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prologicyou ought to re-write it in Python :)00:11
prologicpython 3 is niiiicccce :)00:11
jaegerthat's the plan00:11
jaegerhaven't used 3 yet00:11
prologicI have :)00:12
prologicI've successfully ported my library over already00:13
prologicand am presently re-packaging a core part of it and re-branding it00:13
prologicstill waiting on xorg components to rebuild00:25
prologicthis is a PITA :/00:26
jaegerindeed =/00:26
prologicanyone ever installed CRUX on an Apple hw ?00:27
jaegerI ran it on my macbook pro santa rosa00:27
jaegerdon't have it anymore00:28
prologiceverything work ok ?00:29
jaegerworked great, yeah00:29
prologichow bout the touchpad mouse thingy ?00:29
prologicyou knopw how the new airbook and macbooks come with multi-touch mous epads00:29
jaegernever tried it but I've read that it works. I almost always had a usb mouse plugged in00:30
prologicahh k00:32
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prologicxorg-server 5.2 just doesn't work here00:51
prologicI've downgraded to 4.200:52
prologicI'll run memtest as I leave00:52
prologicas I sitll suspect ram issues00:52
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pitillogood morning01:16
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cptndamn lag02:06
sepenI'm a 80286 ibm laptop02:07
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Rotwangsepen: any new t-shirt designs? ;]05:36
* Rotwang is buying one05:37
sepensure when 2.5 just be available05:37
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RotwangIm thinking to put some cruxish motto on my new shirt05:41
Rotwanglike: [...] i like crux \( WITH BASICS SOFTWARE \).05:41
sepenthe basics the motto05:41
sepenor crux ... for human beings ... xD05:42
Rotwangor WITHOUT LYNX, WITHOUT BASICS.... Sorry, makes no fun.05:42
sepenCRUX. just DIY05:42
Rotwangthis guy was epic ;]05:42
Nyadhello. I just installed crux on /dev/sdb3 and when I boot it says grub error 17 unable to mount selected partition. my grub is installed in ubuntu and my menu.lst has this in it
Nyadhow about, CRUX  "It just makes sense"05:44
sepenNyad, did you configure your fstab properly?05:45
sepenthe error is appeared after calling to init?05:46
Nyadit happens immediately once I select crux from grub's menu. I'll put up my fstab but it should be correct05:47
Rotwangit shouldnt be fstabs fault then05:47
NyadLOL, silly me. I wrote the fstab correct but forgot to uncomment the line with my root xD05:49
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Rotwangsepen : have you got somewhere this "crux" graphic?05:52
sepenyeah, but I need to gome home to boot up a box05:53
sepenI can upload my t-shirt images in the afternoon surely05:54
Rotwangoh, ok.05:54
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NyadI get the same error05:57
RotwangI thought so05:57
Rotwangis kernel compiled correctly?05:57
Nyadit should be05:58
Nyadthe odd thing is, I was installing freebsd on that partition a few days ago. in ubuntu when I do fdisk -l it still calls that a freebsd partition. but when I installed crux I did mke2fs -j /dev/sdb3  yet ubuntu still calls it a freebsd partition05:59
Nyadhmm gparted calls it ext305:59
Nyadill go recompile just to make sure06:04
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sepengrep ext3 /proc/filesystems06:29
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cptnthe partition type and fs type isn't the same06:33
cptnyou can set the former with fdisk06:33
nipuLa crux tshirt should just have a giant +1 printed on it06:57
aoni've been thinking that crux stickers might be good06:57
aonperhaps those should say "+1"06:57
nipuLpc badges06:57
Rotwanggood idea ;p06:57
Rotwangpc badge would be nice06:58
aonkvm seems pretty nice :)07:01
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sepennipuL, a new mplayer tarball is available on gentoo distfiles mirrors,, also Id prefer to have this mirror as the default one07:26
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spaceninjaI searched for the same file, downloaded it, put in where pkgmk can see it and installed it07:37
spaceninjamplayer that is07:38
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iascorgaonly 10,000 euros!08:53
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rehabdollmore like 1KEUR09:03
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rehabdollfinally 64bit binaries for openoffice09:23
rehabdoll.. since its so simple to compile09:24
aonnow i can finally ditch latex09:49
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thrice`yeah, I don't know why x64-bit binaries took so long.  I was a bit worried they were going to ditch them10:16
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tilmanaon: tell me you're kidding10:27
Rotwangno, he is dead serious ;]10:27
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aontilman: yeah :)10:38
aoni use latex on windows10:38
aon, too10:38
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thrice`oh, my o.O10:41
thrice`ooh, new poppler veresion too10:53
tilmanaon: good11:01
tilmanaon: do you know the beamer package?11:01
tilmanmassive elite uber-win11:01
aoni'll probably use magicpoint if i need to do presentations, though11:01
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tilmanmmh, haven't heard of it :o11:02
aonit's by the kame people11:02
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Rotwangwhat do you think? ;]12:30
tilmanare those quotes on the back? :D12:31
Rotwangits taken from J. Ashgars mail12:32
aon lacks the last slash12:51
aonand it's 'cries', not 'crys'12:52
thrice`and crys is an obvious typo :)12:52
aonwell, they're j^2 quotes...12:52
tilman/me crys [sic]12:53
RotwangI hope he dont mind ;p12:55
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jaegerat least she's thorough13:24
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RedShiftthat was worth installing flashplugin13:40
Rotwangjaeger: n00bish question here, what egsactly gl-select does?13:41
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jaegerRotwang: it creates the proper libGL/libGLcore symlinks for X based on which binary driver you're using, ati/amd or nvidia14:06
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