IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-10-16

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pitillogood morning01:06
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sepenmuhahah FS#36401:41
sepensepen be patient :-)01:42
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bdfyHi All! I am update my repo.02:45
cptnthe footprints are all gzipped02:46
bdfyYes.. :-002:47
bdfyIs this horrible?02:47
cptnalso, the REPO file contains .httpup-repo.current and .httpup-urlinfo files02:47
cptnwell, sure02:47
cptnit's like having no footprint at all02:48
cptnunless everyone would patch theirs pkgutils02:48
prologicI agree02:48
prologicit doesn't save you that much in space nor bandwidth02:48
prologicso don't gzip them :)02:48
prologicmost .footprint files will be <1K at most 2K02:49
bdfywait a min02:49
cptnit will also break 'prt-get fsearch' :-)02:49
cptnsepen: do you know miguel/'sodamnmad'?02:50
prologicI'm such a big fan of mpd ... but ya know lately I've stopped using gmpc02:50
prologicI now resort to using the multimedia key son my kb configured with xbindkeys and using mpc/ncmpc02:50
prologicgui tools just suck ass sometimes :)02:50
bdfyoh 2,4m fith no gz and 866 kb wit gz :((02:56
prologicwhat the hell ?02:58
prologicwhat is this port ? and why does it have such a big .footprint :P ?02:58
prologicgood lord :)02:58
prologiceven firefox's .footprint is only ~80K02:59
cptnI think it's the total repository size02:59
prologicthat's nothing02:59
prologic$ du -s -h03:00
prologic24M     .03:00
prologicoh btw ... I want to rejoin contrib at some point soon cptn03:00
prologicor anyone that's listening and in charge of that03:00
cptnI'm not part of contrib myself03:00
prologicI'm not quite ready to yet but I'm slowly getting my things back on track03:00
prologicwell tilman if you heard that (aboave) make note :)03:00
cptnbut you can apply, and if two existing members vote for you you're in :-)03:00
prologiccan I skip that bit ?03:00
prologicbeen there done that before :P03:01
cptnwell, ask the contrib members03:01
cptnin any case, it's probably a good idea to get familiar with contrib first03:02
cptni.e. find out who's part of it etc03:02
cptnTilman isn't, btw03:02
prologictrue true03:02
prologicahh k03:02
prologicwill do slowly but surely03:02
prologicI still don't agree with the /etc/rc.fix :)03:02
prologicthere "has" to be a better way03:02
prologicit seems like a bad hack :/03:02
cptnwell, you promised us a better way IIRC03:03
prologicI did03:03
prologicstill thinking :)03:03
cptnfor now, the one that _works_ is being used :-)03:03
prologicwork is quite stressful atm and I'm trying to get out and find a new job03:03
prologichopefully by Tues I will have landed one!03:04
prologicstartups suck03:04
cptngood luck!03:04
prologictank you03:05
prologicgoing for a python web developer job yay :)03:05
prologiclove it so far03:05
bdfycptn there is:
bdfyThat is OK?03:07
cptnlooks good to me03:08
cptnexcept for the .httpup-repo.current03:08
cptnand .httpup-urlinfo03:08
cptnthese are client side files03:08
cptnwhat does that link tell me?03:09
bdfySorry I am stypped03:10
sepencptn, no I don't know miguel, but his name seems spaniard03:14
cptnsepen: okay, just wondering03:15
cptnsepen: I'll reopen the task to comment03:18
cptnand will close it afterwards again :-)03:18
cptntoo bad one can't add a comment on a closed bug03:18
sepencptn, ah ok np03:22
sepencptn, you mean the tighvnc ?03:22
sepencool! Im looking for the faq too. nice answer03:27
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sepenI recompiled my kernel for having ipsec support, but still I can't compile the vpnclient, I think the contrib port is a bit obsolete05:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: apache: update to 2.2.1005:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: fltk2: new port05:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: dillo: update to 2.005:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: socat: update to
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prologicyeah I can't get the vpnclient to work either06:45
prologicI tbh sick of the cisco vpn client06:45
prologicisn't there a better alternative ?06:45
cptnthere's vpnc06:50
cptnbut there were no updates in over a year06:50
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spacenin1ahmm strange, seems like someone has added --with-pcre in lighttpd's Pkgfile, that's good :)07:40
thrice`is that for 2.5?07:40
spacenin1aif you were asking me07:41
thrice`I mean, are you on crux 2.5? :)07:41
spacenin1ais there a 2.5?! :D07:41
spacenin1ais it out?07:42
spacenin1athe iso07:42
sepenonly for testing07:42
thrice`no, not yet :)  there are tests, but I think the pcre inclusion is going to be a 2.5 thing07:42
spacenin1athrice`: I'm using the 2.4 iso, but I made a sysup07:44
spacenin1aand --with-pcre is there07:44
spacenin1aI'm building a django server07:45
spacenin1athis is my setup07:45
spacenin1aINTERNET <-> lighttd <-> FastCGI <-> flup <-> python <-> django <-> python <-> psycopg <-> postgresql07:45
spacenin1aI mean my goal07:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: mrxvt: Added wd-empty patch.07:47
spacenin1abut I have to make my own Pkgfile for fastcgi flup and psycopg07:50
spacenin1awhere can I download the 2.5 testing iso?07:58
spacenin1aI guess I have to wait for the official release :)08:03
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Rotwangsepen: you know ati 8.10 is out?08:13
sepenmaybe they fixed all known problems08:13
Rotwangbut i donno if it supports new xorg and kernel 2.6.2708:13
sepenIll try this afternoon, thanks08:13
juespacenin1a: sepen gave you the link already,
spacenin1aI can see it now08:14
spacenin1athx :)08:14
spacenin1aI'm so dizzy08:14
thrice`maybe now is not a good time to install another crux then :)08:16
spacenin1ahehe, I can install crux while I'm sleeping :)08:17
spacenin1aI know the quick install reference by heart08:17
Rotwanganyone burned psx game on linux before?08:18
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Rotwangsepen: Xfce 4.6 BETA-1 ('Fuzzy') released08:19
thrice`didn't ubuntu just get special ATI drivers to work for their new release with new xorg and kernel?08:20
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sepenRotwang, I notified the xfce release yesterday on this channel08:32
sepenthrice`, for the 1.5.1?08:33
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thrice`sepen: I think so.  I thought I read they released ubuntu-only drivers, but I might be wrong.  I'm having trouble finding the site08:49
sepenthrice`, Ill try to have some time for this afternoon when arrived to home, really sounds interesting08:51
spacenin1athe new kernel is really different08:52
spacenin1afor the better I guess08:53
spacenin1aI couldn't find framebuffer stuff in it08:54
spacenin1abut it had something with dri, is it some kind of replacement?08:54
cptnI recently configured .27, and framebuffer configuration was as before08:56
spacenin1ait was?08:56
cptnit was08:56
spacenin1aI have to check it out again08:56
spacenin1aalso, the make defconfig came with more options enabled08:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: python: fixed md5sum, thanks sepen09:13
Rotwangwhere there is going to be contrib 2.5 ?09:14
sepenI think when 2.5 will be released09:15
sepensame as happened when we switched from 2.3 to 2.409:15
spacenin1adoes 2.4 and 2.5 use different repos'?09:16
sependifferent repos?09:16
sepencore, opt, xorg, contrib (same repos but different url/rsync locations, of course)09:17
cptnit's a separate branch in the revision control09:20
cptnRotwang: I think as soon as we officially start testing, the branch will be created09:20
cptnsuch that people can commit fixes to it09:20
cptnthere's probably gonna be lots of patching for gcc 4.309:20
RotwangI knew this day would come09:21
sepencptn, but opt.git has 2.5 branch ATM09:25
sepensepen:~/devel/crux.opt $ git branch 2.5 origin/2.509:25
sepenBranch 2.5 set up to track remote branch refs/remotes/origin/2.5.09:25
cptnyes, because opt ports are on the 2.5 iso09:25
cptnso before you can build a 2.5 test iso, you need the ports...09:25
sepenyep yep09:25
thrice`I wouldn't think there is harm in branching a 2.5 contrib =|09:26
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cptnthrice`: well, there's a reason to wait a bit:09:26
cptnmaintaining two branches in parallel is more work09:26
spacenin1aso it isn't safe to use 2.5 yet because of gcc?09:26
cptnso once the test iso is out, it's usually only a short time to the release09:27
cptnand it makes sense to branch off with the latest version of the 2.4 branch09:27
cptnthere's no harm per se, just less effort to keep two branches up to date09:27
sepencptn, is someone merging 2.4 changeset to 2.5 in opt?09:27
sepenor I should merge my changes my own09:28
cptnthat's a good question :-)09:28
sepenso we need a branch manager09:28
sepenhere I'm working as the svn-merge-man in R&D09:29
Rotwangwhats the best prog to burn a cd? except k3b09:29
spacenin1aI use wodim09:30
cptnsepen: is that what your business card says? ;-)09:30
sepenI haven't bussiness card yet09:30
sepenI don't have09:30
Rotwangspacenin1a: have you ever burned a psx game with wodim?09:30
cptn"Hi, I'm Jose, the svn-merge-man" -)09:30
sepenRotwang, xfburn of course09:30
spacenin1aRotwang: hehe nope09:30
sepencptn, lol09:30
thrice`i think there is a bashburner too09:30
aonthat's a good business card:
Rotwangsepen: k, ill look into xfburn09:31
sepenaon, Paul Newman?09:31
cptnRotwang: what's psx in this context?09:32
cptnwikipedia says it's the "playstation 2 based digital video recorder"09:33
Rotwangcptn: psx -> playstation09:33
cptnthere's a -xa switch to wodim09:35
cptnit seems that this is the format the playstation uses09:36
cptnaccording to wikipedia09:36
cptnnot tha tI've ever tried it myself...09:38
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cptnthis may be interesting09:40
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Rotwangcptn: thanks09:43
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spacenin1ashould I copy the /usr/src/linux*/arch/x86 boot kernel?09:59
spacenin1aI'm getting kernel panic - not syncing; VFS unable to mount root fs on unkown block(3,2)10:01
spacenin1aI'm using ext310:01
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pitillospacenin1a, check IDE/Sata controller10:05
spacenin1ahardware or kernel?10:06
Rotwangls -al10:07
pitillospacenin1a, kernel10:07
pitillogive IDE/SATA support for your hardware at your kernel (or make sure you have that support)10:07
thrice`also make sure you have support for ext3 in the kernel, and not a module10:09
spacenin1aI think I've found the problem10:12
spacenin1aide was not enabled10:13
spacenin1ahm, didn't work, but I think I can solve it eventually10:18
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pitillospacenin1a, check what thrice` told you about the filesystem too10:19
spacenin1awasn't a module10:25
spacenin1aI have to save it for later, I got so much to do10:26
spacenin1aI did a make defconfig10:26
spacenin1aI guess my configuration is messed up10:26
pitillospacenin1a, oki, if you want try to wgetpaste lspci and your .config I can take a look to it10:26
spacenin1aI've notied the defconfig is totally different10:26
pitilloI don't know what defconfig is, sorry10:26
pitillo(sounds a way to get the default config, but never used it)10:27
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spacenin1amy lspci10:36
spacenin1amy config10:38
spacenin1aI believe the problems lies in the  ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL driver section10:41
spacenin1aI'm compiling a new kernel, found something about enable ide disc support or something10:44
spacenin1ait could be it10:44
pitillospacenin1a, you need support for your IDE controller (not sure if it's PATA_VIA) You have lot of support in that kernel that doesn't much with your hardware10:44
spacenin1aI want to remove everything that I don't need10:45
spacenin1aI guess make defconfig isn't that great afterall10:47
spacenin1athe kernel is the most bloated part right now, gives me a headache :)10:48
spacenin1aok added via pata10:49
spacenin1aomg it's working hurray! thanks for the help10:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: jhead: updated to 2.8411:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: nvidia: update to 177.8011:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: esmtp: updated to 1.0.11:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gimp: updated to 2.6.111:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: [notify] cups: update to 1.3.911:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: opera: updated to 9.6011:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: subversion: updated to 1.5.311:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: openoffice: updated to 3.0.011:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: firefox-flash-plugin: Updated 9.x -> 10.x11:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: apache: update to 2.2.1011:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: fltk2: new port11:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dillo: update to 2.011:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: socat: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.511:20
thrice`that reminds me to try the new dillo :)11:21
tilmancool, it seems cruxbot works finally :D11:21
thrice`it just needed a little kick11:22
rehabdollthrice`: lol, i misread that slightly :D11:27
iascorgawow, a new dillo? I thought it was no longer maintained11:55
iascorgahah, 50% less memory usage.11:56
spacenin1aheh, dillo was..different12:00
iascorgaIt was superfast and didn't allow crap like flash!12:03
iascorgaBut somewhat 'ugly'.12:05
spacenin1aindeed :)12:12
thrice`it looks like it's gtk2 now12:13
spacenin1abut it doesn't display webpages correctly12:13
spacenin1ait behaves like lynx12:13
Rotwangit didn't support css iirc12:14
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sepenati support really sucks, ie:
spacenin1aare there "open source" hardware?12:18
iascorga'At time of posting this document was not yet ready. This file will be posted once it becomes available. '12:18
tilmanthrice`: fltk12:18
iascorgaspacenin1a: What kind of hardware?12:18
spacenin1ahardware that makes up a modern computer12:19
spacenin1awhat kind of motherboard should I buy if I want the best support for crux. A intel 32 bit mobo?12:20
sepen'best support for crux?' O_o12:21
spacenin1ait's compiled for i68612:22
spacenin1aso yes best support for crux12:22
spacenin1aI can't go and buy a sparc12:22
sepenspacenin1a, just buy a x64, I think in the near future crux will support it and will be the beAst12:23
spacenin1apentium m?12:23
sepenspacenin1a, or try an older 486 with ucrux-2.112:24
spacenin1aok good12:24
spacenin1aah, I want the bleeding edge12:24
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sepenhehe it works12:40
sependirect rendering: Yes12:40
Rotwangnew ati?12:40
sepenyes, but with gl-select path too12:41
thrice`nice :)12:41
thrice`now, if only intel would release their new driver :(  never thought ati would beat them12:41
sepenhmm but its odd that you can't use the libdri provided by ati12:42
sepenATM I'm using libGL by ati and libdri by xorg12:43
sepenif not I get an ABI version error12:43
thrice`lfs also has a new(er) udev-config-20080522 on their site.  wonder if it will break udev :)12:44
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sepenRotwang, working but bad performance for me12:46
sepenwell also I'm still using XAA render acceleration instead of EXA12:49
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Rotwang sepen: send me patch so ill test new ati12:50
sepenyep, but you need also a gl-select patch12:50
sepenatm I did some changes manually and I'm affraid to broke your pc12:51
sepenits no problem if you don't want to use libdri provided by ati12:52
cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: udev: updated to 130.12:52
sepenRotwang, one moment please, Im preparing a new patch without using this libdri, so you won't need to change the current gl-select you have12:53
sepennewly a try12:54
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spacenin1aI've done  fresh 2.5 install, and did a sysup, and runned rejemerge, but it seems mktemp didn't get installed.13:11
spacenin1aseems rejemerge needs it13:11
juemktemp is now in coreutils13:12
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sependefinitively ati sucks :[13:19
sepenmy last report was wrong13:20
sepenI was still using my old xorg.conf, so after test it newly I've the same error when calling to dl_open bla bla...13:20
RyoSati sucks big time13:22
sepenat least ati support13:23
RyoSbtw i returned my card and took my old 6600gt XD13:23
sepenRotwang, please could you test it? Im planning to write a mail announce at ML explaining how ati sucks13:25
spacenin1ahm, dhcpcd stopped working after I did a rejmerge, it can't find /lib/
spacenin1aglibc 2.713:25
sepenreinstall them13:25
spacenin1aglibc or dhcpcd?13:26
RyoSglibc of course13:26
spacenin1acatch 22, I can't update it, because I can't access internet13:27
RyoStake it from the cd13:27
sepencatalyst -> Automated installer and Display Drivers for X.Org 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.313:27
sepennot the 7.4 one13:27
iascorgaspacenin1a: set an ip/route manually?13:28
RyoSremembers me how upset i was with my radeon 9600xt13:28
sepenwell, Im planning to switch to the xorg-xf86 one13:28
RyoSwith that kind of support ati should give away their cards as gifts13:29
sepenATM ati propietary driver is older than our xorg version13:29
spacenin1aiascorga: I thought dhcpcd was the manual way13:29
sepenwell I mean that isn't uptodate13:29
iascorgaspacenin1a: no sir. ip || ifconfig+route is the manual way.13:30
sepenspacenin1a, he means that you can setup a static ip instead of dynamic13:30
spacenin1ado I have to configure my router for this?13:31
sepenjust use the same network mask13:32
Rotwangsepen: so it doesnt work with xorg-server 1.5.2 ?13:33
Rotwangbut it works with kernel .27?13:33
sepenI think is not a xorg-server problem, so its an ati problem due to their support13:33
sepenjust read their pages13:33
sepenDrivers for X.Org 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.313:34
sepennot for 7.413:34
RyoSi think maybe xorg devs change the api just to make ati users suffer?13:34
RyoShu? O_o13:34
RyoSmaybe xorg is sponsored by NVIDIA?13:34
RyoSmaybe linux torvalds is bill gates lost brother?13:35
aondamn foreigners13:35
RyoSsrsly sry13:35
RyoSi was in an outrage right now13:35
RyoSthanks for stopping be13:35
aonah right13:35
aonbut it shouldn't affect your typing13:35
sepencrus liden13:35
RyoSi am an untrained troll13:35
Rotwangsepen: how can i copy paste your patch? ;|13:36
sepenone momment13:36
RyoSjesus :o13:36
RyoSmaybe aon IS linus??13:36
aonyeah, that must be it13:38
RyoSsorry :P13:38
RyoSjust judging from the time of your reaction XD13:39
aonyou have UNVEILED me13:39
spacenin1aif you are suppose to be suspicious you better pay your attention on firefox ... :|13:39
spacenin1aI don't trust firefox or google13:39
RyoSso CRUX is the distro of choice in the eyes of the beholder :O13:39
sepenRotwang, after install the port you should switch between /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ and /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libdri.so_ati to test it too13:40
Rotwangvia gl-select?13:40
sepenno no after it13:40
Rotwanghow? ;]13:41
sepenthe libdri.so_ati file is still not managed by gl-select13:41
sepenRotwang, I move the original to libdri_so13:41
sepenand make a symlink to it or to libdri_so_ati13:42
Rotwangok i get it13:42
sepenI don't have 2.6.27.x here for now13:42
RotwangI have13:42
sepenIll test later if having some time13:42
sepenbut I think it won't run13:42
sepenthey still don't have rel_notes for the new driver13:44
sepenso sounds suspicious13:44
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sepengood luck Rotwang :-)13:49
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sepenand ...14:01
Rotwangsepen: works pretty well for me14:01
Rotwangwith ati libdri14:01
sepenwith 2.6.27?14:01
Rotwangbut it still doesnt work with kernel .2714:01
sepenyou don't have the dlopen error?14:01
sepenhmm Ill do a new try so14:02
Rotwangbut it doesnt work with .2714:02
Rotwangim still on .2614:02
sepenhmm so Ill write also the gl-select patch14:02
sepenI reported my error14:03
Rotwangim still on old xorg14:04
Rotwangbut ill try with new14:04
sepenI've the lastest packages of mesa3d xorg-server, xorg and ati14:05
sepenwell Ill do a new try so, maybe I have something wrong14:05
sepen...allow compiling against 2.6.27. (LP: #266956)..14:06
sepencool! thanks thrice`14:06
thrice`hm, nevermind; I see people reporting the same xorg issues14:06
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Rotwangnew ati doesnt work w/ kernel .27 and new xorg but i noticed slightly better performance14:17
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thrice`maybe that patch can, at least, provide compilation with .27 kernel?14:26
Rotwangbut this patch seems for x86_6414:27
thrice`:)  i'm guess the same patch14:28
Rotwangyes but its for 8.8 :{14:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: qt4: keep qconfig.pri around14:46
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nipuLwow, this dude is paranoid about viruses18:48
ahmrahtcheerwho, Per?18:48
nipuLno a client. avg, antivir and mcaffee are all installed at the same time18:48
nipuLand wonders why it runs so slow18:48
ahmrahtcheerthere's gonna be some software battles between avg and mcaffee18:50
sepennipuL, try with kaspersky too19:20
nipuLcould be worse, he could have had onecare installed19:21
nipuLugh, compiling qt4...19:52
nipuLslow to compile even with a 10 node build farm19:54
sepennipuL, did you read the mplayer posts?20:01
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nipuLyeah, i'll get onto it when i have some free time20:31
nipuLprobably tomorrow20:31
*** fetid has joined #crux20:34
sepenIm going to bed, so later here20:43
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mdeanda_hehe. sorry was testing something. should have used an empty channel. funny. xchat doesn't show list of members23:48
mdeanda_ahh nevermind, it does. just hd to expand it23:48
*** mdeanda_ has quit IRC23:56

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