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mdeandahave you guys had any luck with mplayer port?03:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: mpg123: update to 1.6.003:22
pitillocan be a good option in case like mplayer to upload the sources to and use that url instead of getting problems while dowloading sources?03:44
mdeandawhy aren't the mplayer sources just downloaded from the mplayer site? it makes sense.03:45
pitillomdeanda: have you tried to download them from mplayer's site?03:46
mdeandabut it looks like the port was fixed to use a different gentoo mirror. i'm getting compilation problems. libavcodec or x264, but i have 264 installed, and no avcoded port. any ideas?03:46
pitillomdeanda: pastebin or upload the log somewhere, may be in that way someone can help you03:47
mdeandapitillo: i'm ready to give up on mplayer for a little while. but i need to boot back to my slackware install. how can i install lilo to a partition instead of mbr? do you know?03:47
pitillomdeanda: no idea03:48
mdeandapitillo: ahh. i was doing it right, but lilo can't be installed into partition with xfs filesystem.03:53
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sepenhi jtnl05:19
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thrice`sepen: one thought; was I supposed to run syslinux on the usb-stick after I dd'ed it?  I can't think why else it would not be bootable on my laptop07:19
thrice`sepen: all I did to test was make the .img, dd if=image.img of=/dev/sdb , and reboot.  let me know if I needed more :)  bbl07:32
pitillothrice`: seems fine, using directly sdb (or the device without partition) is the propper way (not using sda1, sdb1, ...)07:34
thrice`if I had a /dev/sdb1  on the usb stick before, do I need to re-partition the usb key?07:35
thrice`I would have thought the dd would wipe it all out anyway07:35
pitillothrice`: I think so, I had my stick parted too, and dd'ing was enought. I hope sepen can give you a tip.07:38
thrice`he tried last night, but I couldn't get it (though it was late ;)  )  I simply get "boot error," which makes me think the bootloader is not configured properly on the usb stick after the dd07:38
pitillothrice`: did you make the img? have you tried with sepen's img? (or have you checked the script's output to see if there were errors when building it?)07:40
thrice`yes, I tried both his test2, and my own test3.  the images look very good when I mount the usb stick07:41
pitillothose things are only what I can think, but be sure sepen will be happy with your reports07:41
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pitillohe will be here in a few minutes07:41
pitillonow it's my time to go home :) bbl07:42
thrice`thanks :)  see you07:42
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sepenthrice`, pong07:48
sepencould you try with another usb stick?07:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: lm_sensors: New port. Moved to this collection to avoid duplicates.08:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: lm_sensors: Moved to opt collection.08:49
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: lm_sensors: Moved to opt collection.08:54
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cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: udev: updated to 131.09:39
thrice`sepen: yeah, I tried with 2 sticks.  both gave "boot error"  (ie, it did not even give me a boot screen)09:40
sepenthrice`, no idea where is the problem, I think thats your bios but as you said you booted arch on it, right?09:41
thrice`yes, after the crux failed, I downloaded an arch linux .img, dd'ed it to the same usb key, and it booted same09:44
thrice`it booted*09:44
sepenthrice`, they are using syslinux too?09:45
sepen*are they09:45
thrice`no, their image booted with grub09:46
thrice`the syslinux must be not working for me09:46
sepenthrice`, well are you using syslinux from crux?09:49
sepenbut seems weird that you can't boot the images I built09:50
thrice`sepen: my laptop has slackware right now; I was waiting for 2.5 to put crux on it09:50
thrice`the slackware install is syslinux 3.5209:50
thrice`maybe that's the problem?09:52
sepenbut you only need to dd'ing in your box09:52
thrice`yes, I guess syslinux might not be the problem, because I used your usb image too09:52
thrice`well, if you, jue, and pitillo all have it working, it must be on my end09:53
sepenthrice`, yep, but maybe I should find differences between arch sticks09:53
thrice`well, the arch image I tried booted with grub, so there is a big difference09:53
sepenthrice`, I also ran the image on a eeepc09:53
sepenthrice`, try to empty your stick with something like: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda or similars09:55
sepenthen dd'ing the usbdisk image09:55
sepensounds like your bios have some problems to boot this kind of syslinux'ed boot sectors09:55
sepenin most cases a firmware upgrade should fix it09:56
sepenthrice`, don't worry, at home I can't boot the usbdisk image on my 2years-old boxes09:57
thrice`well, it's a brand new thinkpad09:59
thrice`but I will try a zero first09:59
thrice`thanks alot for your help10:00
sepenthrice`, did you try with a manual $ sudo syslinux -s /dev/sdb after you dd'ing the image to the usb stick?10:01
thrice`no, that is one thing I did not try last night10:01
thrice`I didn't do anything after the dd10:01
sepenalso you could try with -f10:01
sepenwell you can use syslinux safely after dd10:01
sepenbut be sure you don't have your stick mounted10:02
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jaegersorry, wrong focus14:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.5.418:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: subversion-python: updated to 1.5.418:57
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