IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-10-24

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nipuLclare: you mean in X? it should just work these days using the latest ports00:20
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clarenipul: thanks, i may need to upgrade a lot, I will start with xorg-server and about 20 of the things it depends on..00:40
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nipuLclare: there's probably a few new deps floating around aswell00:48
nipuLdepending on when you last updated00:48
pitillogood morning00:59
pitillogit log01:11
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pitillomorning sepen01:29
clarenipul: i installed crux a long ime ago but did a ports -u yesterday. I just hadnt used it because my synaptics is not as good in 2.4 as 2,2, but lack of flash has forced the change01:32
clarenipul: yes touch pad on laptop, rather fancy, but not yet as I want it, cant hust touch it with 2 fingers to middle button press01:44
clarenipul: also wanted xpa_supplicant, but havn't got that going with dhcpcd either01:45
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nipuLyou mean wpa?02:53
clarenipul: yes, sorry. I am going to try the xorg-server which i think means closing all the windows for now, will be back in a litle while.02:55
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nipuLthis is how i get wpa + dhcpcd working02:56
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prologicnipuL, ping again03:50
prologicnipuL, you interested in finishing gports ?03:51
prologicnipuL, or workin gmore on it ?03:51
* prologic is drunk03:51
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jtnlhi, all04:04
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clarenipuL: Hi, what I needed was xkeyboard-config, I now have the capslock indicator. It is still not doing its synaptics,  I think I will do without for a while maybe try 2.504:47
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nipuLprologic: maybe after i finish the new portdb05:31
nipuLspeaking of which i might do some hacking on that tonight05:32
nipuLthe deadline on a paid project got pushed back a week so i have some free time05:32
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prologicnew portdb ?05:36
prologicdo tell ...05:36
nipuLnot much to tell at the moment, except it will be excellant05:52
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nipuLit's only flaw is perhaps it will be _too_ awesome05:52
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RedShiftif it only were that easy10:20
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Rotwangsepen: i just installed xfce and loved it ;f13:14
sepen:-) what version?13:15
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Rotwangsepen: current from xfce repo13:16
sepenah ok13:16
thrice`I don't like the new right-click in xfce 4.6 :(13:16
Rotwangbtw how "war" with ati goes?13:16
sepenRotwang, I'm using the driver13:17
* Rotwang loves all that fancy composite thingies in xfwm413:17
sepenbut gl-select need changes13:17
sepenRotwang, xD13:17
sepenRotwang, and xinerama ->
Rotwangk, hopefuly it wont take long untill it'll show up in the repo13:18
sepenyep, no problem13:19
sepenthe fact is that I'll propose a complete change for gl-select and ports which are using it13:19
sepenI mean ati, nvidia, nvidia-legacy**13:19
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RedShiftsepen: boo at windows vista theme14:12
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jtnlhi, all15:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: subversion: updated to 1.5.415:33
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fre1I'm considering re-installing crux 2.4 and organizing my backups... does anywhere here have any idea about how long it will be before crux 2.5 will be released?19:00
nipuLwhen it's ready19:07
fre1Anyone with any _useful_  insight?19:09
prologicWHen it's ready19:10
prologicHistorically we've released a +0.1 every year or so19:10
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cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: dhcpcd: fixed d/l url20:31
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: dhcpcd: fixed d/l url20:33
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