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jesse_Nvidia is clearly on top of their OSS game.04:20
jesse_Hahaha. Man those linux haters "flames" are fun to read, especially those commenting on pulse audio.04:40
RedShiftjesse_: what?04:53
RedShiftthe nvidia driver is too unstable here04:53
RedShiftsometimes when I switch between X sessions one of them either crashes, or X hangs leaving keyboard & mouse dead04:54
RedShifthappens especially when running 3D games on one or more session04:55
RedShiftleaves some unreadable garbage in the logs as well, with memory addresses or something04:56
tilmanyou're seriously answering to that obviously stupid qutoe? :p05:02
tilmanoh, linux hater as in the linux hater blog? :D05:02
RedShiftmy interpretation skills are at a new low, I didn't know that was a quite05:03
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jesse_Seems there should have been a </sarcasm> tag at the end of that statement. ;)05:08
tilman"freetards" vs "wintards"05:10
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kane^is there anyway i can use httpup for the core repo?05:15
tilmantry that, but change 2.1 to 2.405:16
kane^yay :)05:22
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tilmankane^: is /usr/ports/core/ed at v 1.1?05:23
tilmanif it is, that httpup checkout seems to be working indeed :D05:23
tilmanany around who's using kde, and who had to install all those ancient x ports such as xorg-imake?05:30
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jesse_Not me. I have not had the need to install qt/kde, at least not yet :p05:36
tilmani have qt these days... to try arora :D05:36
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tilmanRotwang: do you have kde?05:38
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Rotwangtilman: no, only k3b05:48
tilmanRotwang: pkginfo -i|grep imake ?05:48
Rotwangxorg-imake 1.0.2-105:49
Rotwangwhy do you ask?05:49
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Rotwangbtw any news from alancio, about kde update?05:50
tilmanRotwang: could you upload your /var/lib/pkg/db somewhere? i'd like to see how many old x packages kde pulls in05:50
tilmanno idea about an kde update05:51
Rotwangwhole db?05:53
tilmanyes please05:53
tilmanmight be too large to paste though :D05:53
tilmanforget that05:54
tilmanRotwang: please upload output of 'pkginfo -i' only05:54
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep ^xorg   even05:54
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Rotwang+ ati and xcb-util05:56
tilmanah, i want to add xcb-util to xorg.git soon :)05:56
tilmanyou need it for awesome, i guess?05:56
tilmanheh, i already have that directory in my repo05:57
tilmanbut it's empty05:57
Rotwangive got port05:59
tilmanah crap, it still requires gperf?05:59
Rotwangit seems so05:59
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Rotwangyou'd have to put gperf to opt i think06:01
tilmani think i once asked them (xcb guys) to ship the generated files in the tarball06:01
tilmaninstead of building them at compile time06:01
tilmanbut i don't remember why they didn't do it :P06:01
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.4]: xorg-xproto: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.4]: xorg-xf86-input-vmmouse: updated to
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jtnlhi, all10:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dvd+rw-tools: gcc 4.3 ready10:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libmad: gcc 4.3 ready10:46
Rotwangit should be: crux 2.5 ready ;]11:10
Rotwangresemblence to M$ not intended ;p11:10
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rehabdolltoo bad viper forgot to actually include the patch :)12:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dvd+rw-tools: forgot to push the patch :-)12:33
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rehabdoll5% of readers of one of swedens newspapers just voted spam as "somewhat informative"12:53
jesse_read: I read every single mail and I know nothing about security. ;)12:56
rehabdollyeah.. but "informative" or "useful"? :)13:00
jesse_"hey! how did they know that's just what I need?!" :D13:02
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aonwe don't have acroread anymore? :o13:55
aonah, just got the name wrong :)13:57
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