IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-10-15

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cptnprologic: that's a know problem00:30
cptnI think it's if your util-linux is too new for your kernel...00:30
cptn"16:57 <nipuL> i upgraded the 2.6.20 box to 2.6.25, problem went away"00:33
cptnto a similar issue00:33
cptnmaybe that helps00:33
cptn-> off to work00:33
prologicmy kernel is quite old :)01:09
prologicI'll upgrade it01:09
prologictouch does otherwise work for me though01:10
pitillogood morning01:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: subversion-perl: Updated 1.5.2 -> 1.5.301:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: subversion-python: Updated 1.5.2 -> 1.5.301:58
pitillois there a posibility to upload e17 source snapshots to I am using my connection to give them to users, and it's a bit boring to upload them only a 40K/s. Can this option be studied? (8 snapshots=43Mb)02:37
pitilloor this can confuse people if they see in the source line? I hope someone can check this02:38
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pitilloand if someone can take a look to this I hope it can be fixed May be there are other contrib members which aren't showed in that list too02:44
pitilloif someone isn't listed I think it can be a good start point to answer it to make a list of people who aren't in the list02:46
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pitillocptn, thank you very much :)05:21
cptnpitillo: hosting this on should be fine05:55
pitillocptn, ok, if you can think about that (if must be talked between more people) and can be fine, when you have some time we can talk about to look for a good way to manage it. Btw, thank you for sharing your opinion.05:59
cptnI guess it would be good to have a concept for these things06:00
cptncurrently, maintainers place distfiles in their public_html06:01
cptnlet's add that to the discussion items for IRC meetings06:01
pitillowell, atm I am hosting them at home, and can be downloaded (a bit slow). If there isn't enought space to host them there, I can host on my router without problem, but thinking in people who use it, can be a bit hard to download at that rate06:02
pitilloummmmm interesting, can be a good point to discuss in a meeting06:02
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sepenhe! Xfce 4.6 BETA1 ('Fuzzy') Released07:40
thrice`sepen: have you tried any of the 4.6?  does it work ok?07:41
sepenand I've a repository with the alpha ports07:41
sepenI had some problems that I also reported to xfce devels07:42
thrice`cool :)  maybe I'll try beta1 with the crux test iso :)07:42
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rawsepen: ping09:21
rawthe compiler seems to exit on XALAN_CPP_NAMESPACE_BEGIN09:34
sepenhmm, do you have the lastest xerces-c installed I suppose09:35
sepenok, Ill try it later, now I'm at office, thanks for the report09:36
sepenbut same problem here using 3.0.0 too09:36
sepenhmmm they said: ''It works with a compatible release of the Xerces-C++ XML parser: Xerces-C++ version 2.7.0 ...''09:38
rawi'll try a downgrade09:43
rawsepen: looks like it compiles through09:50
sepenok, so Ill try to fix the problem with > 3.0.009:51
rawmaybe you should just downgrade the package to xerces 2.7.0 as recommended on the xalan-c homepage ;-)09:52
raw"Important You may experience unpredictable anomalies if your Xalan and Xerces builds are not in synch."09:53
sepenyep, I think the same09:53
sepenor 2.8.009:56
sependid you tried with it?09:56
rawnope, but i was thinking about that as well09:56
sepenthis was the one I was using fine for virtualbox, etc.09:58
sepenseems that the 3.x.x series differs a lot09:58
sepenthanks raw09:59
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prologicwell that was fun10:02
prologic2.6.27 seems a bit broken10:03
prologicnone of it's rtl nic drivers work on my rtk8139 C+ (rev 10)10:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: xerces-c: Downgrade 3.0.0 -> 2.8.0 due to incompatibilities with the current xalan-c package. (thanks raw)10:03
prologicneither do modules_install actually install modules10:03
prologichad to resort to using the kernel on the cd10:03
rawjaeger: flashplayer 10 is ready ;)10:04
rawor is that your job as well sepen?10:04
sepenyep :-)10:05
rawi don't understand the difference between "packager" and "maintainer" ;-)10:05
sepenin this case, I'm not the one who spends his time trying to package the sources10:06
cptntypically, the "Packager" is the person who made a port10:06
cptnor made significant changes10:06
cptnwhere as the "Maintainer" is keeping it up to date10:07
rawso, the one who created the port?10:07
cptnit's mainly a way to give credits to the person who did the original port10:07
rawprologic: what's really broken about linux right now is libata10:07
rawi have to powercycle the machine 3 to 4 times a day, because libata decides to crash and have a "host bus error"10:08
prologicbloody hell10:09
prologicand older versions of ATA support don't work any better ?10:09
jaegerweird. I use libata on all my machines, rock solid for me10:09
prologicI still use IDE drives here :(10:10
prologicgawd I feel left behind!10:10
rawjaeger: it only affects a small percentage of users but it really makes linux unusable for those people10:11
rawwell, looks like building that port was too much I/O for libata10:12
rawpower cycle here I come10:12
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raw__hooray for laptops as backup ;-)10:13
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jaegerraw__: which controller(s) do you have the problem with?10:14
raw__intel ICH710:14
raw__affects JMicron aswell10:14
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jaegerinteresting... I have machines with ich7 and jmicron controllers, though the jmicron one may not be the same one you have10:15
raw__jaeger: on my laptop my ICH7 is working fine10:15
raw__i suspect the problem arises when you have both sata and ide drives connected10:16
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raw__this might be the reason10:17
jaegerthe machine I have with the jmicron controller only has sata but my other machines are all mixed. SATA HD, IDE CDROM10:18
jaegerdunno. I'm not trying to argue, sorry, just find it odd that our results are so different10:19
raw__one of my relatives has jmicron and sata and ide connected. he has some problems as well, allthough his powercycle-issue was fixed in summer10:20
raw__now it's just CDROM drives disappearing and other funny abnormalities10:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: firefox-flash-plugin: Updated 9.x -> 10.x10:23
raw__thanks. let's have a look if my desktop can find the hdd again ;)10:24
prologichey guys ...10:24
jaegerheyo, prologic10:25
prologicwho's idea was it to put xorg font related execution in /etc/rc.fix and sources by /etc/rc ?10:25
prologicI think that is a terribly idea :(10:25
prologicI've actually removed it from my system completely10:25
raw__jaeger: it makes the hdd unusable for 10 mins or so, you have to cut the pc 10 from power until the BIOS can find it again10:25
jaegerthat's really odd, glad I haven't run into it. that would drive me nuts10:26
raw__it drives me, for sure :|10:27
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rawthere it  is again :|10:33
raw__Inconsistency detected by ../sysdeps/i386/dl-machine.h: 550: elf_machine_rel_relative: Assertion `((reloc->r_info) & 0xff) == 8' failed!10:36
raw__i think something broke this time10:36
jaegeruh oh10:36
cptnraw__: are you using the binary nvidia driver?10:38
raw__that   happens when I try to start firefox10:40
raw__hdd gone again. i give up10:43
jaegerthat sucks10:44
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thrice`prologic: there's no other way to fix the xorg stuff11:11
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prologicumm how about in the post=install scripts ?14:22
prologicthat's where font post-install stuff did normally go14:22
prologicI find the current solution to be quite poor14:22
thrice`post-installs don't get run for binary package installation, do they?14:22
prologicand ... an abuse of system inititaliztion14:22
thrice`it's only run during the install...14:23
prologicthey only get run by prt-get afaik14:23
prologicthe solution is just wrong for too many reasons14:23
thrice`it's only run once, and only at install time.  what's the big deal?14:23
prologicit's run every time the system boots14:24
prologicand source by /etc/rc14:24
thrice`no it isn't14:26
prologicfrom rc.multi (sorry got the wrong startup file):14:28
prologicif [ -x /etc/rc.fix ]; then14:28
prologic        /etc/rc.fix14:28
thrice`what does ls -dl /etc/rc.fix  give you ?14:30
prologic$ ls -dl /etc/rc.fix14:30
prologic-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 597 2008-10-16 02:19 /etc/rc.fix14:30
thrice`wouldn't making it -x solve your issue?14:33
prologicI'll come up with a better solution k :)14:36
prologicand let you know14:36
prologicgotta go to work14:36
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nipuLmaybe it should be renamed rc.firstboot18:14
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