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trihow can i get the v4l-dvb working under crux - what i did is that Pkgfile:
triit is working but after installing i can't boot any longer :-)04:00
tilmantri: did you build as root, or using fakeroot?04:17
tilmancan you paste the .footprint of the port04:17
tilmanor even better, pkginfo -l v4l-dvb04:17
trias fakeroot04:28
tri<- the .footprint04:30
aonlooks pretty much like it should04:33
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triwhat did i wrong?04:34
tilmantri: and after pkgrm'ing v4l-dvb, the system is booting again?04:34
tribuild as fakeroot?04:34
aonwhat error do you get on boot?04:34
tilmantri: no, you should always build using fakeroot :)04:34
tilmantri: it prevents 'make install' from installing stuff outside of $PKG04:34
aonhey, could it be that you need to run depmod after installing that package?04:34
trinot it isn't booting04:34
aonor does pkgmk handle that?04:34
tilmanaon: i think pkgadd runs depmod04:35
aonbanana[~]$ grep depmod /usr/bin/pkgadd04:35
tilmanmmh no, it doesn't04:35
triit stops with some errormessage like: "disagrees about version of symbol struct_module"04:36
aonv4l-dvb is working fine here...04:36
aonalthough i didn't make a package out of it04:36
tilmantri: try booting from a rescue disc (such as the crux cd) and run depmod -a in your system04:37
triah you build it by your one, right?04:37
triwhat i already did was booting with an older kernel04:37
triand then removing v4l-dvb04:37
tribut if "depmod -a" should help me... - can i add this to the Pkgfile and it should work then?04:38
tilmanthat didn't help?04:38
tilmani mean remaoving the package04:39
trithat helped04:39
tribut if i try again to install my pkg "v4l-dvb" i'm sure i will have the same error...04:39
tilmantri: you need to run depmod after you *installed* the package :)04:39
tilmanso putting 'depmod' into the pkgfile doesn't hlp at all04:39
triah ok depmod is generating the modules.dp and the map files04:40
triso it makes no sence in the Pkgfile04:40
trii will try again...04:40
triok the prt-get install v4l-dvb finished successfully04:41
trinow a "depmod -a"04:42
triok and now i can reboot?04:42
tri <- the pkginfo -i v4l-dvb04:43
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trilooks good :-)04:46
trithank you!04:46
tilmantri: the depmod could go into the post-install script04:47
triah sure04:47
tribut if i plug in my dvb stick now i get these messages in dmesg04:49
tridvb_usb_dib0700: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module04:49
triwhat did i wrong?04:57
aonno idea04:57
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