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latitude_how come kdelib depends on gtk1?06:09
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cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: bison: update to 2.409:42
cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: hdparm: update to 9.009:42
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: bison: update to 2.409:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: hdparm: update to 9.009:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.509:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: ncurses: update to 5.709:47
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Rotwangmy crux t-shirt arrived!10:54
tilmanphoto or it isn't true10:56
tilmanthrice`: want to write a howto for the wiki? :p10:57
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Rotwangi dont have exact photo but here is the layout P. 54.10.jpg11:00
jaegerouch, did it get printed just like that? with /me crys instead of /me cries?11:01
Rotwangit was intentional11:02
jesse_haha. no BASICS oh noes.11:02
jaegerah, ok11:03
latitude_omg, i wven remember that )11:03
jesse_It's difficult when such a legendary moment occurs. ronny ftw :D11:05
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tilmani caught a bird with my car's radio antenna today11:40
tilmanie i was driving around with a bird carcass on the car :D11:41
sepentilman, another band like carcass:swangson album11:42
tilmani hope you already have their 'heartwork' album11:43
tilman :P11:43
sepenhmm keep on rothing .. is from heartwork. hmm11:44
tilmannope, it's not11:44
tilmankeep on rotting in the free world is on swansong11:45
sepenso, I'm looking for a band similar to this songç11:46
tilmanoh, i think you misunderstood11:46
sepentilman, but I like the whole album too11:46
tilmanheartwork is another carcass album11:46
sepentilman, sure11:46
sepenwrruu wrruuwruuu  just easy lyrics11:47
tilman? :D11:47
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thrice`tilman: see my mtab complai  er bug ?11:49
tilmanthrice`: yes, jue poked me about it, too. we're discussing it right now11:49
thrice`ah, ok.  shall I note waste time on a bug report?11:51
tilmandon't think you need to11:52
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kane^what do people use as there power management utils? pm-utils?12:37
tilmankane^: thrice told me he uses pm-utils for suspend stuff12:38
kane^ok, i usually use pm-utils, i just wondered if there was anything most crux people use12:39
kane^thanks :)12:39
latitude_how nice12:46
latitude_tranparent white xterm12:46
* latitude_ is still experimenting with the desktop12:48
kane^is there a way to just sync a certain port from a certain repo, instead of syncing the whole repo?13:18
Rotwangkane^: look at the
kane^yes i mean, ive got the httpup file, but rather than doing ports -u is there a way to just do something like ports -u repo/file13:19
RotwangI think not13:20
kane^ah ok13:20
kane^if i just wanted to build an individual package, do i just get the pkgfile, md5sum and footprint from the portsdb then13:22
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tilmankane^: it's possible with httpup repositories13:23
tilmanhang on13:23
tilmansee the 'download command' column?13:24
tilmanjust run the httpup commands listed there to grab a single port13:24
* kane^ slaps forehead13:25
kane^thanks :)13:25
tilmanyeah, it's not obvious13:25
kane^if ur a blind man :P13:26
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Rotwang kane^: thats why i told you to look at the portdb ;]13:28
Rotwangas the download command being the largest column I assumed you'll notice it13:28
kane^oh sorry i thought u were just pointing me at the httpup files etc lol13:30
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ximondahi ther!13:35
kane^i wish i cud set which column is the master in dwm :(13:40
latitude_hello, ximonda13:44
ximondaintroduces a missing / when asking mount for the current mounted filesystems13:47
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tilmanyes, they've told me about it13:48
ximondaWell... no idea there...13:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: nao: removed port14:39
ximondaI am outa here anyway now.15:05
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NorthnCrossWhat are the sys requirements for Crux?16:26
Rotwangworking pc ;]16:30
NorthnCrossfor the love of god16:31
NorthnCrossthat isn't funny16:31
thrice`a working i686 pc *16:33
NorthnCrossgive me the minimum reqs16:33
NorthnCrosshdd space, ram,16:33
thrice`depends what you are using it for16:34
thrice`I'd guess a couple gigs of HD space and at least 128 mb of ram?16:35
NorthnCrossyou asking me?16:35
NorthnCrossI thought I was asking16:36
thrice`ok; answer: what ever the linux kernel supports.16:36
RotwangNorthnCross: there is no such thing as minimum requirements for crux16:36
RotwangNorthnCross: crux is flexible you're able to cut it to your needs16:36
latitude_but! before you can cut it, tou need at least a couple of gigs and that much ram ;)16:37
NorthnCrossSo I could install it to a 1GB usb drive?16:37
latitude_NorthnCross: sure, with some luck you can do it16:38
NorthnCrosssome luck?16:38
latitude_That reminds me that old Thinkpad ;)16:44
latitude_NorthnCross: 90 MHz and 24 megs of ram16:45
NorthnCrossthat helps, but can I get away with 1gb or less of install space?16:46
latitude_hold on16:49
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* latitude_ forgot to compile in cdrom support16:50
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kmandlaGreetings, all.16:52
latitude_NorthnCross: I think core + xorg will fit well + a little more stuff will fit well without additional intervention, but anything over that will require you to tweak everything to be smaller16:52
latitude_remove mans, headers and the like16:52
latitude_maybe some compile tuning16:52
NorthnCrossI see.16:53
latitude_+ don't forget about some space for your needs16:53
NorthnCrossWell I need something for network connections16:54
NorthnCrossthe kind of things that would need to adapt to changing nics wifi interfaces16:54
latitude_NorthnCross: think about crux cd-rom16:57
NorthnCrossif I do a cdrom, then I won't be able to save data16:57
latitude_its 700M and is a working system that holds the whole core, some opt and xorg in compressed16:58
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limpiohi, i looked at the ports list and couldn't find icewm or tthe terminus fonts, are they around?18:32
thrice`jaeger has a terminus port I believe.  noone from the community ports has icewm?18:32
limpioi just found icewm (romster) thanks18:35
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