IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-11-02

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kmandlaGood day, all.02:31
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kane^hey guys, anyone know why my fonts might not be working properly? if i open xfontsel it comes up with processing fonts....and seems to stick on that. and my terminal (urxvt) fonts wont change, and have a huge horizontal spacing04:55
Rotwangkane^: is your .Xdefaults set properly?04:59
kane^yep, im using the same Xdefaults as i use in arch04:59
kane^i can change the font, but i only seem to be able to change it to the msttcorefonts that i installed05:00
kane^and even then i still have huge spacing05:00
latitudekane^: did you regenerated caches on fonts?05:00
latitudeit doesn't related to xfontsel, though05:01
latitudexfontsel deals with raster fonts afaik05:01
latitudetry 'fc-list'05:01
kane^ah yes, that lists the dejavu fonts i installed too05:03
kane^so i wonder why urxvt wont use them05:04
latitudehow about urxvt compiled with xft, are you sure it is?05:04
kane^ah no i know05:05
latitudetry forcibly enable it, just guessing :P05:05
kane^ive just tried dejavu on my arch system and that gives huge spacing05:05
kane^so that must be the problem05:05
kane^i wanted terminus, but the site hosting it seemed to be down05:06
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kane^the only other repo that holds it is an rsync one and i cant use rsync05:09
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: rc: make sure /etc/mtab exists before mounting file systems.05:14
latitudecruxbot: good thing :P05:14
jesse_Port repositories do not hold source files.05:16
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kane^i know05:18
kane^the pkgbuild is out of date05:18
kane^its version 4.28 instead of 4.20 now05:19
Rotwangits called Pkgfile05:19
kane^same difference :P05:20
jesse_Negative. Pkgbuild = arch and crux is not arch.05:21
RotwangPKGBUILD ;]05:21
tilmanwhy can't you use rsync?05:24
kane^i dont know, i think the network im on restricts it05:25
kane^i cant even play games :(05:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ii: new port05:29
vtorritilman: good morning05:30
vtorritilman: do you port the efl for crux ?05:30
tilmanno, but there are efl ports for crux05:30
tilmanthere's a e17 repository listed in the ports db05:31
vtorriso it's someone else who maintain them ?05:31
kane^[core.git/2.5]: rc: make sure /etc/mtab exists before mounting file systems.   <- that reminds me ..... there always seems to be an error message on boot ....something like "cant open /etc/mtab"05:31
Rotwanghe is good maintainer05:31
Rotwangkane^: yes05:32
Rotwangthis is supposed to fix that05:32
kane^oh, it sounded like if i didnt have one it wouldnt mount the filesystem05:33
tilmanii sounds absolutely retarded05:34
Rotwangbecause ii is minimalistic05:34
Rotwangas its name05:34
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jesse_I was just about to say it's all Anselm. Fortunately I did look up who the author is :p05:45
jesse_Regardless, suckless has become sickeningly dogmatic in their approach to software imo.05:48
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kane^anyone else had problems building gtkmm?05:58
latitudekane^: what kind of problems?05:59
kane^ error: 'gtk_toolbar_set_tooltips' was not declared in this scope05:59
latitudedid you installed dpeendencies?06:00
kane^prt-get depinst gtkmm ?06:01
kane^some other people have had the problem too it seems06:01
jesse_If you are using contrib's gtkmm, it is fairly outdated.06:02
kane^ah lol06:02
kane^i just assumed contrib would be the latest06:03
jesse_Romster is probably going through another "fuck crux" period.06:03
jesse_(gtkmm port maintainer)06:04
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Rotwangjesse_: he (Romster) is busy06:38
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aonomg, dillo 2.007:08
aoni almost fell off my chair when i tested it07:09
aonone might say that firefox starts slow these days :)07:09
jesse_Just a tad on the slow side. ;)07:14
k-mandlaDillo 2.0 is sweet ...07:17
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thrice`heh, ii does look a little absurd :)07:37
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kane^what the best way of removing packages, for example. if i installed openbox with its dependencies, whats the best way of finding the dependencies of it that are no longer in use by anything other than openbox08:25
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kane^why does piding have a dependency on screensaver lib?08:56
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jaegerkane^: probably so it can do timed status changes09:16
kane^ah ok09:17
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thrice`tilman: dunno if you're still interrested, but I've got pm-utils working pretty decently at suspend / resume :)12:18
thrice`2.5 running solid on my thinkpad :)12:31 has been down for like... forever12:32
RedShift> 15 hours12:32
thrice`i know, I was just trying to get a page of their wiki :\12:34
RedShiftgoogle cache?12:34
thrice`hm, mount no longer shows my / partition.  neither does df -h.  however, it should be mounted12:38
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ximondaHi There!12:54
ximondaIs there the crux-devel list archived somewhere?12:54
ximondaI missed the wget --no-check-certificate stuff...12:56
ximonda...while I try to replace slocate with mlocate (focus is: CRUX-2.5)12:56
ximondaSrange. I thought, I tried pipermail already... maybe a typo in -devel :-(12:57
ximondaI just read
ximondaBut I am missing the option for wget to be able to download the mlocate sources.13:00
ximonda--no-check-certificate ?13:01
ximondaOr: How can we proceed with downloads which need certificates?13:02
rehabdollthere must be a plain http or ftp-download mirror for mlocate?13:02
ximondaMore context:
ximondaWell, check the current pkgmk mlocate13:03 doesn't work out of the box.13:03
rehabdolli know13:03
ximondaThey are all crazy...13:06
ximonda--no-check-certificate doesn't work either.13:07
ximondaWhat's so complicated here... downloading that file with Firefox just works like a charm.13:08
rehabdollsomehow i cant download dhcpcd from my firewall/server. works great with all puters on my lan though13:11
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ximondaWell... manual download works...13:16
ximondarehabdoll: dhcpd update just works fine over here.13:17
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thrice`anyone else on 2.5 ?13:39
ximondaWell... I am right now with one machine.13:39
thrice`does "mount" show your / as mounted?13:40
thrice`it's not in my /etc/mtab, nor mount13:40
ximonda/dev/sda2 on / type ext3 (rw)13:40
ximondawhat's in fstab?13:41
thrice`fstab shows it.  perhaps I need to reboot13:41
ximondaWell... that's quite possible.13:41
ximondaAre you still in the chroot?13:42
thrice`nope :\13:43
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thrice`still doesn't show here13:45
ximondaHmm... strange.13:47
ximondaI've never used jfs.13:47
ximondamaybe some problem with jfs?13:47
thrice`mm, don't think so.  it worked well until updating to 2.513:48
ximondabut /home comes up very well.13:48
ximondaDid you update your kernel recently?13:48
ximondasome kernel param or bootloader or initrd difference?13:49
thrice`same config as 2.4, only re-compiled13:50
ximondabug in the rc scripts?13:51
thrice`there was a recent update the rc package, but I can't imagine that would have done it13:51
thrice`(esp. if i'm the only one)13:51
ximondaWell... some bug there..13:56
ximondaI am using the current /etc/rc but no problem here.13:58
thrice`very strange indeed :)13:58
ximondaBut it looks strange.13:58
ximondain /etc/rc13:58
ximondawe first mount / and then rm /etc/mtab and recrete it...13:59
thrice`hm, indeed13:59
ximondaah... hold on...13:59
ximondaI didn't reboot after I upgraded /etc/rc...13:59
ximondalet me reboot.14:00
thrice`ok :)14:00
ximonda / is gone.14:01
ximondasame bug over here now.14:01
thrice`ok, good :)  i'm not going crazy14:01
ximondaThe change in /etc/rc is bad.14:02
ximondaWe should ask Tilman why he has changed /etc/rc14:03
ximondaremove that /bin/touch /etc/mtab from /etc/rc and it should work again.14:09
thrice`yep :)14:10
thrice`the touch was added for newer util-linux-ng, which complained about mtab.  that is why tilman added it, I think14:10
ximondalooks like a chicken & egg problem.14:18
ximondaLong discussion here:14:24
ximondado you write an email?14:30
thrice`i described it in #crux-devel :)14:31
ximondais he going to read the log?14:32
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thrice`yes, certainly.  tilman is often around14:32
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ximondaOk, so no action here.14:32
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latitude_helo, folks14:43
* latitude_ forgot I was here today :p14:44
ximondaGot drunk?14:44
latitude_ximonda: kinda14:45
latitude_today was weird. I felt like I hate everything14:45
ximondaHmm... then drink more!14:45
Rotwanglatitude_: I hate everything all the time14:46
latitude_Rotwang: no, i usually sweet and soft14:48
latitude_maybe I got my true self unleashed today14:48
latitude_who knows )14:48
ximondabtw. is buggy...15:02
ximondaIt has a regression which shows up as:15:02
ximondairq 18: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option.15:02
ximondahere on my acer aspire one.15:02
ximondaTrying now.15:02
latitude_ximonda: i run without this msg15:06
latitude_it may be related to acer though15:06
ximondaYes. should be fixed now.15:06
jaegerI hate my acer laptop, need to replace it15:06
ximondaThe bug appears also on some Toshiba Notebooks15:07
ximondaaccording to google and the lkml archive.15:07
ximondaThe Acer Aspire One ist really nice.15:07
jaegerI've heard that... mine's an aspire 5050, not as nice15:07
jaegerI love my eeePC 901, though15:07
latitude_I saw aspire one, looks nice15:08
ximondaThe EeePC is propably even nicer (seen one today)... just the location of the right-shift key is nonsense.15:08
latitude_ximonda: you should be greatful it is present XD15:09
ximondaThe Eee is much more heavy than the AAO15:09
latitude_ximonda: that was a lol15:10
ximondalatitude: well...15:11
jaegerthe right shift doesn't bother me now, took a little bit to get used to it15:15
ximondaOk, I'll have to go to bed now... curious about the .config for my AAO.15:26
ximondaIt's a pity that Acer's Software is mixed so deep into this linpus distribution...15:27
ximondasee you, guys!15:30
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aonaww <316:15
aonxfce-panel told me to plug in in order to not lose work16:16
aonas if i did any!16:16
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kane^is there a way to clear all built packages from /usr/ports/... ?16:21
kane^ok i'll google it :P16:22
Rotwangrm /usr/ports/*/*#*.pkg.tar.gz16:23
aonit's usually wise to set PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and PKGMK_PACKAGES_DIR so the cleaning up gets a bit easier16:23
Rotwangi think it should work16:23
aonwell no16:24
aonprobably more like /usr/ports/*/*/*#*.pkg.tar.gz16:24
aon'cuz usually you have repos in /usr/ports16:24
Rotwangmy bad16:24
aonnp :)16:24
Rotwangor use find instead16:24
aoni guess it needs to be rm -f, too16:24
aondunno what that expands to16:25
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aonyeah, i've usually used find for that :)16:26
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kane^what do people usually use as their PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and PKGMK_PACKAGES_DIR?16:31
aoni use /usr/ports/distfiles and /usr/ports/packages16:32
kane^does the path have to exist or will it be created?16:32
aonyou need to make it yourself iirc16:32
kane^ok thanks aon16:32
prologic_yes you do16:34
prologic_and I have /mnt/crux/{source,packages}16:34
kane^i dont have man page for pkgmk.conf :(16:37
aoni guess there is none16:37
kane^There are a few more settings which can be found in the pkgmk.conf man page.16:38
aonwhere does it say that?16:39
kane^in crux handbook16:41
aonthat is certainly nice :16:45
latitude_a deep-hided bug, huh )16:47
aonoh, the manpage has been added after the last release of pkgutils16:47
aonand someone went and updated the handbook16:47
kane^ah, i was using the 2.4 ports , forgot to update my httpup files :P16:55
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kane^does anyone use mpd? if so how do u usually run it?17:00
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latitude_kane^: I run it as a deamon :p17:31
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rxihey prologic21:02
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