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mdeandahelo helpful buddies... i'm stuck. i've installed crux on vmware a bunch of times and once before a real machine, but this new machine ain't working for me.02:07
mdeandawhen i have it boot from hd, it gets stuck at last bios message and nothing else, but from cd it boots fine. i've booted this machine from ide hd before, using old slackware install. but this hd is sata02:08
ahmrahtcheersounds like you don't have your media in the right order in CMOS02:08
ahmrahtcheersomewhere in there (varies from one model of machine or the next) will be a spot where you can choose your boot order02:09
mdeandathat's what i thought too. but it looks ok. its actually kind of strange, if its set to boot cd first, but no disk, it just gets stuck02:09
mdeandamaybe i should remove the extra sata controller card for now...02:09
ahmrahtcheeryeah, KISS rules computers, too02:10
mdeandaOMG! that made it boot up to a kernel panic! i've never been happier to see a k-panic!02:11
ahmrahtcheerlilo or grub?02:11
ahmrahtcheerpoint it to the right direction.  kernel panic indicates your bootloader is pointing at the wrong hdd/volume/whatever02:12
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mdeandaah i forgot to select hd controller, i was so excited about having 2 gigabyte network cards i forgot bout the basics02:12
ahmrahtcheeri only use lilo infrequently so your syntax will be up to you02:13
ahmrahtcheero/ sepen02:13
ahmrahtcheeryou might as well check in /etc/fstab, too, just for grins02:15
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mdeandaso i know that sometime during 2.6 they introduced the serial ata section of drivers.. so do i still need anything in the (just) ata/atapi/mfm/rll section? (other than atapi for cdrom)02:17
ahmrahtcheerunless you have some very old hard drives, atapi should be fine02:18
ahmrahtcheeri haven't seen an ata or rll drive in a decade or more02:18
ahmrahtcheeronly reason i can't say that about MFM is that i own an old MFM drive02:19
mdeandaahh so now i wait about 5-10 minutes while it recompiles.. this computer is only 1.5ghz02:22
mdeandaahmrahtcheer: (or anyone else), how do you like to backup your system? i'm talking about a full backup, not just user data02:23
ahmrahtcheerlots of prayer to the gods of computing02:24
ahmrahtcheerif i saw a real need for backing up my data, i'd probably check into zip drives02:25
mdeandai guess i'm mostly concerned with the case where i screw up an install and i don't want to waste hours bringing the system back up. i just wonder if thre is a simple way to backup all files such that i can restore it quickly, it would be nice to be able to do backups of the entire system without taking it down02:26
ahmrahtcheeryeha, there are....and i can't think of the names02:27
ahmrahtcheermy meds mess up my memory pretty badly02:27
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: xfce4-appfinder: Updated 4.4.302:27
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: xfce4-dev-tools: Updated
prologicmdeanda, you're being far too paranoid :)02:28
prologictrust me, installing CRUX - event a CRUX desktop isn't that time consuming02:28
prologiceven if you have to wait for things to compile (go have lunch or something)02:28
mdeandalol. i tend to do "rm -rf /" as root too often.. hehe02:28
prologicI personally find the best forms of bacup are distributed02:28
ahmrahtcheerthat would do it02:28
prologicthen you should alias rm02:29
prologicalias rm="rm -v"02:29
prologicor stop using root :)02:29
mdeandabut then i'll do "yes | rm -rf /"02:29
prologicI can't remember the last time I logged into root02:29
prologicseriously - backups are a waste of time02:29
prologicunless you're in a large organization with sensitive data02:30
mdeandahehe. the "yes" applies to the -i flag, not -v02:30
mdeandai just have so much stuff that i've collected over the years.. i'm not sure what it is.. but i don't want to lose it. hehe02:30
mdeandais there a way to close down log messages while kernel boots?02:31
prologicthen burn it to dvds and be done with it02:31
prologicthat's what I've done02:31
ahmrahtcheeryou sound like my g/f....we moved a while back and i threw away over 1050 floppy disks of hers that were filled with chat channel logs, email from people she didn't even remember, etc., etc02:31
prologicappend quiet ?02:31
prologichonestly I would do exactly the same too02:32
prologicrandom files become meaningless to you after some time02:32
mdeandawell i'm not sure why it can't find "device 8" i've got fstab and lilo.conf updated to what i think is proper and i still can't boot. i just want to see if it even sees the hard drive02:33
mdeandawell another reason i want to be able to bring this computer back up quickly is because it acts as my fileserver, dns server, dhcp server, print server for my home. (i have a few computers and its easier to run a simple dns server than to update host files all the time)02:34
prologicthen why play with this box ?02:37
prologicbackup it's configuration files and don't touch it02:37
mdeandaso its probably not worth it to backup the entire partition?02:38
prologichell no02:39
prologicwaste of time and space02:39
prologiccreate repositories for:02:39
prologicand whatever else you need02:40
prologicdon't backup configuration files that are installed and you don't touch, eg: httpd.conf02:40
prologicbackup only what you need02:40
mdeandai guess that makes sense. i'll try to work out a system to backup the files i change. i guess it makes sense, b/c then i can remember the steps i took to set it up02:42
prologicuse something like mercurial to do this02:44
mdeandaugh. i give up. how can i tell why my kernel doesn't boot? if i append quiet, i only see 2 linues: uncompressing... then kernel panic. with no quiet, i can't see enough to gie ma reason02:44
prologicthen remove the quiet option02:44
prologicso you can see why it's crashing02:45
mdeandawell its something with it not being able to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)02:45
prologicI'm going out to water the garden02:45
prologicdo you have the required filesystem instaleld ?02:53
prologicand do you have the required ide/stat/sci driver installed ?02:54
mdeandayeah i only cmpiled xfs and my filesystem is that, its compile in, not module02:56
mdeandai kind of get a feeling its the sata driver02:56
mdeandabut i can't figure out which it is02:57
mdeandakernel guys should have some way to do something like: lspci | make menuconfig02:57
mdeandaand it autoconfigures based on hardware02:57
mdeandaahh i think i found it. i thought i had sis, but its via02:58
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: exo: Updated 0.3.4-2.03:03
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mdeandahmm. why won't sshd let me in? i get the following message: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host03:45
teKhave you checked /etc/hosts.{allow,deny}? Did you use the correct Authentication procedure?03:46
mdeandaahh maybe allow/deny03:47
mdeandathanks. i triple checked and i didn't miss that in the docs. :) just so you know i am looking at docs b4 asking questions03:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: libidn: 1.10 -> 1.1105:16
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kane^anyone know why i cant su to root from a user account i just created?08:04
aonwrong password?08:04
aonnot a member of wheel?08:04
kane^ah i didnt know i had to be a member of wheel08:04
kane^afaik im not in arch and i can still su08:05
kane^but i'll try that08:05
jaegerarch is not crux :)08:16
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jaegerlol indeed...08:20
teKzsh 4.3.8 out09:17
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jtnlhi, all09:59
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jtnlhi Rotwang12:03
Rotwanghi jtnl12:03
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latitude1there is no xclock in the ports :(12:48
tilmando you want me to add it?12:48
latitude1tilman: I'd be thankful for a Pkgfile if you have one12:49
latitude1i'm now following the guide about openbox, and they suggest it can be customized to some degree12:51
tilmanlatitude1: take the xorg-xset Pkgfile and s/xset/xclock/ :D12:51
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latitude1tilman: thanks, done!12:56
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jaegerlet the gnome updates begin14:39
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jaegerfinally getting some time to work on them14:42
sepenjaeger, tell me in case you find something interesting about duplicates with others DE (if there are)14:46
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jaegerat least intltool and vte can be merged, though vte might need an update14:47
jaegerI'll see about others14:47
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tilmani think intltool is in opt these days14:48
tilmanmaybe that was your point *cough* ;)14:48
jaegerthat was14:50
tilmanyeah, sorry14:52
jaegerno worries, I wasn't clear enough14:52
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glenn69I am interested in installing wicd.  It is in an httpup port (ecarux.)  The port for wicd is listed alone, and then wicd/wicd-1.5.1 etc...  Why is this? It's a bit confusing.15:04
glenn69I have already added ecarux to my local ports.  I have installed wicd and it installs version 1.4.2-1.  The port, however, has a Pkgfile and a has info for version 1.5.1.  How would I install the newer version?15:08
jaegerrename to Pkgfile and try it?15:10
DarkNekrosfor those who live in the edge ->
latitude1the dream about OneBigButtonSolvesEverything is more realistic )15:15
DarkNekroslatitude1, lol xDD15:16
* latitude1 impressed about xclock15:22
latitude1did you know it can *chime*?15:23
DarkNekrosnot I didn't know15:24
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jaegerdoh, footprint mismatch in libtheora16:12
jaegersepen: does ati work with xorg-server 1.5.2 now? or was it kernel 2.6.27.x that caused problems?16:13
Rotwangboth ;p16:14
sepenjaeger, I've some patches and also for a new gl-select16:14
jaegerand I just answered my question, still doesn't build :P16:14
sepenjaeger, I'm dinning I'll return as soon as possible16:15
sepensorry bbl16:15
jaegerno worries, I don't need X working on that machine right now anyway16:16
jaegerJust wondered16:16
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rxiprologic: you around?16:21
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prologicrxi, email me, about to head to work16:30
rxiahh no worries16:32
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sepenjaeger, but I'm using a patched gl-select17:07
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nipuLsepen: wouldn't *.so* match .so17:40
nipuL-  find $PKG/usr/lib -type f -name '*.so' -exec chmod 0755 {} \;17:40
nipuL+  find $PKG/usr/lib -type f -name '*.so' -or -name '*.so*' -exec chmod 0755 {} \;17:40
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sepenyou're right17:44
sepen$ find . -type f -name '*.so*'17:44
nipuL* is 0 or more17:45
sepenI don't known why I do it :-)17:45
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sepennipuL, thanks for take a look17:48
nipuLcould you please send me your changes for gl-select?17:51
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sepennipuL, sure but tomorrow, now I'm so tired18:25
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