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pitillogood morning01:14
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jtnlhi all03:05
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sepenjurjur bash: can't load library ' client_input_channel_req: channel 0 rtype exit-status reply 006:14
sepenthanks intltool06:14
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sepenRotwang, ping10:05
Rotwangsepen: where can i find that crux typography?10:07
sepenI like this crux related stuff10:09
Rotwanglots of new stuff i didnt see10:09
sepenwell isn't really new10:11
sepenstill there are some obsolete files like
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sepenindeed, hehe, firefox port doesn't contain any .desktop file (and or icons) but hosts this folder
sepenmaybe someone is using it?10:16
Rotwangsepen: but where did you get "clear" crux like this:
Rotwangbut without the background10:17
sepenof course :-)10:18
Rotwanguh :{10:18
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Rotwangwhy someone keeps that? ;]10:20
sepenfiles/images != crux-art/10:20
sepenthere are a lot of ''attic'' stuff in
Rotwangyou people were laughing at me when I said im using uTorrent + wine10:21
Rotwangd8:announce28: by13:uTorrent10:22
Rotwangfrom crux 2.4 torrent ;]10:22
sepenyep I know10:25
sepenwell. going to home, bbl!10:26
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jaegerI'm not laughing, I love utorrent :)10:28
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tilmanboo, cruxbot died11:08
jaegermakes me feel better that clb isn't the only one with issues :P11:08
tilmanhehe, i fail at ruby11:09
tilmani tried to define a method twice, using different arguments (like you'd do in java etc)11:09
tilmanruby doesn't allow that though :D11:09
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tilmancool, top shows the same cpu usage stats as 2.6.2511:15
tilman2.6.26 seemed to get the math wrong for processes with more than one thread. or something like that.11:16
jaegerRotwang: that gnome image was used in the wiki. no idea on some of the rest of that stuff, though11:17
RotwangI love minsweeper ;]11:21
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davidbrenttis it posiblle to instal crux off of a usb drive13:08
davidbrenttand what should i use to transfer the iso13:09
cptnI don't think it works with the current ISO13:09
cptnpeople have built custom boot media before though13:09
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jtnlhi, all14:21
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jtnlRotwang,  as you had this problem in the installation of lxde?
cptnjtnl: there's an empty newline in the footprint of lxlauncher15:00
cptnwhich shouldn't be there15:01
cptnI would guess that the .footprint was edited by hand...15:03
thrice`indeed :)15:03
aonwell this is certainly sick15:14
aoni have a windows program running in wine forwarded to an X server running on windows15:15
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Rotwangediting footprints by hand isnt good idea ;]17:04
thrice`isn't it your repo..?17:05
Rotwangyes it is17:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: blender: Updated 2.47 -> 2.4818:16
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prologicsqlite3 is failing to build ehre :/23:39
iascorgadoes touch work at all for you23:48

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