IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-10-27

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pitillogood morning02:13
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teKanyone else getting footprint mismatches for openbox?02:14
sepenif perl has changed from 5.8.x -> 5.10.x02:18
sepenoop, I had some footprint missmatch due to perl :)02:18
sepenbut in perl modules, not tested yet openbox in 2.502:18
teKI sad footprint? I meant md5.02:19
sepenhmmm vbox 2.0.4 released02:20
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sepenteK, 30c66e8f90007b0e34036588a9f5c5ef for openbox here04:08
sepenmd5 error too04:08
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tribbhoping people are alive :)06:34
tribbim wondering the ports -l ... that list installed packages? or the possible packages in the ports tree?06:35
teKpkginfo -i  -> installed ports06:35
teKports -l -> available ports06:35
teKor: prt-get listinst -> installed ports06:36
tribbty teK06:38
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thrice`   \o/07:12
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kane^do i need to be in a specific group to allow me to su to root?08:07
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latitudehi, folks08:11
RedShiftkane^: unless you've configured so, no08:11
kane^well when i try so su, i keep getting incorrect for the password08:12
RedShiftdid you set a password for root?08:12
kane^ofc lol, if i exit and login as root the password works fine08:13
kane^afterall i had to get into root to make a user08:13
RedShiftI don't remember crux having a wheel group or something08:14
kane^ok thanks08:20
latitudehey, who is cruxbot?08:51
latitudeis it a bot really?08:52
thrice`no.  he is a person who just sits here and reports development commits08:53
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latitudehard working type, isn't he?08:54
thrice`yes, he's very dedicated :)08:55
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RedShiftpeople like that are good for the economy08:56
teKbut he has been well-behaved so he was allow to use git-cola08:56
latitudecruxbot: when the 2.5 will be ready?08:58
sepen!when 2.508:59
latitudecruxbot: !when 2.508:59
RedShiftduke crux forever09:00
sepenlatitude, maybe your questions should be 'when 2.5 will be released?'09:01
sepenanswer> when it's ready09:03
latitudesure, that's philosophy I like09:03
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latitudeoh, and there is a first real question from me :)09:06
latitudehow can I know the real cpu arch for gcc09:06
latitudeI see prescott and nocona in man, as well as native09:07
latitudebut I am not really sure about what native will mean for me09:07
DaViruzgcc -v09:10
latitudewell, it seems a bit too high for me, I'll stick with pentrium-m09:10
thrice`it changes with gcc 4.3, i think09:10
DaViruzif you mean target arch09:10
thrice`@google gentoo cflags09:10
clbthrice`: Search took 0.22 seconds: CFLAGS matrix - Gentoo Linux Wiki: <>; CFLAGS - Gentoo Linux Wiki: <>; Gentoo : CFLAGS - Linux 101: <>; Gentoo Bug 240078 - app-misc/muttprint: CFLAGS are ignored: <>; Gentoo Bug 240125 - app-text/7plus: CFLAGS are ignored: (1 more message)09:10
latitudethrice`: thanks!09:12
latitudebut I really don't like browsing the web in 80x25 :)09:12
sepenalso is better if you send private message to clb and not on this channel09:13
latitudegcc -v prints just some magic target arch09:13
latitudesepen: ok, understood09:14
thrice`my fault :(09:14
sepencruxbot1line rocks!09:15
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latitudesepen: how do I tell clb to print command list?09:20
jaegertry list09:21
sepenclb is a supybot python bot, just browse the web to find the documentation09:21
latitudejaeger: thanks, tried09:22
latitudethey were capitalized :)09:23
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latitudenice, 4 hours and i'm finally can start moving to X11:30
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latitudeso finally i'm running what is supposed to be 2.4 :P12:39
latitudeto be honest i'm really surprised you didn't released 2.5 until now12:39
thrice`releases are more of a hassle to people than anything :)12:43
latitudehaha, I suppose, that's why they use that year-numbering12:47
cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: nasm: update to 2.0512:56
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: nfs-utils: update to 1.1.412:58
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: dhcpcd: fixed d/l url12:58
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: nasm: update to 2.0512:58
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.512:58
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: binutils: update to 2.1913:09
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RotwangI have problem w/ shutting down my peecees13:49
Rotwangit doesnt shutdown "to the end"13:49
Rotwangi have to press power button myself13:50
Rotwanglike in old windowses13:50
latitudeRotwang: this is 99% due to apm|acpi disabled in kernel13:51
tilmanor maybe in the bios(?)13:52
Rotwangyeah someone just told me that on other channel ;]13:52
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latitudei've a problem with xterm appearently14:14
latitudewhen i try to use Alt+1 or any other number key i receive some crap14:15
latitudelike ±²³´µ¶14:15
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latitudeany thoughts?14:15
Rotwanglatitude thsnksh14:15
latitudeRotwang: no problem )14:15
latitudeappears to be Meta key14:20
latitudeI wish I could see this key at least once in my life14:21
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latitudei installed ff3 _before_ alsa15:27
latitudedoes it mean that flash player will not be able to play sounds?15:28
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latitudehell, no! )15:36
thrice`no, it should still work15:41
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ulughbeghhey jaeger aon17:36
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ulughbeghit is nice to see you again after very long time17:37
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ozgurui forgot my nickname passwords :(18:07
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jaegerozguru: welcome back18:21
ozguruhey jaeger how is going?18:21
jaegerpretty busy but not bad. you?18:23
ozgurui am ok too18:25
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ulughbeghhey maro19:13
ulughbeghhi jdolan19:20
ulughbeghgn all19:27
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concorri need help for openvt22:11
concorri have error... cant deallocate current console22:12
concorri make in rc.local -> openvt -ws fbterm22:13
concorrmy system start with console framebuffer22:13
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