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pitillo_nipuL: ping01:40
pitillo_is there someone who manages port-db with nipuL ?01:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: adobereader: updated to 8.1.303:10
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aon hi03:52
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: xfce4-screenshooter-plugin: Updated to
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: lm_sensors: Updated to 3.0.304:49
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: xfce4-sensors-plugin: Updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: flashplayer: release 4 -> 511:14
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nipuLpitillo: check the ML16:34
pitillonipuL, was checked a few minutes ago16:36
pitillonipuL, thank you again16:36
DarkNekrosnipuL, lol xDD16:53
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thrice`sepen: ping18:23
thrice`nevermind, found your :)18:24
thrice`mind if I try for test3? :)18:24
sepenyep. it has the test3 string hardcoded inside it18:24
sepenI updated it a few minutes ago18:25
thrice`nice :)18:26
thrice`thanks so much!18:26
thrice`i've been wanting to try this for awhile, but never could figure out the syslinux part18:26
sepenbut just its adapted for being part of the iso, or at least it was my plan18:27
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thrice`sepen: the cpio errors are ok ?18:33
sepensee the backlog in crux-devel18:33
sepenI talked with jue about the errors18:33
sepenthrice`, just ignore18:33
thrice`all done; reboot :)18:34
sepenthrice`, are you gonna try it now?18:34
thrice`i'll just see if it boots now, and will try to install later or this weekend :)18:35
sepenI installed it on some machines with no problems18:35
sepenbut I used the 'setup' script only18:35
sepenno idea if I need to patch net-setup or others, maybe I should do18:36
thrice`"boot error" o.O18:39
thrice`it did not appear to load anything.  that was all I got18:41
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thrice`sepen:   there are the contents of my usb stick (without packages)18:44
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sepenseems all ok18:45
sepenthrice`, I will use unsquasfh for the next revision of the script, maybe tomorrow18:45
thrice`but mine does not even boot, that's what is weird18:45
thrice`I have booted usb images before on this laptop too18:46
sependid you have syslinux installed?18:46
sepensyslinux + mtools + dosfstools18:46
sepenor try directly the one I made18:46
thrice`hm, I don't see mtools on here18:46
sepenwell really its not used18:47
thrice`(my laptop has slackware right now)18:47
sepenI can't see where is the problem18:47
thrice`but I do have syslinux and dosfstools18:47
thrice`ok, thanks anyway18:47
sepencan you rebuild it again and paste results?18:47
sepenyep :-)18:47
sepenthrice`, read the README file I provided18:47
sepenalso you need to download the other files18:48
sepeninit.usbdisk and initramfs.lst18:48
thrice`yep, I have those18:48
thrice`and ran "sh crux-2.5-test2.iso init.usbdisk initramfs.lst18:48
thrice`as root18:48
thrice`sorry, test318:48
thrice`it's a problem with the bootloader, because it does not even try to load18:49
sepenI'm uploading the test3 now to crux.nu18:49
sepenthrice`, if it fails try syslinux -s option18:49
thrice`ok, trying again :)18:50
sepenyou can do it in whatever moment: from the script or after burn the image to your stick18:50
thrice`that looks good to me :)  let me try to dd it over to the usb key18:51
thrice`hm, it's not creating a partition on the media stick18:53
thrice`I am doing if=/dev/sdb18:53
sepenwell, and the file size?18:56
sepenabout 280megs?18:56
thrice`260M    crux-2.5-test3.usbdisk.img18:58
sepena yes test318:58
sepentest2 is bigger18:58
thrice`did not work adding the -s18:58
sepenoops, I tested on some shuttle barebone and sun machines18:59
sepenhow many old is your cpu? bios?18:59
sepenI selected USB-FDD or USB-HDD at office's boxes19:00
thrice`very new19:01
thrice`I downloaded the arch .img, and that booted just fine on this laptop with the same usb stick19:01
thrice`what do you mean USB-HDD ?19:02
thrice`oh, in the bios19:02
thrice`yes, I push enter on "boot from SanDisk USB stick"19:02
thrice`and I get "boot error"19:02
sepenhmm well not sure if the same method work for all bios'es19:02
thrice`when I used that method testing arch linux on this usb key, it worked :(19:03
thrice`so I think it's a problem with the .img from test319:03
sepenthrice`, Im not an archer19:03
sepenthrice`, try the test2 image19:03
sepenjust edit some values in the make_usbdisk script19:03
thrice`me neither, but I wanted to be sure my laptop could do it, and that was the fastest test19:03
sepenthrice`, I don't tested it yet19:04
sepenonly test219:04
thrice`anyway, must go now.  since I think it's late for you, maybe I'll talk tomorrow :)19:04
sepennp I'm going to rule a joint and go to bed19:04
thrice`i'll keep trying later tonight.  thanks again :)(19:05
sepenthrice`, I'll work on it tomorrow as sure19:05
sepenthrice`, np thanks for your tests19:05
thrice`sepen: your test2 from also fails to load here20:32
sepenso tired for tonight20:32
sepentomorrow Ill get up at 7.0020:32
sepenhere 3.3220:33
thrice`something with the bootloader :(20:33
thrice`oh wow :)  g'night20:33
sepenwell bbl gnight too20:33
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