabdollany tips on generating entrpy on a mouseless box?11:44
rehabdollfredrik@zoidberg:~$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail11:44
jaegerkeyboard will do it, too, right? type a couple screens full of random garbage?11:49
rehabdollno keyboard connected :)11:49
rehabdollnevermind, i somehow have a kernel without "Hardware Random Number Generator Core support"11:49
jaegerhit it with a bunch of network traffic11:49
rehabdolli am11:50
rehabdolli've been generating a for over 12hrs11:50
jaegeryou could try some of the lfs entropy hint suggestions11:51
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spaceninjashould I put lighttpd hosted webpages in /var/www/  or in /home/lighttpd?14:13
spaceninjaI followed the lighttpd README and I ended up with this in my passwd file. lighttpd:x:102:100::/home/lighttpd:/bin/false14:14
spaceninjabut the lighttpd.conf says it should be put in /var/www14:15
spaceninjaby default14:15
joacimbe awesome and use /srv =)14:16
spaceninjaI guess it doesn't matter? :)14:17
spaceninjajoacim: what does srv stand for?14:18
spaceninjahehe cool14:20
spaceninjaI have to read whole document14:22
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Nyadhi, when is the next release planned for?15:47
Rotwanghai Nyad15:47
NyadRotwang: hi15:47
RotwangNyad: its on the way15:53
thrice`I think there is a delay waiting for binutils to release15:54
Nyadshould be soon then I hope15:54
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jdolanjaeger, all new shots,
jdolanper pixel lighting, parallax mapping, etc.21:42
jaegernice, looks pretty slick22:08
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prologicHey all. My X isn't working here anymore :/23:31
prologicjust crashes with no real error of sorts23:31
prologicCaught Signal 11:. Server aborting23:31
prologicI just did s sysup of everything23:31
prologicwhich also upgradex xorg-server23:31
prologicat first it complained about an invalid keyword in xorg.conf RgbPath23:32
jaegerperhaps you need to rebuild or upgrade video drivers?23:32
prologicxo I did an Xorg -configure and redir my config23:32
prologicI'm using nvidia23:32
prologicand that was also updated23:32
prologicis yous system up-to-date ?23:33
jaegerI'm updating xorg-server now, I'll let you know if it breaks23:33
prologicI'll upload my log23:34
prologicit's useless though23:34
jaegeryeah, not too helpful23:36
jaegerhey, do you know of My Child My Values?23:36
prologictbh, sometimes I wish there were something other than X :)23:36
prologicno I don't23:37
prologicshould i ?23:37
jaegerprobably not, just curious23:37
prologicwhat is it ?23:37
jaegercontent filtering23:37
jaegerjust wondered if it was something popular in AU but I don't think it's big at all23:37
prologicthere is very little content filtering here in AU23:38
prologiccountry-wide, local or even private23:38
prologicexcept in organizations (large ones)23:39, etc23:39
jaegerok, xorg-server is updated, be right back23:39
prologicto name a couple23:39
jaegerit seems to work quite well23:43
prologicdamnit :/23:43
prologicwhat'll I do ?23:43
jaegerupdated nvidia at the same time23:43
prologicit's br0ke here23:43
jaegerno idea :(23:43
jaegercould rebuild stuff again but I don't know that it would help23:44
prologicthere an easy way to upgrade all of xorg (and only xorg) ?23:44
prologicme neither23:44
jaegerunload and reload the nvidia module?23:44
prologicI'll try that23:44
jaegerhrmm... prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xorg` perhaps23:44
prologicno effect23:45
prologicdoing a rebuild of xorg ...23:45
prologicthis is where I hate X/Xorg :/23:45
prologicmy system is nothing special23:46
jaegersince it's a sig 11 you could also try memtest23:46
jaegerpossible some RAM just went bad, I guess23:46
prologicoh ?23:46
prologicwhat's sig 11 anyway ?23:46
prologicI can't remember23:46
jaegeror did I misread that?23:46
prologicno you're quite right23:46
prologicit's sig 1123:46
jaegerit's just an error that's typically associated with bad memory23:46
jaegerbut it can be other things, that's just most common =/23:47
jaegerit could be a bug in the server or the driver, too, just have to do some troubleshooting to narrow it down23:47
prologicwhich is precisely the problem23:47
prologicwith no error msg where does one start23:47
prologicand if it really is bad ram23:47
prologicthen my machine is a bit screwed :/23:48
jaegerwell, sorry to be alarming. there's no guarantee it's the RAM, but I'd check it23:48
prologicsignal 11 is a segfault23:48
prologicbloody hell23:48
jaegeralternatively, boot up an ubuntu livecd or something, run that for a while. if you have no crashes, then it sounds more like a software bug23:48
prologicyou hardly ever get those in linux at all23:49
prologicunless you write extermely bad code23:49
jaegerheh, yeah23:49
prologicthink I'll be running memtest when I leave work23:50
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jaegercan't hurt to eliminate that possibility23:50
jaegerspeaking of code, I should rewrite my ancient cd ripper program23:51
prologicand how is it any different ?23:52
jaegerone of the few pieces of perl code I still have around23:52
prologicfrom say ripperX (which I love) :)23:52
jaegerit's not special in any particular way, it's just that I wrote it23:53
jaegerwas a fun project to work with perl years ago and cddb, etc.23:53
jaegerI've been rewriting all the stuff I wrote in perl that I still use in python, though23:53
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