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nipuLi'm running ath5k on 2.6.27 ay home00:09
nipuLhmm, slight delay00:10
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pitillogood morning01:11
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aontime to start playing with test2 :)01:26
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pitilloaon, nice, here I am playing too (running fine) and checking what jaeger told about vbox video driver and new xorg atm01:33
aoni'll put it on the laptop :)01:35
aonno need for windows atm as i got thrown out of the "basics of computers" course :)01:35
aonand i have windows in kvm anyway01:35
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pitillosounds good that, I am playing at home in my desktop with vbox and here at work with vbox over windows too01:38
pitilloI can't see anything strange atm01:38
mdeandawhat's vbox?01:39
pitillomdeanda, virtualbox01:39
sepenmorning all01:39
aonhi sepen01:39
pitillomorning sepen01:40
mdeandahow does vbox compare with vmware, qemu, xen, etc?01:42
aonwell, it doesn't use paravirtualization like xen or kvm01:42
mdeandaso does that mean it runs at roughly the speed of qemu w/o kvm?01:43
mdeandasepen: omg so many... i should write my own vm...01:44
mdeandahmm.. i wonder which is higher... count(vm implementation) or count(text editors)01:44
aonafaik qemu by default doesn't support vt-x or amd-v, but virtualbox does01:45
mdeandawow. vbox seems pretty cool, at least by looking at that wiki page.. can it run from a terminal as console only like qemu? i love that feature01:48
sepenmdeanda, donwload the documentation01:54
mdeandai will. i'm reading forums for help installing it on slackware, just gives me an "unsupported distro" message.. i've extracted and see scripts but i don't feel like reading through scripts right now01:56
sepenmdeanda, just install crux01:59
mdeandabtw. i'm assuming you guys are the maintainers of crux... good job. i tried it on a testing machine that i have it looks good. i'm thinking of switching from slackware to crux on my main workstation once i get the chance.02:00
mdeandai love the super fast boot up times, maybe i can start shutting down my pc again :)02:00
mdeandaso there is no repository of precompiled binaries right? unless i keep my own then do pkgadd and stuff right?02:19
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pitillomdeanda, crux is source based... (you can always take that choice in your own, but there isn't a repository with packages)02:21
mdeandaok. i just wanted to make sure i didn't miss something. heh02:21
mdeandaso like if i wanted to keep a small network on computers using crux and up to date.. i'd have to write a little script to build all packages, another to dl (or use nfs) and update packagess or does something exist for any of that?02:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: whois: update to 4.7.2803:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: fakeroot: update to 1.10.103:29
jtnlhi, morning03:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: wine: updated to 1.0.104:37
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: xfce4-battery-plugin: Added README file (thanks aon)09:41
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Rotwang1retarded question incoming11:13
Rotwang1glibc locales what they are for?11:13
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RyoSattention, retarted answer approaching11:23
RyoSuse google11:23
RyoSdoes locale ring a bell ?11:23
RyoSs/ ?/? ;_;11:24
tilmanRotwang1: you want $app to display your funny polish characters correctly, right?11:24
tilmanRotwang1: ascii is boring11:24
aonascii is great11:25
aontoo bad it wasn't around when languages were invented11:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: opera: updated to 9.6111:36
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Rotwangit looks like glibc 2.8 doesnt build with -Os
thrice`hey aon, not sure if you got your battery working, but this is the patch I use on my laptop:11:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: git: updated to
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aonyes, that's exactly what i gave to sepen11:43
thrice`oh, sorry.  I coudln't get your pastebin to load for some reason11:44
aon doesn't load?11:45
thrice`mm, does now.  was probably related to my work's proxy at the time I was trying11:46
aoncould be11:46
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mdeandawhen doing `prt-get sysup` i notice a message saying my "intltool is too old" and i need 0.30 or later.. is that a missing upgrade in the default ports databases?23:24
mdeandai'm also missing "pciaccess" so i can't update xkeyboard-config or xorg-server23:24
nipuLinstall that23:26
nipuLdon't know about the intltool one23:26
mdeandaahh. for some reason i assumed this thing had dependency checking that automatically installed stuff.23:33
mdeandanipuL: is there some way to get prt-get or the entire system to timeout faster on dns issues?23:33
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