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pitillogood morning00:59
mdeandagood evening.. its 11pm yesterday here.01:02
mdeandalos angeles01:12
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: ports: update *.rsync for 2.502:45
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cptndoes anyone have a non-crux installation where he could test something for me?04:14
pitillocptn, elive in a VM?04:19
cptnsounds great04:19
cptnelive is debian based, right?04:19
cptnI'd just like to know if 'su' gives you an error if you type a wrong password04:20
pitillooki, I can test it04:20
pitilloin crux doesn't give it04:21
nipuLFreeBSD tetsuo.digitilocal 7.0-STABLE FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE #11: Fri Aug 15 00:27:51 EST 2008     root@tetsuo.digitilocal:/usr/obj/usr/home/src/sys/CUSTOM  i38604:21
pitilloI will check it there04:21
nipuL> su04:21
nipuLsu: Sorry04:21
nipuLcptn: return code is still 1 though04:21
cptnnipuL: thanks; what distro is that?04:22
sepencptn, centos-5.1 does the same 'su: incorrect password'04:23
cptnsince the debian folks removed the "Sorry" in recent shadow versions04:23
sepencptn, also fedora404:23
cptnsepen: just 'incorrect password', not 'incorrect password for <user>'?04:23
sepen$ env LANG=C su -04:24
sepensu: incorrect password04:24
cptnthat's coming from PAM then04:24
sepen$ su -04:24
sepenand this from a openbsd box04:24
cptnYeah, I'm used to getting at least some indication04:25
cptnbut for some reason, debian removed it; it appears that as long as one is using PAM, there's a message anyway04:25
cptnbut not on CRUX :-/04:26
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: ports: update md5sum, bump revision04:27
sepenwell I've a recently installed debian stable box04:27
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sepencptn, I could do more test on it if you want04:27
cptnno, that's great, thanks a lot04:27
sepenbut I don't using PAM on my boxes04:29
cptnnot even on the centos one?04:30
sepenmaybe as default but not ATM04:30
cptnah, interesting04:30
sepenbut I've a debian box using it04:31
sepen$ env LANG=C su -04:31
sepensu: Authentication failure04:31
sepenthis is my debian box04:31
cptnokay, thanks04:32
sepenjust curious these scenarios04:33
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pitillodelayed test cptn sorry, here with pam the same, I got the error message04:44
nipuLcptn: freebsd isn't a distro :P04:51
cptnfair enough :-)04:52
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cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: ed: update to 1.105:59
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: udev: updated to 130.06:03
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: ed: update to 1.106:03
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.506:03
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spaceninjashould the postgres users have a passwd?08:21
cptnwhich users?08:21
cptnwell, what does the posgresql README tell you to do?08:22
tilmanin doubt: rm -rf /08:22
spaceninjaI've tried that, it doesn't work :)08:22
spaceninjatry it yourself and see08:22
sepentilman, lol08:25
sepensudo rm -rf /08:25
tilman"read mail really fast" ;)08:25
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spaceninjarm -rf /* would work08:27
RyoSread that one usenet once, somebody asked how to clean up his mailbox08:27
sepenor rm -rf .*08:27
RyoSrm -fr / remove mail really fast08:27
sepenit works on crux (not in my bsd box)08:27
spaceninjahehe ok08:29
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.4]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: disable render standby.09:20
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.4]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-video-radeonhd: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: disable render standby.09:20
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.509:20
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jtnlhi, all10:02
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sepencool! I have two screens one more time after a period of some months using only one screen at office10:10
sepengoing to xinerama stuff10:11
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Rotwangis gparted resizin reiserfs dangerous?10:26
Rotwangim going to play with my partitions a bit today10:26
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iascorgareiserfs is dangerous!11:27
treachso is yapping bullshit that has been reurgitated a 100 million times already.11:29
sepen100million +111:39
thrice`sepen: any feedback on new xfce?11:40
sepenI'm updating all ports11:40
thrice`ooh, I mean, working OK?11:40
sepenjust I have 3 or 4 from the 4.5.91 release11:40
sepenthrice`, I'm using on my second desktop11:40
sepenbut still some problems with xfconf forme11:40
sepenI think I miss something to configure11:41
joacimI lost files due to reiserfs ;)11:43
joacimrandom files would go corrupt once in a while11:44
treach...and I've lost files thanks to XFS, ext2 etc,etc.11:44
tilmanwb treach ;)11:44
treachthanks. :)11:44
Rotwangthats not good11:44
RotwangI cant backup my pr0n11:44
Rotwangnor other important files11:45
RotwangI hope ill be lucky11:45
thrice`i've been using jfs pretty well lately :)11:45
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joacimive never lost files when i used XFS and EXT3 ;)11:53
treachwell, I did, so I guess that proves it's DANGEROUS!, right? ;)11:54
tilmanyou're just lucky; xfs was known/designed to lose files on power loss until recently11:54
tilmanyes, i like to bring that up again and again :P11:54
joacimand again =)11:54
tilmanthank god btrfs will soon save us all ;p11:55
treachtilman: well, it's not surprising. SGI hardware isn't exactly a pc. :D11:55
treach"butter fs, the filesystem for fat files"? :>11:56
Rotwangsorry for pasting it here12:00
Rotwangim trying to save this file in case of accident or something12:00
RotwangI assigned 24G for my / but 103M is used :O12:04
Rotwangso i decided i must do some "resizing"12:04
tilmanyes, that was very stupid :P12:05
treachunless you plan on installing vista.. :/12:05
sepenuhmm someone of you is using parted? or did you build it?12:05
tilmanshould have asked the temple of knowledge for advice first12:05
sepenI tried to build parted, so I plained to maintain it on contrib, but all ports I found in portdb seems broken12:06
Rotwangi dled gparted livecd12:08
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sepenthrice`, #xfce-dev its amazing! :-)12:37
sepenwell not exactly, they are still fixing issues12:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: libsigc++: 2.2.2 -> 2.2.312:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: libsndfile: 1.0.18pre23b -> 1.0.18pre24e12:47
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teK=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.13:02
sepenjust I downgrade it because in trouble with xalan-c13:05
teKdowngraded to 2.8.0?13:05
sepenyep I miss that line, thanks13:05
sepentek, yes xalan-c doesn't compile with xerces-c > 313:06
teKok. You're welcome13:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: xerces-c: Fixed source line (thanks teK)13:08
tilmanThe Koan of Lazy Evaluation13:13
tilmanMichel Mauny was giving a guest lecture to new computer science students. After the students were seated, Michel pronounced "Today's lecture will be about Lazy Evaluation", he paused for a moment then concluded with, "Are there any questions?"13:13
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RotwangI just nuked /home14:44
teKomg! what will your neighbours say?14:44
treach(Since they are fried) :>14:45
treachcongrats to surviving a nuke blast in your own home, btw.14:45
Rotwanggparted was moving data and then i fucked with computer plug14:45
Rotwangsomeone with nice .Xdefaults around? ;]14:46
teKthere was a cool talk at a hacker conference regarding "how will I have to prepare a hard disk to survive a nuclear blast" .. the author stated: " If there's a nuclear blast to happen, I want my DATA to be safe!"14:47
treach"Fuck my own safety,  just as long as my data survives" :D14:47
treachthat's dedicated.14:47
teKI laughed hard at that one :>14:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: lvm2: 2.02.40 -> 2.02.4115:28
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mrmike503Hey, I'm having trouble setting up my bootloader while installing crux via cd (2.4). I did a lot of research, but I keep getting a kernel panic error while trying to mount root. Can I get some assistance, perchance?15:31
thrice`mm, could be the kernel too15:32
treachdid you compile in your fs drivers?15:32
thrice`your kernel must have support for your root file system, and SATA / IDE stuff must be included too for your hardware15:32
treachi.e, modules, "m", won't work.15:33
jaegerwhen you say "setting up my bootloader" do you mean configuring grub/lilo or is this a problem with booting after configuring it?15:34
mrmike503I set up Lilo, I'm not exactly sure if it's right, though.15:34
jaegernm, I read your question more closely the second time, heh15:35
jaegercan you paste your lilo config on or one of those?15:35
mrmike503I'm a little new to playing a bit with the kernel, so bear with me a little. Umm... sure.15:36
mrmike503Oh, also, could the fstab have to do with it partially?15:38
thrice`it's probably the kernel or your config for lilo / grub15:39
mrmike503thats how it is set up right now.15:40
jaegersda1 is your / partition?15:40
jaegerok, then it probably is a missing filesystem or controller driver in the kernel15:41
mrmike503can i compile upgradeables online even though im running on the cd?15:42
jaegernot sure what you mean by that. you can certainly get new kernel sources and patches if needed, while booted with the CD, assuming your network hardware is supported15:42
treachonce you "chroot" you don't really run on the cd.15:42
mrmike503oh, ok.15:43
thrice`you would just need resolv.conf probably before chrooting, if you can get dhcpcd to run prior :)15:43
jaegerI usually load my network module, run dhcpcd, and copy /etc/resolv.conf into the chroot before chrooting15:43
treachI've never had to copy my resolv.conf. :>15:44
treachjust load the driver, run dhcpd, chroot. done. At least IME. :>15:44
thrice`I don't see how that would work o.O15:45
treachWould I lie to you? ;)15:45
thrice`no, it's just too late in the day/week to comprehend ;)15:45
mrmike503So do you suggest doing that, or something else?15:45
treachI'd suggest you get your system working first15:45
treachthen start the updating.15:45
jaegeryou shouldn't need a newer kernel to get it working, just a bit of revisiting the config15:46
mrmike503Do you need the actual error that I got?15:46
treachmrmike503: we've gotten this question a great number of times.15:46
jaegercouldn't hurt to have it but likely more useful would be a copy of your .config file and maybe lspci output pastebinned somewhere15:46
treachI'm pretty confident it's just that you've forgotten to compile in the ext3 drivers in your kernel.15:47
treach(provided that you used ext3, that is)15:47
mrmike503I feel bad for asking, but where do i find the .config and 1spci?15:48
treachdon't edit the .config file directly15:48
treachuse "make menuconfig"15:49
jaeger.config is created when you run make menuconfig or make config15:49
jaegerin the kernel source directory15:49
treachlspci is in /core/pciutils15:50
mrmike503i went with the default settings... do you guys suggest anything to be changed?15:50
treachmatch up with your actual hardware.15:50
mrmike503I think that's the first problem... oops.15:51
thrice`or at *least* use the cd-rom's .config :)  the default surely won't work15:52
thrice`hm, or is the cdrom copied to the source?15:52
treachjust match up with that you actually have. using the cdrom config file is a waste of time, IMO.15:53
mrmike503I'm not sure, I'll i remember is running k3b and doing a .iso burning to the cd... Notsure.15:53
treachI'm not even sure it would boot.15:53
mrmike503Ok, I'll report when I'm done or if I got any questions.15:53
treachgood luck then15:53
mrmike503Thank you. :)15:53
jaegerthe cdrom's config is fairly inclusive but most of it is built as modules, so not useful without modification in this case15:54
treachyeah, thats what I meant15:55
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mrmike503In the config, whats the difference between built-in and module?16:02
treach@google kernel module16:03
clbtreach: Search took 0.16 seconds: What Is A Kernel Module ?: <>; The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide: <>; Loadable kernel module - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Linux Loadable Kernel Module HOWTO: <>; The Linux Documentation Project: The Linux (1 more message)16:03
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mrmike503I don't get it... I went through everything, but I still have that stupid kernel panic. Did I miss checking off something?16:29
treachhow would we know?16:30
treachdid you make a new kernel, copy it to the right locations and re-run lilo?16:30
mrmike503I didn't re-run lilo.16:31
mrmike503Thing is, Ext3 was already marked and everything.16:31
treachas "*"?16:31
treachweird. :/16:32
treachcontroller drivers too?16:32
mrmike503I believe so.16:33
treachfaith doesn't work on computers. :>16:33
mrmike503Any other ideas, or are you certain that it's something not set up right in the .config? I'm gonna go through it all again to see if I missed something.16:47
treachwell, usually it's missing fs/controller drivers. other than that, I can only imagine a misconfigured lilo.16:48
treachunless you're doing something *very* wrong, that is.16:48
mrmike503Maybe fstab? I wanna guess I messed up there somehow...16:49
aonwell, doesn't the root mount happen before reading fstab16:50
treachhmm.. first / is mounted ro, and then it's remounted rw when fstab is available? Or do I remember incorrectly?16:51
aonso if the first moutn fails, it probably isn't fstab16:52
treachI guess you're right16:52
treachmrmike503: for now my best suggestion is that you go back to the handbook, and make sure you didn't miss *anything*.16:54
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mrmike503I don't know... I went through all the steps to this point. I don't know if I picked all the right things to set up on the kernel.17:13
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jaegermrmike503: if you pastebin your .config I'll take a look at it17:29
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mrmike503ok, let it finish this round of .config17:39
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mrmike503jae, how do i get the .config file in text form? do i just nano it?17:44
jaegerit's a text file, no need to do anything special with it. look for .config in your kernel source dir17:44
mrmike503will do... silly config is taking a long time.17:45
mrmike503how am i to get this config file onto this computer?17:48
mrmike503its a lousy windows pc. :(17:48
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jaegerhrmm... from the installer, a usb stick would be best17:51
jaegerno smbclient or samba installed17:51
mrmike503i got .config on the usb17:51
jaegeror you could chroot into your install and install wgetpaste17:51
mrmike503is there a terminal/nano program for windows?17:51
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thrice`wordpad :)17:52
jaegerif you just need an editor there's notepad and write17:52
mrmike503thats what you were looking for, yes/17:54
jaegerand what kind of controller do you have?17:54
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jaegerIDE/SATA or whatever17:55
jaegerlspci would tell you17:55
sepenprt-get install pciutils17:55
mrmike503thats the problem sepen... im installing lol17:56
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mrmike503i think its ide17:58
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mrmike503you still there jaeger?18:18
jaegeryes but unfortunately I'm walking out the door right now :( sorry :( I'll be back but it won't be for at least a couple hours18:19
mrmike503ill use a different distro for a week or so18:19
mrmike503my friend should be able to help me out when he gets back in town18:19
mrmike503thank you for the help, though. :)18:20
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