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jayd512Would anybody be able to answer a question about a problem with Gimp installation?06:36
nipuLnot unless you tell us what the problem is06:42
jayd512I did prt-get depinst gimp, and got error messag: Packages where installation failed   gegl06:43
jayd512Also tried to install gegl, same thing.06:43
nipuLdid gegl install?06:44
jayd512no, same error message06:44
nipuLcan you paste bin the output?06:45
jayd512I've not used the pastebin... do I just click on it grom the top of the chat?06:45
jayd512nm... i got it06:48
nipuLyou have to build packages as root, or in a fakeroot environment06:51
nipuLif you don't like doing things in root,
jayd512Actually, I get that error when in root. It's just that I didn't want to make you wait while it tried to build.06:52
jayd512same exact thin though06:53
nipuLirc is asynchronous, waiting is part of the experience06:53
jayd512lol... fair enough06:53
nipuLit's not like i'm in  amad rush to solve your provlems :)06:53
jayd512cool. Let me run it as root again. Thanks.06:54
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nipuLdo you have librsvg installed?07:23
jayd512No. Should I have?07:25
nipuLprt-get depends gegl | grep "\[ " | awk '{ print $2 }'07:25
nipuLdoes that give you anything?07:26
nipuLbut it should be safe to ignore the footprint mismatch07:27
jayd512Config error: can't access /usr/ports/contrib07:27
nipuLhave you enabled the contrib repo?07:27
jayd512one sec...07:28
nipuL9/10 times a footprint mismatch is caused by soft dependencies07:28
nipuLones that aren't essential but automatically detected in the configure script07:29
thrice`haha, nice link nipuL :)07:29
jayd512It is now enabled. Let me give it another go.07:30
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jayd512nipuL, if your still there... update! :)08:55
jayd512After you said that 9/10 footprint mismatches were fairly irrelevant, I decided to ignore dependencies.08:56
thrice`mm, bad idea :)08:56
jayd512Not really what I meant...08:57
jayd512This is a freash install, so HUGE learning curve...08:57
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jayd512I used the options '-im  -if' for a gimp installation (not sure if you see the above post)08:58
jayd512gegl was giving me my only problem08:58
thrice`prt-get depinst gegl should have pulled all dependencies, and not given you a footprint mis-match08:59
thrice`prt-get depends gegl  should tell you if it can't locate some dependencies with your current setup08:59
jayd512didn't happen08:59
jayd512not sure why08:59
thrice`does it need something from contrib, and you don't have contrib enabled?09:00
jayd512contrib is enabled09:00
jayd512I was asking another CRUX user about it... he couldn't figure it out either.09:00
jayd512Not sure what went on, but gimp installed and is functional... so I guess I have myself a riddle to deal with as far as the difficulties I had...09:02
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jayd512But I wanna thank nipuL for giving suggestions :)09:03
pitillo_jayd512: try to add --enable-sse=no to the gegl configure line09:06
jayd512I'm new to CRUX, but I'm game... what configure line do you mean?09:08
pitillo_jayd512: take a look to gegl Pkgfile and see the ./configure, try to add that option09:08
jayd512out of curiosity, what does it do?09:09
pitillo_jayd512: disable sse extensions. Do you have gegl log?09:09
jayd512Probably, but the thing just installed about 5 minutes ago.09:10
jayd512that was the whole problem...09:10
jayd512installing gegl09:10
pitillo_jayd512: do you have a problem installing gegl? or what is your problem?09:11
jayd512nothing now... had tried installing gimp. Dependency problem was gegl. Insalled gimp with -im-09:12
jayd512-if options. All is working now.09:12
jayd512Like I said, I'm new to CRUX. Been using Fedora for a while, but this is different! Going from Fedora to CRUX is like going from Windows to Fedora!09:14
jayd512Anyways... thanks everyone!09:15
thrice`good luck :)09:16
jayd512Trust me... I'll be struggling. But I'll also be trying to figure it out before I come asking for answers!09:17
pitillo_and keep the handbook near09:17
jayd512true dat!09:17
jayd512But I'll be back, you can count on that! ;)09:18
thrice`sounds good09:18
thrice`keep us in a job ;)09:18
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kane^whats the best thing to do when a package wont update (when the url is broken)09:36
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kane^ive installed it from an update url but when i do sysup it keeps telling the package is still out of date09:36
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pitillo_kane^: download it by hand and put it in your $SRC dir09:52
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kane^ive updated the pkgfile, and i think when u do ports -u it overwrites the old pkgfile doesnt it? so its trying to install an earlier version from an url which doesnt work10:02
pitillo_kane^: update the Pkgfile, and download the version you want into $SRC, prt-get update/install without doing a ports -u because you are right, ports -u updates the ports tree10:04
kane^but then wont the same happen when i want to update my system again?10:05
pitillo_kane^: ports -u updates your ports tree... then it will happen again next time you run ports -u10:07
pitillo_the Pkgfile modified by you will be overwritten with the one in the ports tree10:07
kane^thats what im saying, so everytime i update i'll have ot modify the pkgbuild until whoever decides to fix there pkgfile in there repo?10:09
pitillo_te kagaz10:10
sepenpitillo_, xD10:10
pitillo_sorry xD10:10
pitillo_kane^: yes10:11
kane^lol ok10:13
kane^i remove their port and simply use my own10:13
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cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: hdparm: update to 9.311:52
cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: curl: update to 7.19.111:52
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: hdparm: update to 9.211:52
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: hdparm: update to 9.311:52
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: curl: update to 7.19.111:52
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.511:52
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kamikazzedoxygen port in contrib looks broken -
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kamikazzemy system looks broken - d'oh12:20
pitilloI will build it again in a clean system12:21
thrice`"waiting for unfinished jobs" is a suspect :)  try -j1 ?12:28
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pitillo=======> Building '/home/pkgmk/pkg/doxygen#1.5.6-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.12:29
kamikazze-j1 failed, too. No other flags set12:31
kamikazze(-O2 -march=i686 -pipe aswell, but, infact, nothing special)12:35
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nipuLwtf, i can't seem to get unicode working properly in urxvt of all things15:51
nipuLhave LC_ALL=en_AU.UTF-8 and using the Terminus font which displays utf correctly at home, but not at work15:53
nipuLwhich kinda sucks because I'm working on a site that uses a lot of cyrillic text15:53
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nipuLaargh! fuck you unicode!!!16:54
DarkNekrosnipuL, amen ¬.¬16:56
nipuLthose ?'s better not have been unicode16:58
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rehabdollahahah, evil17:28
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nipuLanyone speak chinese?17:40
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mdeandai don't know too much about CXXFLAGS and all that stuff, but by default, would my packages built on an amd athlon processor work ok on an intel? via c7? amd turion? etc? i know for sure it won't work if its not 386 compatible, but i don't want to compile all of the kde packages again, it already took me about 2 takes to get kde working22:02
jaegerIf you used the default pkgmk.conf, yes22:07
jaegerthe default CFLAGS build for i68622:08
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mdeandathanks jaeger.22:30
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