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thrice`tilman: cruxbot seems dead10:15
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tilmanthrice`: thanks for the headsup10:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: rxvt-unicode: updated to
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trii still have no success with dvb-v4l :-(13:30
trieven if i build it manuel - without a Pkgfile i get these: : disagrees about version of symbol struct_module13:31
trimessages when i plug in my dvb-stick and i already have done a depmod -a13:31
tilmandid you google for that error message?13:31
triyes, looks i'm the only stupid one :-(13:32
sepensometime could be helpful to have this on the kernel config: CONFIG_UNUSED_SYMBOLS=y13:32
triah ok - i might give that a try...13:39
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tridvb seams to work now15:12
trii just did this
trino idea why the hg source didn't work...15:12
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nipuLwho said crux was source based?
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RyoSnipuL: i talked to someone who reckoned he was very deligthed with linux and such.. he told me he SWEARS to god crux was debian based.. :)18:36
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Momerath616Can anyone read this?19:19
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Momerath616Guess not19:23
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jaegercan read it fine19:34
jaegerhave patience, most users spend a lot of time in here idle and/or away from their keyboards19:34
Momerath616That's why I sat around for a while19:35
Momerath616I'm thinking about giving CRUX a shot...19:35
Momerath616Is it as complicated as doing a LFS installation?19:36
jaegernot at all. it's perhaps more complicated than something like ubuntu but far less involved than building an entire distribution19:36
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Momerath616I'm getting tired of Ubuntu. It's gotten way too fat for my tastes19:36
jaegerHave you read through the handbook on the website? It should help you get a feel for some of crux's differences19:36
Momerath616I skimmed through it a bit. I got a bit scared at the network configuration part. Is everything so 'manual' ?19:37
jaegera lot of it is, yes19:37
Momerath616When upgrading packages what happens with the configuration files?19:38
jaegerdepends on the configuration in /etc/pkgadd.conf - usually the new file gets put in /var/lib/pkg/rejected and you need to compare them yourself to update19:39
Momerath616In Gentoo there is a program called etc-update which checks the differences and asks you about things.19:40
Momerath616Is there anything like that in CRUX?19:40
jaegerI believe so. It's called rejmerge. I haven't used it, myself.19:40
Momerath616Ok. I think maybe I'll just give it a try. I'll probably be on here during the install in case I run into any snags.19:41
jaegerCan't hurt to try :)19:41
Momerath616One more thing that's kind of important for me. Flash and Wine. How are those handled?19:42
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thrice`jaeger: you don't use rejmerge?20:37
jaegernot so far20:45
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Momerath616Hey I'm trying to run prt-get sysup after I've completed an installation but it's hanging on installing e2fsprogs21:23
Momerath616It just sits there trying to connect to dl.sourceforge.net21:23
Momerath616Any ideas as to what is going on?21:23
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Momerath616Woo I fixed it!21:29
Momerath616Found a post on the crux wiki telling me to manually specify the server in /etc/hosts21:29
jaegeryeah, sourceforge's download system blows21:30
Momerath616I forgot how long gcc takes to compile...21:51
Momerath616So what kind of setup do you use jaeger? Like window manager and such.22:13
jaegergnome, usually22:15
Momerath616ah ok22:21
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Momerath616I'm having an issue getting my network adapter to start up when the pc boots.23:32
Momerath616The last thing it says is 'starting services: sysklogd net[ERROR] crond'23:32
jaegerdid you build the proper driver into your kernel?23:33
Momerath616It works if I run dhcpd manually23:33
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jaegerwhat if you run /etc/rc.d/net stop and start manually?23:34
Momerath616and the loopback interface gets setup properly23:34
Momerath616ah I see the problem23:34
Momerath616sbin/dhcpd doesn't exist. Must have a spelling error23:35
jaegerdhcpcd instead of dhcpd23:35
Momerath616there we go23:35
Momerath616I'm also getting some build errors when trying to update the system. Firefox3 fails because python isn't in my path23:35
jaegerfirefox changed a lot since the 2.4 release, you might want to remove it and then do a prt-get depinst firefox instead23:36
Momerath616I'm getting a few other build fails though23:37
Momerath616rc, xorg-xcb-proto, xkeyboard-config, xorg-server23:37
Momerath616I think I need to get those working first. THey're more important23:37
jaegerthey should all tell you what's missing23:37
Momerath616Where are the log files located for this thing?23:37
jaegernowhere unless you enabled logging in prt-get.conf23:38
jaegerbut you can either do that or pipe the output to a log manually23:38
jaegerI imagine one of the problems is intltool not being installed23:38
Momerath616The proper version23:39
Momerath616Just installed that23:39
Momerath616How about pciaccess? prt-get install pciaccess comes up empty23:41
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jaegertry prt-get search pciaccess23:41
Momerath616Any idea why my darn floppy drive light is staying on for no reason? =)23:43
mdeandacan i install grub to first sector of partition if fs is xfs? i can't do lilo there :(23:56
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mdeandaMomerath616: is it plugged in backwards? i've had that happen to me a long time ago23:57

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