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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.4]: xorg-libxaw: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: zsh: upgraded to 4.3.903:41
tilmani just pinged the zsh-is-outdated bug 3 minutes ago03:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: wgetpaste: 2.11 -> 2.1205:32
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markus_Hello, I have got a problem with the new xorg-server port (1.5.3-1).05:53
tilmanwhat's the problem?05:54
markus_Mouse and keyboard do not work. I have tried rebuilding the input drivers to no avail.05:55
tilmanwhich mouse/keyboard drivers do you use?05:55
tilmanxf86-input-{mouse,keyboard} or -evdev?05:55
markus_xorg-xf86-input-mouse and  -keyboard05:55
tilmanplease try -evdev for the mouse. i'll try -mouse on my laptop05:56
markus_I will try it out now. If it fails I will have to reboot so I will be away some minutes.06:01
tilmanmarkus_: what about "sleep 180 && killall X" or somesuch?06:02
tilmanissued before you run startx06:02
markus_Good hint. I will do that.06:02
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tilmanoh, this was already reported on the xorg mailing list06:09
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markus_I cannot get evdev to work. Not even with the old x-server (1.5.2).06:22
tilmanmarkus_: i can confirm the problem though06:23
tilmanmarkus_: it also was reported on the xorg list, i didn't see it when i updated the port06:23
tilmanmarkus_: try setting AllowEmptyInput to false in your xorg.conf06:24
tilmanin the ServerFlags section, i believe06:24
markus_Ok, I will try it.06:25
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markus_It works :-)06:28
markus_Thanks a lot.06:29
tilmani wonder why noone else has been hitting this yet06:29
markus_Perhaps it is hardware dependent?06:30
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aonperhaps nobody uses xorg-input-mouse? :)06:34
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IgneousI apologize if this question comes across as terribly ignorant, but, how recent are the packages in crux? I've been wanting to try it for a while, but I'm concerned about having half of the packages available to me being out of date.07:25
tilmanusually we're quite good at keeping things up to date07:26
IgneousFor instance, do you have gimp 2.6? or gmp-4.2.4? mpfr-2.3.2?07:26
tilmanexceptions _might_ be kde and gnome07:26
Igneousheh, that's allright, I'm an openbox user.07:26
tilmanIgneous: yes, yes and mpfr is at 2.3.1 on my box07:26
Igneousmy concern is mainly libs, and a few applications.07:27
tilmanlibmpfr is at 2.3.2 in the 2.5 branch07:27
Igneousand also, has there been any success building gcc-4.4 on crux? I'm dying to try the new 2.6.28 kernels, and there are a few hacks that require gcc-4.4, to my reccolection.07:27
tilmanmajor or minor gcc updates are only done from one crux release to another07:29
tilmancrux 2.4 is tracking gcc 4.2 iirc07:29
tilmancrux 2.5 will release with gcc 4.3.207:29
tilmani haven't heard of anyone experimenting with gcc 4.4 yet07:29
Igneoushow would I go about getting ahold of the 2.5 line of crux? I'm aware 2.4 is the current, stable version, but is it feasible to obtain 2.5 for testing?07:30
tilmanmmh, it's probably feasablish07:31
* Igneous downloads07:32
Igneousthank you :) hopefully I'll be using crux here shortly07:32
tilmansince it's not released yet, some ports updates might not have been synced to the 2.5 branch07:33
Igneousone last question, is there any kind of browser on the install cd? lynx/links/w3m, anything?07:33
Rotwangcontrib ie07:33
tilmanfirefox is on the iso07:34
Igneousoh? it has a gui?07:34
Rotwangyou wont run it07:34
Rotwangf4om the iso07:34
tilmanoh, i guess i misunerstood the question07:34
tilmaninstallation will take 5 minutes anyway, so :D07:34
Rotwangif you have working .config ;p\07:35
Igneousluckily I have a laptop that I can use to refer to the docs.07:35
Rotwanghandbook is on the iso07:36
Igneousbut yeah, in future versions, including something like links + svgalib would be mighty nice07:36
Igneousoh, that works too.. where is it?07:36
tilman /crux/handbook.txt or something07:36
Igneous3 minutes remaining until I blow my debian installation away.07:37
tilmancourageous :D07:37
IgneousI get tired of everything working, and go out and test new distros, in hopes that I can find something I like more than debian.07:38
Rotwangim off for few days, bye07:39
* tilman waves07:39
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Igneousallright, off I go. be back shortly.07:56
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thrice`tilman: it works here (xorg)08:32
thrice`oops, 1.5.3 wasn't merged to 2.5.  nevermind08:32
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Igneouserm, I'm in the process of trying to set up grub on crux 2.5 test3, and it appears it doesn't have a stage1 or stage2.. and I can't seem to find anything in the docs about it. any suggestions? should I just wget grub and build it from source?09:13
tilmancp /usr/share/grub-something/stage1 /boot/grub09:13
tilmancp /usr/share/grub-something/stage2_ext2 /boot/grub09:14
IgneousI see no such thing. There's an e2fs_stage1_5, but that's about the closest thing I see to ext.09:16
Igneousthere is a stage2, and a stage2_eltorito09:16
tilmanoops, my bad09:16
tilmancopy e2fs_stage1_5 and stage209:17
thrice`(or use lilo)09:18
IgneousAllright, a new problem has arisen. "Running 'embed /boot/grub/e2fs_stage1_5 (hd0,0)"... failed! (this is not fatal)09:19
Igneousthis is after I do "root (hd0,0)" and "setup (hd0,0)"09:19
tilmanit's setup(hd0) iirc09:19
tilmanthe root command takes a partition, setup just takes a disc09:20
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Igneousah, allright, I'll give that a try then09:20
jkr_I just updated a few packages, now the keyboard doesn't work anymore in xorg :(09:20
jkr_Does anyone have the same problem?09:20
Igneoustilman: that's definately not it, heh. "Filesystem type unknown, using whole disk!"09:21
Igneousbefore it told me it was ext2fs, and it appeared to detect everything.09:21
markus_I had the same problem. I could fix it with adding Option "AllowEmptyInput" "false" to ServerFlags09:22
tilmanpoint him to my mail to the crux list instead09:22
thrice`jkr_: tilman sent out a message to the mailing list; you essentially need to set "AllowEmptyInput" to "False"09:22
jkr_Thanks, I'll try that09:22
tilmanIgneous: huh, i don't know then09:23
tilmanIgneous: try lilo ;)09:23
Igneousah, I was doing it backwards09:23
Igneousit's root(hd0,0) and setup(hd0)09:23
thrice`isn't there a grub-install /dev/sdX  too ?09:24
IgneousI tried that, it gave me some giref about /dev/sdX not being a bios drive09:24
Igneousanyways, I think I got it. rebooting into a (hopefully) working system09:25
Igneousbwhahahah it work!09:25
Igneousno it doesn't! kernel panic, yay!09:25
tilmanroot filesystem compiled in, not as a module, yada yada09:26
* Igneous has a sinking feeling he forgot to compile in support for nforce sata09:26
Igneouscrux's init process looks alot like gentoo's, at least, aestheticly09:27
thrice`kinda close, but crux's scripts are a little easier to read / manage09:28
Igneousthe kernel scrollback buffer on the live cd is annoyingly small :/09:34
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thrice`tilman: I accidently saved it as title :(
thrice`  \o/10:19
tilman"To suspend to disk, you must append the ram partition in lilo.conf: "10:23
tilmando you mean the swap partition?10:23
tilmanthrice`: looks good anyway, thanks :)10:23
thrice`yes, sorry10:23
thrice`i suck :(  I found 2 more typos10:27
thrice`I think wiki.title may have to be reverted :(  sorry10:37
thrice`I won't touch it anymore for a bit10:37
tilmanmmh, i have no idea how to do that :D10:38
vtorrihmm, btw, is crux compiled only for i686 ? no x86_64 arch ?10:40
vtorri(i'm reading the handbook)10:40
thrice`ok, think I fixed it10:42
tilmanvtorri: there are plans for a x86_64 flavor10:42
vtorritilman: ok, i'll wait then10:43
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vtorritilman: will you come to fosdem 2009 ?10:49
tilmanno idea10:49
vtorrii'll certainly be there10:49
tilmanit was fun last year, so maybe :)10:49
vtorriho, you were there too ?10:49
vtorritoo bad i didn't know :)10:50
tilmanvtorri: bah, you could have guessed! one of the other xmms2 guys did a lightning talk on xmms2 ;)10:50
tilmanvtorri: i saw that you're trying to get an e booth up?10:50
vtorrithat would be nice10:51
vtorrimore and more people are interested in the efl, especially about embedded, as they are faster than gtk or qt10:51
vtorriso having a booth for the efl (not only for e17) could do some advertising :)10:52
vtorrii don't know if we should do severa lightning talk or have a dev room, though10:55
tilmannot sure the project is big enough to get a devroom10:55
tilmani'm not a fosdem expert, though of course ;P10:55
vtorriyes, that's why i hesitate10:55
thrice`Belgium would be a lot of fun10:59
tilmanthrice`: fosdem has this "beer event" on the friday before the conference. daaaaaangerous11:00
thrice`hopefully in 2009 I can travel to Europe11:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: cdrtools: upgraded to 2.01.01a5312:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: rdiff-backup: upgraded to 1.2.212:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: centerim: upgraded to 4.22.612:38
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latitudethere is a q here13:41
latitudei see a lot of stuf in /usr/etc13:41
latitudeis there some special reason the files are placed there?13:41
latitudewell, I am still curious about this13:50
latitudeI find it rather contradictive13:50
latitudeI find stuff from hal and dbus which are system-wide daemons to some extent while configuration for opera on the other hand is placed in /etc13:52
thrice`I think that's an ever-going debate, actually :)13:56
latitudebtw, anyone using evdev hal hotplugging in X?14:00
tilmani wanted to discuss whether we'll switch xorg-server to enable dbus/hal stuff in 2.514:00
tilmanbut as usual i managed to forget about it *shame*14:00
latitudetilman: I was kinda forced to dig into it. since after xserver upgade it ignores my xkb settings14:01
tilmanupgrade to 1.5.3?14:02
latitudeas I suggest14:02
thrice`what about dbus only; is that useful?14:03
thrice`I mean, it ships on the iso anyway14:03
tilmani think xorg-server needs hal to do anything with dbus14:04
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latitudetilman: I think when xserver was upgraded it hooked up with hal, hence hotplugging started to work, hence things f*d up14:15
tilmancould be14:16
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rehabdolli switched to evdev due to the xorg-server upgrade14:46
rehabdollworks just fine. however hal detects my keyboard as us14:46
rehabdoll fixes it though14:47
thrice`I noticed synaptics had a .fdi file in the tarball too, but had no idea how to use it :\14:47
rehabdollno autodetection though :/14:48
latitudehehe :p14:52
latitudejust setup it14:52
latitudemy xorg.conf now so tiny14:53
thrice`I want to try using evdev, but will it handle my synaptics touchpad and an additional USB mouse?14:53
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latitudethrice`: it works just as much as detecting devices it seems14:54
latitudeif you want to add options, you need to create hal policy file14:54
latitudeI also have synaptics and it is detected well, just moves to wild14:55
latitudetoo wild14:55
thrice`aah, heh14:55
latitudeusb mouse is detected as well14:56
thrice`you built x-server against hal also ?14:57
latitudeI see hal in ldd output14:58
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latitudeeveryone who's interested may look at this
latitudeit's pretty basic example that works15:01
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latitudetilman: heh, just found your mail about this, sorry15:31
latitudeI didn't know, honestly15:31
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tilmandoes sourceforge suck even more these days?15:46
vtorrias always16:01
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tilmanno, it's gotten worse16:46
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tilmani assume you're o.O'ing at the fact that he's using camelCase for method names in ruby16:49
tilmanwhich is seriously fucked up16:49
thrice`haha, I don't know ruby (or any programming); just thought it was intuitive :)16:51
joacim_hehe =)16:53
tilmanthrice`: :) j/k16:54
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