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teKanyone else *still* getting MD5 errors for openbox?01:24
teKAnyone getting md5 mismatches for gnuplot?01:24
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pitillo_teK: here on both too01:26
teKyeah, I saw taht you told tilman01:38
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mdeandais the jdk port broken? it seems that .footprint is a bit off03:05
mdeandait is broken, client/classes.jsa got moved to server/classes.jsa03:07
mdeandak. i reported the bug.03:09
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latitude_helo, folks03:24
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* ahmrahtcheer dies07:03
ahmrahtcheerdon't worry:  it was a short death.  I'm feeling better already.   Think i'll go for a walk.07:05
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thrice`hi :)07:11
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mdeandai'm trying to install kde, and i notice there is a qt3 package in opt, but another in the kde ports. which do i use, how do i decide?11:05
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mdeandaahh i think i found instructions in the faq11:11
mdeandaone thing i haven't found is a simple method to download all the source only and not build. or at least so it downloads the source in the background when doing a sysup. there's often a lot of time wasted  by not compiling while its downloading the source11:15
Rotwangmdeanda: yes, i think such feature will be introduced in teh future11:17
mdeandai read a bug report that sometimes building in parallel doesn't work, that's only if i change the working directory setting right? b/c it _seems_ to work fine here11:20
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pitillomdeanda, a little script with quickdep and pkgmk -do can do the trick to download sources only11:50
thrice`it would be a nice prt-get option, though.  keep downloading as packages compile11:51
thrice`iirc, gentoo has something in their portage to do that11:51
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mdeandathrice`, it would also make it fairly easy to test for broken links. i reported the mplayer url problem a couple weeks ago.11:59
mdeandai'm off to voting.. and work. bye.11:59
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kane^how do people start lm_sensors? the init script that comes with it is for init.d based startups rather than bsd style12:01
rehabdolluh, "sensors" ?12:03
rehabdolltheres no daemon in lm_sensors, right?12:04
pitilloseems so (contrib)12:04
kane^i didnt think sensors loaded modules and stuff12:04
rehabdollnah, thats kernel-stuff12:04
rehabdollsensors-detect scans your hardware as i recall12:05
kane^but the script included is for init.d style startups rather than /etc/rc.d startup scripts12:05
rehabdolldunno, havent touched anything other than "sensors" in years12:05
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kane^so im asking how to load the modules at startup12:06
rehabdolljust put it in rc.modules12:06
rehabdollrc.local works too12:06
kane^e.g in arch you can run /etc/rc.d/sensors start12:06
pitillokane^, where is that script?12:06
kane^what script?12:06
pitillothe script included12:07
kane^i dont think its in the crux package but its in the source file12:07
pitilloah ok12:07
kane^so what would i put in rc.local?12:07
kane^do i just list the modules?12:07
sepenkane^, in fedora you can run /etc/rc.d/net ?, I think sensors daemon is for DIY12:07
Rotwangkane^: modprobe12:08
tilmankane^: no, put in /sbin/modprobe foobar lines12:08
Rotwangkane^:  it executes as normal shell script12:08
sepenkane^, crux is for everyone who need a KISS linux distro12:08
Rotwangand rc.modules are executed as normal shell script too12:08
sepenso add whatever you want12:08
kane^ah ok12:09
kane^thanks :)12:09
tilmankane^: candidates for /etc/rc.local is stuff like 'alsactl restore' ;)12:11
kane^ok, i thought i needed a daemon running for lm_sensors, but i think once the modules are loaded conky just reads the info from /sys/bus...etc...12:12
kane^but then i found out that the script run at arch boot is the script just to load all modules for the sensors12:13
sepentilman, Im using rc.local.conf too instead of rc.conf12:14
sepenjust the openbsd style12:15
sepenpersonally I don't like to have a rejmerge file every update for rc.conf12:17
sepenso I overwrite values in my local conf :-)12:17
thrice`tilman: /etc/rc.d/alsa does that, btw :)12:25
tilmani don't trust the alsa maintainer :D12:26
thrice`mm...good point ;)12:27
tilmani probably missed when the rc script was added and/or was too lazy to switch12:28
sepentilman, I also have the alsactl call in the .local for my fedora's in product ipbx servers12:29
sepen*.local* rocks12:29
kane^anyone know why i keep getting couldn't find audio output plugin for type "alsa" at line 95 when trying to run mpd12:39
kane^sounds working fine otherwise12:39
vtorriwhat would be the speed perf between a distro like ubuntu and crux ?12:41
vtorritime boot12:41
vtorrifaster app12:41
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sepenvtorri, what do you think? ubuntu is source oriented?12:43
vtorrii don't think anything12:43
vtorrii'm asking12:43
sepentry crux and you'll know it12:43
vtorriwonderful answer12:44
vtorrithanks for your help12:44
sepenvtorri, mean i686 optimized distro12:44
sepenand just KISS12:44
sepenvtorri, look for rc scripts on crux.nu12:45
sepenvtorri, you can browse all sources from the git web too12:45
sepenjust a KISS distro to learn about unix a lot, at least imho :-)12:46
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tilmandamnit, cruxbot13:53
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tilman<cruxbot> [core.git/2.5] pkgutils: updated to 5.33.0 ;)13:54
kane^im trying to do a system update and i keep getting an error with gcc14:16
kane^configure: error: Building GCC requires GMP 4.1+ and MPFR 2.3.0+.14:17
Rotwangkane^: prt-get search mpfr14:18
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kane^how come it isnt listed as a dep for gcc then?14:21
Rotwangit is14:21
tilmanare you using the 2.5 ports trees?14:22
RotwangDependencies: libgmp,libmpfr14:22
Rotwangkane^: prt-get sysup wont install "new" dependencies14:22
kane^is there a way to do it?14:23
kane^and what happens about packages that no longer have a valid source url, e.g shadow14:26
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kane^LOL ive been trying to figure out why mpd isnt working for ages, and i realised id installed it before i installed alsa :P15:00
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kane^is there any time all packages on the system should be rebuilt?15:16
rehabdollnot really, perhaps when modifying the toolchain gcc/glibc/binutils15:17
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kane^so there wouldnt be any benefit in rebuilding after a gcc update?15:18
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latitude_kane^: me too :P, just few days ago15:37
latitude_about mpd15:37
kane^oh lol15:38
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kane^i usually use oss4 so i thought it must be a configuration error on my part :P15:38
latitude_the one more trick is that alsa is muted by default, so I didn't figured it out at first15:39
latitude_rehabdoll: how about the upcoming 2.515:39
latitude_how can one update by means of recompilation of core?15:39
latitude_I mean since gcc depends on old glibc and glibc needs gcc to be build, so there must be some well defined sequence to keep all in working state15:43
Rotwanglatitude_: i rebuild gcc then glibc then gcc once again15:44
latitude_so it is new gcc -> new glibc -> new gcc -> the rest new15:45
latitude_damn I better back up everything xD15:45
thrice`mm, I haven't needed to do rebuilds in a long time15:45
Rotwanglatitude_: btw when i was switching from 2.3 to 2.4 Romster pasted here this:
rehabdollcool, raw html :>15:47
thrice`that's pretty ugly :)15:47
latitude_well, I kinda was playing with CRUX a lot some year or two ago, and even upgraded some way from 1.3 to 2.2 but I don't recall doing such monster rebuilds15:48
latitude_thanks for the link anyway15:48
Rotwangyeah, i was too lazy to cut off html ;]15:48
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latitude_cat > blah.html :)15:49
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nipuLever touched a gtx 260 when it's been running for about an hour with a broken fan?19:41
nipuLi don't recommend it19:41
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