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Rotwangtilman ping08:22
Rotwangso I nuked my /home yesterday08:23
Rotwangand cant get access to crux git now :x08:23
RotwangPermission denied (publickey).08:23
Rotwangfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly08:23
tilmanyou also lost your ssh key?08:23
Rotwangis there easy fix?08:23
Rotwangi lost everything in /home08:23
tilmando you have a backup of your ssh key? :p08:24
Rotwangso ssh key most likely too08:24
Rotwangno i dont08:24
tilmancreate a new ssh key then, and send me the public key08:24
Rotwangthis is the whole content of .ssh/id_rsa.pub08:27
tilmanthat's okay ;)08:27
Rotwangtilman: thanks, and sorry for the problem ;p08:29
tilmanno problem08:30
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thrice`mm, losing /home sucks :(10:12
Rotwangyeah :<10:14
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thrice`anyone have luck / a good tutorial of going from .iso -> a bootable USB?  I know sepen was working on one.  I always get stuck with the bootloader stuff, and where the kernel should exist :\12:08
thrice`eg, i'm out of blank Cd's and want to try the 2.5 test on my lappy :)12:14
* tilman writes test2 to a blank cd and installs it on his laptop12:29
Rotwangthrice`: i'd look on the live-scripts12:52
Rotwangif i were you12:52
thrice`the isolinux/  stuff is what confuses me, I guess.  where that should exist on the usb-stick for it to load properly12:55
jaegeryou end up using syslinux for those12:56
thrice`so move the kernel and initrd from boot/ to /, and copy the isolinux/isolinux.cfg to /syslinux.cfg or so?12:56
thrice`edit, and make bootable with syslinux ?12:57
jaegerthe initrd's init script is not currently compatible with non-cdrom devices12:57
jaegerwithout some editing12:57
jaegertake a look at it in gitweb, you'll see what I mean12:58
thrice`oh, maybe that's why mine is refusing12:58
thrice`mm, I think that's a bit beyond my level :\13:01
jaegerit's on my list of things to do but haven't had the time yet13:03
jaegernow that I have my 2.5 build sorted out I'll look into it again13:03
thrice`I think sepen was doing something, but requires the packages be on a network somewhere13:03
thrice`though, a .img that could be dd'd to a pendrive would be slick :)13:04
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thrice`jaeger: it appears as though I'd have to re-do find_and_mount_cdrom()  and build an entire new iso myself, eh?13:24
jaegerwell, you wouldn't need to rebuild the iso if you're gonna use a usb stick but the find and mount cdrom bit needs to be expanded to support usb and fixed disks, etc.13:25
thrice`ah; I didn't know initrd's are easily hackable13:26
jaegerwell, you can recreate the initrd without building an entire iso13:29
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jkrDoes anyone have GHC installed?16:45
ahmrahtcheeri don't, sorry16:46
Rotwanghmm, someone i know was strugling with it16:48
tilmani might have it on the laptop16:49
tilmanyeah, i do16:50
jkrtilman: Could you upload a binary package somewhere for me?16:55
jkrI can't build it myself as you need GHC to build GHC...16:55
jkrThanks :D16:56
tilmannote that the pkgfiles described there mention "x68_64" in the sources. you probably should replace that by i68616:56
jkrYup, seen that16:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: git: fixed footprint for perl 5.10.17:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: bftpd: updated to 2.318:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: imagemagick: updated to 6.4.4-918:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: jdk: updated to 1.6.0_1019:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: jre: updated to 1.6.0_1019:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: xlockmore: updated to 5.2719:24
thrice`anyone tried a pkgadd -u *  update yet for 2.5 on a live system?19:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: unrar: updated to 3.8.419:26
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jaegernot I19:40
thrice`the only thing that worries me is the local generation on new glibc.  I think i'll give it a whirl anyway :)19:56
thrice`unless english is generated (or doesn't need to be) by default19:57
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